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Criminal Minds
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by xXabsintheXx

Oct 8, 2017
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 5.5
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 1.0
Boring, cold, emotionless.

I'm surprised at myself for finishing  this. It's hard to describe what went wrong here. The drama failed in so  many ways. The team never connected on a deeper base, the cases were  interesting in their core but the writing and execution sucked. It was  never able to build enough suspense to make me excited/worried/eager to  watch more.

Don't get me wrong. Some of the individual cases  were pretty gruesome and interesting (and I was shocked how violent they made them look) than what I would expect from a  k-drama. But most times it still left me cold because the writers extended the investigation part way too much while (at the same time) were still not able to explain the profiling part in a comprehensible  and gripping way. It felt like getting food thrown at your face.

The cast 'looked' amazing but their roles were written rather poorly and appeared choppy. If this would have been my first drama with those actors and actresses, I wouldn't be interested in any other drama they starred in. Dialogues  sounded boring, the tone of each voice was always the same monotone  sound which lulled me into sleep. Some of the background music were not  helping either. I missed emotions so much here. And I missed those tiny personal  interactions between the leads. A wink, a look, some short random remarks. I don't know.  They sounded like a bunch of people who  successfully memorized their texts... Which is why I couldn't connect to  any of them. They were so one-dimensional.  I admit that sometimes it  looked like they tried to be more, but... well, it wasn't enough.

They did have some kind of steadiness: Constant  stagnation.

And what ending was that? The finale felt flat. Most times I'm quite satisfied with the main villains in dramas. But this one? Nope. There are actors who are able to pull off EVERY damn role they are given, even the bad ones. And they are able to shine in even those. And then there are actors who only suit certain characters. The actor for the main villain in this show failed to impress me - solely because his acting and his appearance together failed to capture an otherwise intriguing figure.

I'm familiar with the original series this one is based on, but I'm not a regular follower. Though occasionally I watch one or two episodes once in a while. And I have to admit that I'm more satisfied with their cases than I was with this show, even though I'm not deeply connected with the leads in the US version either. The reason why I stick with the show when I stumble upon it while zipping through the channels is because I am glued to one special bond between two of the leads. And because their cases feel more compact which leads to a more intriguing investigation. Well, if I want to, I can go into more detail but I think I made my point clear.

So sad this failed to reach my expectations. I so wish I could say something positive as well, but there's nothing I can think of. Everything that started out good/interesting became rather boring quite quickly because they stretched the developing process too far, didn't show crucial details in the leads' behavior/facial expressions and slow/dull scene editing...

But I did like the ending song!
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