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Missing 9 Episode 13
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24 days ago

"The stupidity! Why would she touch a bloodied (clearly used) knife???"

The stupidity! Why would she touch a bloodied (clearly used) knife??? "Hi I'm Bong Hee if I see a knife that's clearly stabbed someone I'll put my fingerprints all over it for you!" Now there's a video of her pushing Tae Ho and her prints on the knife that stabbed him. If the writer remembers then Jang can probably frame her. Though considering how crappy the writing has become maybe it won't. read more There was only one thing that saved this episode. That is that for a brief moment we sympathize for Tae Ho as he realizes that he had not yet killed his friend. That Jang did it and that by that one action of trusting Jang his life went down a path that he realizes he regrets.

Of course you have to slog through all the stupid drug out bull crap! Not to mention flashbacks of things we've just scene. No whole long scenes were rewatched!!!!!!!! The humor is still stupid and so much of the character development is lost I feel nothing for this cast. Even the whole joke about Jun Oh falling to his knees to giver her the gift. -_-

Oh, and the reveal that So Hee was a villain was cool. The reality is that her might have been her boyfriend and recorded what happened, but she never did cave in to letting the truth come out. Instead she made Jun Oh the culprit so that the real murders would get away with it. All so she could black mail Jang so that she could steal and get good roles for herself. Wow. What a reveal.

Gosh. I don't even feel motivated to continue.
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24 days ago

"I feel a bit dirty after this episode. "

"I don't want to be alone. Being alone . . . makes me feel empty."

This episode made me feel a bit dirty. I actually had to check everyone's age. (Especially Mugi. *cough*) I think this twisted tale goes even further. Brother called Akane Hana when she tripped. Not to mention he didn't make a move on Akane until she confessed to being jealous of Hanabi. Ooooo, Brother likes Hana. He just read more won't go there.

Which means Hanabi's twisted plan just might work. Eccachan, looks like you're gonna be left in the dust. Poor Mugi as well. Hanabi's twisted mind doesn't actually care about loneliness and these people. She cares about Akane and how "she's stealing everything from her". She is only doing this because of Akane. Maybe Akane and Hanabi should hook up. ^_-

I have a feeling this is going to get so twisted fast. This also makes me wonder if Hanabi will target more than Mugi and Brother. If she'll target the student Akane was having a late night with? How twisted is this going to go. Holy cow I'm consumed! I can't wait for it to all go up in flames.
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"Pest control! Ha-ha! "

I like how this episode dealt with moving in. Especially so fast. They didn't really date before doing so. I love how he called the ring he gave her pest control. Though is it when it's on the right wedding finger? Because I wear rings on that finger all the time and I still get asked out.

Akito is still a smooth operator working on her brother. The brother is clearly on read more his side. Why not he's offering her marriage.

This was a fun and cute episode per usual. It was nice seeing Ryu and Asuka getting to know each other. On a radom note I'm surprised how clean this drama still is and the one kiss in this episode was a quick peck. Apparently this manga is supposed to be smut. With them living together I thought there might be hints of "adult" relations going on. Yet it's very clean. That's okay as I like the story revolving more on the characters.
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Missing 9 Episode 12
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25 days ago

"I lied, it got worse. "

Wow. What the heck is with this over the top and stupid humor? If this episode was trying to take it's over the top and drug out plot funny with over the top humor. So that wonderful balance of dark themes and humor that I talked about just got taken out to the shed. Boom! Shot all up.

Not to mention that I find Jun Oh super annoying. He's even worse than read more when he was first introduced. Not to mention that Bong Hee suddenly got stupid Bong Hee. What happened to the savvy survival girl? The one who thought about things?

I can't believe how the tone of the show and the writing took a dive. All the wonderful character building dead. I was so bored by this episode that I actually skipped/fast-forward. I tried to sit through it. The urge to dump this is strong. However, I need to know how it will end. Plus, considering how much I liked it in the beginning I need apparently suffer through the horrible "last part of the drama just killed it" episodes. Because I don't love myself enough.

I never would have guessed this show would have gone this way. I gave it too much credit and was enamored by it. Heck, I was so busy overthinking how cool the plot would be, and all the amazing twists, that I never predicted it would deteriorate like this. Not only is the plot predictable, but it's now just boring. I honestly don't expect much out of this ending.
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Missing 9 Episode 11
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25 days ago

"Ugh. Is it really going downhill like this? "

Okay, so I admit that I've had my frustrations with the how easy the main bulk of the plot is too guess. BUT the amazing character development and cast is what truly made this drama. Especially how the humor was so wonderfully blended with the dark tones of the show.

Well this episode kind of shoots that all up. It's like one huge joke! AND none of the characters really acted how read more I expected them to. In fact, Jun Oh was suddenly transformed into the annoying idiot we met in the first few episodes.

Gi Joon just keeps saying his sorry. They never actually talk like. "Oh, hey. CEO Jang is really threatening Ji Ah I can't help you right now." "Oh, well why don't we crush them so we don't have to fear and live with threats anymore Gi Joon?" Why that would be the smart thing to do.

This episode felt so out of place and ruined the characters. It wasn't as painful as the stupidity of the last episode, but close. I won't lie I laughed at quite a few things. Pretty sure I'll be going "Don't ask questions." for a while.

Still I'm really disappointed by where this drama is going. What a waste. Depending how the next episode goes it all may just spiral into stupidity. I appreciated how unique this drama was for Korean dramas, but it looks like it's going the way of landing on its butt for the end.
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Missing 9 Episode 10
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25 days ago

"One of the most stupist and painful episodes I've had to watch."

One of the most stupist and painful episodes I've had to watch. Why you might ask? Because the writing . . . was atrocious. So Prosecutor Yoon already knows that other survivors will be at risk. So yeah for getting there super fast before anyone else. Yet when someone calls him with proof of So Hee's murder he goes running.

Huge stupid issues that any freaking moron would realize:
1) How is read more there proof, the witnesses are proof. ( I mean the murder happened on a deserted island. Isn't the whole rush for survivors is because they're testimonies are the proof???)
2) Why would you ever leave the witnesses (your only proof!!!!!) unguarded. Especially after what already happened to two of them?
3) How could you not see it as a trap?
4) Just why!!!!???

Not only was this episode based on the idea that ALL the good guys are dumb, but then no one had a smart idea. Bad guys are entering the hospital and looking for Ji Ah and Gi Joon. They are on the first floor. These bad guys are locking things up. Firstly I don't think regulations will let hospitals put grates over the windows unless it's a psych ward. Thirdly they are on the ground floor. By fire code (yes it's the same for hospitals in China and since this was a ritzy one I'm sure it had to follow code) the window should open for fire escape reasons. Their might be a screen. If that HUGE window somehow didn't open why not immediately break the glass and get out? As Bong Hee did a bit later to escape after all the stupid stuff happened.

I'm so disgusted I can't even bask in the afterglow of Ji Ah and Bong Hee kicking serious butt.

Because Gi Joon and Ji Ah caved and sided with Tae Ho. Personally I would have said I'd go along and then at the conference say Jun Oh didn't do it. Or statements were coerced and that stupid woman was well aware of it. Because how could you EVER be safe with Tae Ho and CEO Jang? The instant they can you're dead. It's just the way they work. Besides that Tae Ho is a serial killer. He killed people when he didn't have too! I mean WTF!?

So girl power awesome. Gi Joon and Ji Ah's banter in the hospital adorable. The ending pretty cool. I was sooooooooooooo upset, and then boom the hilarious twist. Though I'm guessing he doesn't know what happened. I'm betting that the only smart person is Reporter Kim Ki Wan. Who probably sent the proof to the one prosecutor he knew that would probably be interest in it.
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Missing 9 Episode 9
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25 days ago

"Off the island and two more survivors. But waht was with that ending?"

Off the island and two more survivors. But what was with that ending? I couldn't tell if it was a preview or a weird time warp jump. I'm going to assume it was the previews. Really weird though.

Well finally we're getting off the island and that should be the end of that tale. I think. Tae Ho turned into the horror story bad guy that never dies. I mean clinging on read more to the side of the boat in freezing water. Then stay under the tarp to slowly kill off the crew and island survivors. Boy won't die. I need him to have a seriously gruesome ending when all of this wraps up.

"When many lies come together, I guess that becomes the truth." - Bong Hee

Well said Bong Hee. I love that she has the guts and courage to accuse the head woman of the special investigation team of knowing full well what the truth is. For letting her know that blaming someone they believe is dead because it's easier--and clearly lines her pockets--is wrong. Bong Hee is such a brave girl. I love that she sticks up for what she believes and survives.

I'm glad that Tae Yeong still believes in her and is helping. Also, I was hoping those two other survivors would be them. Of course they were together! I hope they can finally date and get a HEA. It's also great that now even more members, ones who can't be swayed, will be there to support Bong Hee's story. With enough people the truth will come out.

Solid episode, but very predictable. I'm hoping that now that we're off the island things will become more exciting and less predictable.
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" This drama is really cute. "

I had a discussion with another viewer who insisted that this drama was seriously sexist. After all Asuka's wish is to be married. However, the idea of a woman wanting to get married—or not—is not sexist. What's sexist is the idea that a woman shouldn't do—or don't—something because its their role. Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu frankly discusses the ideas and options of people. Asuka wants to be a full time read more housewife, go dreams! (That's my personal nightmare, but I understand it. Respect it.)

No one is forcing her into anything. In fact, I found it out that those who heard she wants to be a housewife didn't like it. I'm pretty sure that's still a common ideal for marriage in Japan? There friends simply want to support whatever she chooses, and her parents are really pressuring her.

What this episode does bring the dialogue and the burning question of how Asuka and Ryu are going to face Asuka's dream of wanting to marry. Ryu comes face to face with the reality that his selfish desires of never wanting to marry work out okay for him in this relationship, and that Asuka is being hurt. Because her ultimate wish is to married, and she loves Ryu enough to risk the hope that he will eventual change. In the end Ryu's open comment about her being able to dump him at anytime so she can pursue marriage could come off cold. Both love each other enough to risk it all, not to mention hope that the others ideals will change.

Also, Akito is totally out of the running for me. What a sneaky jerk! Woo the girl! Don't play pissing games with the boyfriend and force yourself on her. (Bet he's the one that pushed for the three year project with her.) Also, do not use the parents! Gosh. I'm so happy Asuka and Ryu could face him together. Though it looks like things with Sakuragi Yuko are gonna hit the fan. Those divorce papers were the starting flag.

This drama is really cute. The idea of it is how much someone loves another to change their ideals to be with that person. True some of the third party obstacles for there love are very tropey. It's such a feel good drama that I look forward to each episode as a kind "relax" time. Plus, I love looking at the two leads. They're so cute!
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"Oh, I loved that the lyrics of the song were timed perfectly to say kiss when they kissed! "

Well I'm definitely not going to be suffering from second lead syndrome. I hate it when they're all conniving trying to get the girl by chasing off the other guy. Akito should focus on actually romancing and getting to know Asuka first! Why does this not seem like the obvious idea? Hmmmmm.

This episode was a great step in Ryu realizing that he needs to give up his past love Sakuragi Yuko. read more It showed that she might be conniving and I'm glad the misunderstanding was quickly discussed. Also that Asuka had a back bone and that she was upset with Ryu. I hate it when the female leads just hold it all in and make themselves suffer over it.

For me this was a bit of a slower episode, but a great stepping stone for their relationship. Though it shows me in my mind to not live life with romantic goals! It makes you start fretting over a future that hasn't happened. I'm a big believer in living for the moment. Yes, you need to have goals in life.

Though Akito's actions maybe dirty, I like that Ryu is getting a warning. Asuka is awesome and not all the men out there are idiots about her. ^_-

(Oh, I loved that the lyrics of the song were timed perfectly to say kiss when they kissed! It always tickles me when the sound team does that!)
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" I have to be serious here Asuka thought Akito's criteria for just wanting to marry her was odd?"

Hmmmmmmm. I have to be serious here Asuka thought Akito's criteria for just wanting to marry her was odd? That's what she had been doing to find a guy to date. What should of stuck in her craw is that he's not sure if he likes her and isn't interested in romancing her so far.

What I like is that Asuka knows her end goal, she's still willing to risk her heart read more to change Ryu's mind.

Oh, and speaking of Ryu, actor Yamamura Ryuta is so cute in this role! I love watching him. >_<

Overall this is a fun episode and my appreciation for the OST has hit new heights. "What is love?" He-he.

Great stepping stone episode and I'm wondering just how far did they go? Hmmm? *queue raised eyebrow*
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" This is such a warm and fuzzy drama."

This is such a warm and fuzzy drama. It makes me feel good and smile whilst watching. Sure this isn't exactly ground breaking and what not. However, I like watching Asuka and Ryu's feelings for each other slowly develop.

For instant you can see that Ryu wanted Asuka to be the owner of those shoes. To be waiting for him when he got home. He also got a taste of a happy read more home.

While Asuka is trying not to fall for Ryu so that she can keep her dreams and goals.

I am disappointed that the other male lead is basic obstacle second lead. Barely any effort has been put in to make him a real alternate. He's just the guy offering competition so that Ryu will have an ultimatum.


Here's to hoping that they might do better things with second lead. (Who am I kidding. The title gives it away. Second lead is gonna bight the dust tomorrow. ^_-)

Asuka's family is really awesome. I can see her brother's brain working and I can already feel his protectiveness kicking in.

Again great music and the cast is so much fun. Though before anything is rushed into I hope Ryu is up front to Asuka about his previous relationship. It would seem wrong to carry on and then reveal it after they're officially together.

Side note: I really love both lead actors. Ryu is so cute with his freckles and charming. Everyone is right, his voice is amazing. Asuka is so charming and i love the array of facial expressions.
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"Okay, how awesome is the closing credits?"

Okay, how awesome is the closing credits? Love the way they set it up with Asuka messing with everyone paused. Very cute. I'm guessing this will be a theme with the drama.

Anywho this is a fun premise. I've heard of the manga before, but just didn't really care for the idea. However, I like the execution here. It helps that Asuka is truly likable. While being a stay at home mom read more is far from my dreams, I think her passion for her dream is wonderful. I doubt she's blind to the bad side of it, but she knows from her own family experience that it can be wonderful.

Ryu is an interesting character and the setup with his affair from the past is tantalizing. Clearly the cougar (I think she's older) married woman still likes him. Ryu and her have that in common, they want what they shouldn't/can't have.

Oh, and accidental kiss. Which happens to lead into a weird accidentally kissing people all the time thing. Ah, I'm back to my anime and magna days. Kiss hijinks.

Overall this is a decent setup, and while we're at face value with the characters what has been setup is fun. I really enjoy the cast and the music for the OST is pretty fun.

What's more is I like a strong lead. Asuka works hard and she knows her mind. That's what I want. Just because Ruy tries to put the moves on her doesn't mean she has to mindlessly swoon.

Yeah! Really fun and I look forward to seeing this drama develop.
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25 days ago

"Oh, my drama. This episode just opened up a whole new can of mind worms!"

"I at least knew that it wasn't really Okay. I knew, but . . . I couldn't stop."

Oh, my drama. This episode just opened up a whole new can of mind worms! This is a huge game changer! Huge!! Not to mention that maybe Hanabi is going mental, there's no way that's just her conscious speaking up. I tell you it's more sinister.

"I filled my void with Ecchan. And I read more am somewhere much more cold. All alone"

This is a huge game changer as Hanabi uses Ecchan (AKA Ebato). At least she never lies about loving her, Ecchan just doesn't want to here it. Though I myself am totally enchanted by Echhan. Stalking and all. Here little cheek moles are so cute! Plus, I just think she's cute. I know that's nothing to base anything off of, but this show is messed up so I side with Ecchan at this point.

The biggest game changer is Akane admitting so much to Hanabi. Then the BIGGEST REVEAL! Mugi knows that Akane is a man-eater. Totally aware. I wonder if Akane knows and that's why she hasn't preyed on Mugi. Or simply that Mugi hasn't been desired by another woman so she doesn't want to prey on him yet?

See! SEE! My mind is totally consumed by this drama. To be honest I wish the episodes were longer just so I could explore this mind *bleep*! That's probably it's biggest downfall right now is that I feel like there is so much more room to explore there minds. To be honest I do not expect this drama to end on a happy note, and to be quite honest I'd be disappointed if it did. (Unless the writing totally pulls out a HEA that works. I doubt it though.) That said I think things are getting even steamier. Ecchan's scenes with Hanabi totally had me fanning myself. Yet somehow the simple makeout session on the roof where Mugi and Hanabi confront each other about sleeping with other people was *fans self*. Because it was all so messed up.

Not sorry this is consuming my mind. With the previews for the next one bring it on. >_< (I know everyone is so shocked by this drama . . . I've read worse so I want more. He-he.) Though I wonder why Hanabi isn't a little worried about Brother being preyed upon?
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26 days ago

"This is the true kiss for me! "

This is the true kiss for me! I love how Yi Ting leaned in for the kiss, but asked with it before actually making contact. I was really nervous that all we'd get is the open eyes from her. Never fear, it gets awesome-er yet. I'm wondering do Taiwan movies just have more natural intimacy then K-dramas? Because it feels that way.

Each episode keeps exploring the characters more and more. I read more love how they're all growing. Though Qian Ni may have finally stepped back in I don't think she's growing. I am very curious what the true matter between An Sheng and Lin Man? Especially now that the "Uncle" is showing up murdered.

I'll admit this is a bit slower, but there's a build up here. The struggle between both Yi Ting and Xin Yu feelings. Especially as Yi Ting advances his revenge. I'm happy for Xin Yu. However, it is selfish that he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Even if it means that Xin Yu and him will be temporary.

Her waiting for her mom, sad bunnies! But then, Oh-ho! My clever Xin Yu! I thought it was a secret hidden message. I wonder what it means? I truly want to believe there is something more to Lin Man. Though An Sheng confirmed that Lin Man poisoned the milk to get the property.

Overall a wonderful episode. I'm so nervous for when Xin Yu will discover the truth. Especially how it will be handled. For now, like Yi Ting, I will savor the happiness between them.
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26 days ago

"Wow. Yi Ting is slowly coming alive right in front of my eyes! "

Wow. Yi Ting is slowly coming alive right in front of my eyes! His interactions with Xin Yu feel so precious in this episode. Especially as Qian Ren works to reveal everything to Xin Yu. Of course she only came in at the end to hear about him being her savor.

Xiao Yue having a crush on Yi Ting is annoying, but understandable. I like that she understands it will only ever read more be one-sided. Girl is still helping Yi Ting out with Xin Yu. So smooth of her to invite him up for tea.

It's wonderful that the dad said Yi Ting needed to find someone with a good attitude and would lose to him! Ha-ha! What does losing have to do with it? Then Qian Ren telling him he needed someone to make him smile. It was a very beautiful memory.

It was so wonderful and simple when Xin Yu realized that she likes Yi Ting. When she thought that she was being fired her main concern was that she wouldn't be by Yi Ting's side. I loved how simple and sweet the thought/realization was.

Xin Yu makes Yi Ting so happy. I loved seeing his shock over the surprise breakfast and his happiness about it. Yi Ting's face (yes-yes the actor's) was made for smiling!

You know I still want Lin Man to be innocent. I really wonder if An Sheng had something to do with it. Maybe Lin Man was wrapped up in her own bad situation. At least I like to think that way for Xin Yu. Though it would really make for an interesting plot twist if An Sheng was the real culprit.

I really love where all the characters are going. Not to mention that Xin Yu's smarts are back as she figures out how to contact her mother, and I think setup a meetup. Maybe? It broke my heart when she pulled that note from under the table.
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