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Mayra Esther Rodriguez
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Oct 6, 2018

A Magical and Educational Thriller

A Magical and Educational ThrillerLet's go first to what I liked about this wonderful drama. It is a jewel of acting. The Melodrama Mystery genre is magnificent. Very adult, and suitable for those who seek entertainment beyond the conventional romantic dramas. It is like gradually removing the layers of an onion.The Korean screenwriters are very well instructed before writing a drama, about the topics they will play.The total facial surgery is completely real and has been performed, in addition to the Korean plastic surgeons are among the best in the world. There is also scientific evidence that general anesthesia can cause prolonged amnesia, that is, that Ji Eun Han's amnesia and total facial plastic surgery are completely real and credible.Let's see other adult and educational aspects of this drama:Kang Da Ra, the little daughter of Eun Han and Kang Chan Ki suffered from aphasia and apraxia. Both are conditions classified as "ictus" or small strokes. Aphasia hinders speech and swallowing of food and apraxia hinders the use of the hands, affecting fine motor skills. Both conditions can be produced by strong emotions. (Please, remember, that Da Ra could not handle the chopsticks well and that in addition to witnessing the beatings that his father gave to her mother, the girl was completely threatened by Manager Jung).The reference that Da Ra makes of Blue Beard:Blue Beard is a French children's story, whose most famous adaptation is that written by the French writer Charles Perrault, which tells the story of a horrible man with a blue beard, who killed his wives and hid them in the basement. The girl was horrified by the beatings her father gave in that sinister basement to her mother, but she was grateful that he was not like Bluebeard (terrible).The dysfunctional home of Kang Chan Ki in his childhood, which made him an abusive husband. His mother raised him alone (we do not know if she was a widow, a divorcee or a single mother), but she worked harder to make money with her business instead of giving love to her son. She demanded her son beyond what he could give. And all that rage contained towards his mother, he unloaded it on his wife. His mother was a strong woman and his wife was a weak woman in the beginning, and that's why the slaps he wanted to give his mother were received by his wife. When she rebels against the abuse, he loses control, feels that he is worthless and tries to commit suicide. All this is explained by the psychological theory of bonding. And he suffered from an anxious and insecure bonding. Therefore, the reason for so much physical abuse is explained here. We must congratulate the production of the drama because the scenes of the beatings that Kang Chan Ki gave his wife are very well done, without presenting the gross brutality of domestic violence in front, but in the form of Chinese shadows. Magnificent!What I did not like, although it is credible:Dr. Kang Woo, "protagonist" (which for me was only placed there to make the happy ending), had an Oedipus complex and an unresolved mourning. It is for this reason that he changes the face of Eun Han and aesthetically puts the face of his dead mother. We know that men look like wives to women similar to their mothers. This situation gives me a lot of pity and pity and makes Kim Jae Won not look like the great actor he is. This does not detract from Jo Hyun Jae, on the contrary, he is an excellent actor, who stole, due to his merits, the leading role in this excellent and educational drama. Congratulations to the Korean entertainment industry for bringing these adult dramas to viewers and educating and entertaining us intelligently. Although there was almost no romance, he kept me on the edge of the seat every Saturday.

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