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War of Faith War of Faith
Chinese Drama
Wonderful World Wonderful World
Korean Drama
Blank Blank
Thai Drama
To Be Continued To Be Continued
Thai Drama
Love at Second Glance Love at Second Glance
Chinese Drama
The Farewell Song The Farewell Song
Chinese Drama
Undercover Affair Undercover Affair
Chinese Drama

Today's Birthday (April 12)

Oh Se Hun Oh Se Hun
South Korean, age 30
Wei Da Xun Wei Da Xun
Chinese, age 35
Jia Nai Liang Jia Nai Liang
Chinese, age 40
Lee Hyun Jae Lee Hyun Jae
South Korean, age 36
Suzuki Airi Suzuki Airi
Japanese, age 30
Kim Sun Woo Kim Sun Woo
South Korean, age 24
Park Yeon Woo Park Yeon Woo
South Korean, age 34
Okura Takato Okura Takato
Japanese, age 22
Nu Surasak Chaiat Nu Surasak Chaiat
Thai, age 68
Lee Joong Ok Lee Joong Ok
South Korean, age 45
Aoyagi Sho Aoyagi Sho
Japanese, age 39
Kondo Shori Kondo Shori
Japanese, age 30
Blake Chang Blake Chang
Taiwanese, age 31
Caelan Moriarty Caelan Moriarty
American, age 23
Konno Mahiru Konno Mahiru
Japanese, age 47
Yao Xin Qian Yao Xin Qian
Chinese, age 41
Jung Se Rin Jung Se Rin
South Korean, age 46
Lee Joon Young Lee Joon Young
South Korean, age 23
Qi Xiang Qi Xiang
Chinese, age 45
Kim Hyun Soo Kim Hyun Soo
South Korean, age 29
Jenny Zhang Jenny Zhang
Chinese, age 32
Yang Xu Chen Yang Xu Chen
Chinese, age 33
Qiu Yu Shuo Qiu Yu Shuo
Chinese, age 32
Kamimura Hinano Kamimura Hinano
Japanese, age 20
Merman Merman
Chinese, age 24
Cheng Xiang Cheng Xiang
Chinese, age 23
Yi Yun He Yi Yun He
Chinese, age 37
Park Jae Wan Park Jae Wan
South Korean, age 56
Kim Tae Won Kim Tae Won
South Korean, age 59

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