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23.5 23.5
Thai Drama
Men in Love Men in Love
Chinese Drama
Moment of Silence Moment of Silence
Chinese Drama
Orange Soda Orange Soda
Chinese Drama
My Precious My Precious
Thai Drama
Inverse Identity Inverse Identity
Chinese Drama
Oi Handsome! Season 2 Oi Handsome! Season 2
Japanese Drama
My Bossy Sweet Wife My Bossy Sweet Wife
Chinese Drama

Today's Birthday (May 20)

Zhou Ye Zhou Ye
Chinese, age 26
Qi Yan Di Qi Yan Di
Chinese, age 29
Liu Hao Cun Liu Hao Cun
Chinese, age 24
Fan Shuai Qi Fan Shuai Qi
Chinese, age 26
Lee Ha Yul Lee Ha Yul
South Korean, age 37
Xiao Gui Xiao Gui
Chinese, age 25
Ricky Ricky
Chinese, age 20
Lee Yi Dam Lee Yi Dam
South Korean, age 28
Sara Legge Sara Legge
Thai, age 40
Im Se Ju Im Se Ju
South Korean, age 33
Cha Jae Hoon Cha Jae Hoon
South Korean, age 29
Nylon Chen Nylon Chen
Taiwanese, age 43
Lin Qiu Nan Lin Qiu Nan
Chinese, age 20
Jeon Min Seo Jeon Min Seo
South Korean, age 21
Mokudai Kazuto Mokudai Kazuto
Japanese, age 20
South Korean, age 24
Kim Min Shik Kim Min Shik
South Korean, age 42
Su Xun Lun Su Xun Lun
Chinese, age 24
Patty Petei Hokari Patty Petei Hokari
Thai, age 31
Li Jiu Xiao Li Jiu Xiao
Chinese, age 34
Kim Jeong Woo Kim Jeong Woo
South Korean, age 37
Wang Ya Ting Wang Ya Ting
Chinese, age 46
Nagai Dai Nagai Dai
Japanese, age 46
Park Eun Ji Park Eun Ji
South Korean, age 41
Chen Si Han Chen Si Han
Chinese, age 29
Mars Li Mars Li
Chinese, age 37
Du Zhao Du Zhao
Chinese, age 35
Kim Da Som Kim Da Som
South Korean, age 25
Matthew Ko Matthew Ko
Hong Konger, age 40
Yu Zi Xuan Yu Zi Xuan
Chinese, age 28
Guo Jia Yi Guo Jia Yi
Chinese, age 29
Joo Sang Hyuk Joo Sang Hyuk
South Korean, age 11
Yoon Song Ah Yoon Song Ah
South Korean, age 38
Takahashi Kazuya Takahashi Kazuya
Japanese, age 55

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