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Today's Birthday (October 23)

Seo In Guk Seo In Guk
South Korean, age 31
Shin  Won Ho Shin Won Ho
South Korean, age 27
Lee Ki Woo Lee Ki Woo
South Korean, age 37
Lee Young Ah Lee Young Ah
South Korean, age 34
Na Songkhla Patpasit Na Songkhla Patpasit
Thai, age 22
Shin Eun Soo Shin Eun Soo
South Korean, age 16
Lee Seung Yub Lee Seung Yub
South Korean, age 24
Sean Sun Sean Sun
Chinese, age 35
Han Ji Seok Han Ji Seok
South Korean, age 30
Bianca Bai Bianca Bai
Taiwanese, age 36
Yoon Son Ha Yoon Son Ha
South Korean, age 43
Zhang Zi Wen Zhang Zi Wen
Chinese, age 28
Kim Geun Hyung Kim Geun Hyung
South Korean, age 28
Priscilla Wong Priscilla Wong
Hong Konger, age 37
Arai Yusuke Arai Yusuke
Japanese, age 33
Watanabe Naomi Watanabe Naomi
Japanese, age 31
Sawai Miyuu Sawai Miyuu
Japanese, age 31
Nan Sheng Nan Sheng
Chinese, age 27
Yoon Ji Min Yoon Ji Min
South Korean, age 41
Ang Lee Ang Lee
Taiwanese, age 64
Ari Ari
South Korean, age 24
Takada Hyoga Takada Hyoga
Japanese, age 17
Huo Siyan Huo Siyan
Chinese, age 37
Injaieua Napat Injaieua Napat
Thai, age 28
Shi Yun Peng Shi Yun Peng
Chinese, age 22
Kobayashi Yui Kobayashi Yui
Japanese, age 19
Jung Hyun Suk Jung Hyun Suk
South Korean, age 42
Minnie Minnie
Thai, age 21
Hong Young Geun Hong Young Geun
South Korean, age 40
Isoyama Sayaka Isoyama Sayaka
Japanese, age 35
Lin Shen Lin Shen
Chinese, age 38
Akie Asaka Akie Asaka
Japanese, age 62
Sally Sally
Chinese, age 22
Car, the Garden Car, the Garden
South Korean, age 28

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