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Miss Target Miss Target
Japanese Drama
Taiwanese Opera Family Taiwanese Opera Family
Taiwanese Drama
Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower
Japanese Drama
Chief Detective 1958 Chief Detective 1958
Korean Drama
9 Border 9 Border
Japanese Drama
JK to Roppozensho JK to Roppozensho
Japanese Drama
25 Ji, Akasaka de 25 Ji, Akasaka de
Japanese Drama
Kawareta Otoko Kawareta Otoko
Japanese Drama
Ghost Yankee Ghost Yankee
Japanese Drama
An Indelible Destiny An Indelible Destiny
Chinese Drama
Wan Chun Dou Xiao She Wan Chun Dou Xiao She
Chinese Drama

Shows Ending This Week

Today's Birthday (April 18)

Sun Qian Sun Qian
Chinese, age 27
Jo Hye Joo Jo Hye Joo
South Korean, age 29
Ancy Deng Ancy Deng
Chinese, age 19
Jessica Jung Jessica Jung
American, age 35
Kim Min Seo Kim Min Seo
South Korean, age 15
Song Young Kyu Song Young Kyu
South Korean, age 54
Kim So Ra Kim So Ra
South Korean, age 36
Ni Da Hong Ni Da Hong
Chinese, age 64
Zhu Yi Wei Zhu Yi Wei
Zhang Yang Guo Er Zhang Yang Guo Er
Chinese, age 39
Hong Xa Bin Hong Xa Bin
South Korean, age 27
Liu Ruo Yan Liu Ruo Yan
Chinese, age 30
Seung Ha Seung Ha
South Korean, age 24
Yu Qing Bin Yu Qing Bin
Chinese, age 40
Kang Kyun Sung Kang Kyun Sung
South Korean, age 43
Lee Hwi Chan Lee Hwi Chan
South Korean, age 28
Kamiji  Yusuke Kamiji Yusuke
Japanese, age 45
Xu Zheng Xu Zheng
Chinese, age 52
Shao Feng Shao Feng
Chinese, age 54
Nam Min Woo Nam Min Woo
South Korean, age 30
Jung Sung Woon Jung Sung Woon
South Korean, age 43
Jung Tae Ri Jung Tae Ri
South Korean, age 30
Namiki Ayaka Namiki Ayaka
Japanese, age 17
Sato Rika Sato Rika
Japanese, age 37
Tsuruya Misaki Tsuruya Misaki
Japanese, age 21
Kim Dae Won Kim Dae Won
South Korean, age 24
Shim Jae Hyun Shim Jae Hyun
South Korean, age 43
Takuma Shin Takuma Shin
Japanese, age 68

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