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When We Meet Again When We Meet Again
Chinese Drama
Happily Ever After? Happily Ever After?
Hong Kong Drama
In Bed with Stranger In Bed with Stranger
Hong Kong Drama
Wedding Impossible Wedding Impossible
Korean Drama
Yi Lu Xiang Qian Yi Lu Xiang Qian
Chinese Drama
Shogun Shogun
Japanese Drama
Jia Dong Gong Jia Dong Gong
Chinese Drama
The Impossible Heir The Impossible Heir
Korean Drama
Yongan Dream Yongan Dream
Chinese Drama
Pegasus Pegasus
Chinese Drama
Sunrise on the River Sunrise on the River
Chinese Drama

Shows Ending This Week

Ossan's Love Returns Ossan's Love Returns
Japanese Drama
Perfect Propose Perfect Propose
Japanese Drama
Captivating the King Captivating the King
Korean Drama
My Happy Ending My Happy Ending
Korean Drama
Between Him and Her Between Him and Her
Korean Drama
Playboyy Playboyy
Thai Drama
Start-Up Start-Up
Thai Drama

Today's Birthday (February 26)

Oh Jung Se Oh Jung Se
South Korean, age 47
Deng Wei Deng Wei
Chinese, age 29
Aarif Rahman Aarif Rahman
Hong Konger, age 37
Yao Chi Yao Chi
Chinese, age 26
Ming Dao Ming Dao
Taiwanese, age 44
Shim Hee Sub Shim Hee Sub
South Korean, age 38
Lee Chang Sub Lee Chang Sub
South Korean, age 33
Kris Sakris Strickland Kris Sakris Strickland
British, age 20
Feeldog Feeldog
South Korean, age 32
Lu Zhan Xiang Lu Zhan Xiang
Chinese, age 18
South Korean, age 33
Kim Seung Hun Kim Seung Hun
South Korean, age 25
Joo Jin Mo Joo Jin Mo
South Korean, age 66
Seo Eun Ah Seo Eun Ah
South Korean, age 35
Lee  Seung Ho Lee Seung Ho
South Korean, age 33
Sik-K Sik-K
South Korean, age 30
Moon Hyun Bin Moon Hyun Bin
South Korean, age 24
Song Yong Jin Song Yong Jin
South Korean, age 48
Kim Yeon Koung Kim Yeon Koung
South Korean, age 36
Chinese, age 34
Alex Fong Alex Fong
Hong Konger, age 44
Kim Seo Yoon Kim Seo Yoon
South Korean, age 22
Yunmin Yunmin
South Korean, age 23
Di Jie Di Jie
Mongolian, age 34
Veronica Ngo Veronica Ngo
Vietnamese, age 45
Hiramaki Jin Hiramaki Jin
Japanese, age 37
Lucia Chen Lucia Chen
Taiwanese, age 28
Ahn So Rim Ahn So Rim
South Korean, age 34
Crystal Kay Crystal Kay
Japanese, age 38
Aoki Ryo Aoki Ryo
Japanese, age 28
Hwang Dong Hee Hwang Dong Hee
South Korean, age 33
Yoo Seung Woo Yoo Seung Woo
South Korean, age 27

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