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Sticky: Duplicates by Gwilthyunman Open 260 10.1K
15 hours ago
Sticky: [Requests] Addition of new Channel/Network by Hessa Open 43 3.5K
Oct 15, 2017
Sticky: [Guidelines] Editing and Submitting New Dramas, Movies, and Actors by Hessa Closed 5 4.0K
Sep 26, 2017
Sticky: [Guidelines] Formatting and Writing Articles by Ceki Closed -1 511
Apr 25, 2017
[Bug] Top shows not showing in correct order by Yuanwei Open 7 0
5 hours ago
[(2)Bugs] Date Correlation and Header as an ad by ForgeXaprox Open 1 0
17 hours ago
Can't add reason on custom lists by Hessa Open 0 0 No discussions yet
not seeing notifications by cityhunter Open 1 0
2 days ago
Won't update number of episodes by Mio Resolved 1 0
2 days ago
[Bug] Number of reviews on Show page not showing up by MusicalVeggies Open 0 0 No discussions yet
[Bug] Not Interested not showing up properly on Stats by Yuanwei Open 0 0 No discussions yet
hide post button not working. by cityhunter Open 1 14
2 days ago
Weird feed review bugs (incorrect titles and ratings) by zeamays Open 0 0 No discussions yet
HTML on profiles by SilverCloud Open 19 202
2 days ago
Forum Bug. by thatseelyah Open 0 0 No discussions yet
account email by dramaworld Resolved 3 0
3 days ago
Profile picture won't upload by foreverwitchy Open 0 10 No discussions yet
Feed by naccu Resolved 10 430
4 days ago
I've got a show on my PTW list that is no longer valid.... by kingsqueen Open 12 159
4 days ago