Fictional Character

Nine meets Daonuea at a resort called The Air, in Khao Yai, after breaking up with his girlfriend, Praew. After parting ways, the two meet again at Lodestar Production which is a company run by his former schoolmate and friend, Tee . He enters the company under the pretense of helping it recover from its financial difficulties but is really there to get closer to Daonuea. His rekindled relationship with Praew, and Daonuea's rekindled relationship with Tee, stand in his way, but he refuses to stop pursuing Daonuea. He later finds out that he had a past connection with Daonuea in university. They were assigned as "buddies" in an elective class and anonymously talked for months. The death of his mother, and Tee, became obstacles in their meeting, and unknowingly, they did not meet until years later at Khao Yai.

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