Xu Guang Yao

Fictional Character

The young Marshal, the son of Xu Bo Jun, the governor of Yuecheng, has a mature and stable personality. He is a friend of the Mu family. He has a marriage contract with Mu Wan Ting based on the wishes of his elders, but he has a childhood love for Mu Wanqing. Later, he discovered that the person Mu Wan Qing loves was Tan Xuan Lin, who also knew that his father was the murderer of Mu Wan Qing’s brother, so he chose to let go of his feelings and try to compensate for what his father did. In the end, inheriting his father, the Xu family’s army went to Jiangcheng to rescue Tan Xuan Lin. He killed Liu Fu, and joined the revolutionary army of Liao Xi, gathering with Tan Xuan Lin, Mu Wan Qing, Su Hong Chen, Pei Shao Jun, Tan Sang Yu and Wu Xiang Ying in Jiangcheng.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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