Would You Rather (drama cliches edition)

sjay Aug 9, 2023

Would You Rather (drama cliches edition)

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  • 1
    Get into a dramatically sad scene in the rain.
    47 votes
  • 2
    Be the rich main lead. However, you won't have any true friends or understanding family members.
    20 votes
  • 3
    Be the poor main lead.
    9 votes
  • 4
    Amnesia. Do I need to say more?
    6 votes
  • 5
    Be a part of a love triangle and compete with your partner's ex.
    4 votes
  • 6
    Get hit by truck-kun
    4 votes
  • 7
    Go through a dramatic breakup due to family disapproval.
    2 votes
  • 8
    Have a crazy mother in law.
    2 votes

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