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lil_jen Jul 23, 2022
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  • The Sound of Magic

    1. The Sound of Magic

    Korean Drama - 2022, 6 episodes


    may 7

    literally was the first kdrama I’ve watched ever since the school started, it’s all for my one and only hwang inyeop. was an easy watch, enjoyed it. especially I appreciate the choice of cast. last episode made me teary ngl. crazy how i felt connected to a show that only has 6 episodes.


  • D’chelin Gourmet Party

    2. D’chelin Gourmet Party

    Korean TV Show - 2021, 2 episodes


    jun 7

    watched it after an exam. seeing dream always makes me feel comfortable. they heal me


  • Why Her?

    3. Why Her?

    Korean Drama - 2022, 16 episodes


    july 23

    well well, i finished it. It has been a journey ngl. ma boi inyeop finally was the main lead YAYY!! why her definitely could have been a better drama if they didn’t add some unnecessary scenes(there are so many me thinks lol) but i honestly still liked it a lot, probably because of the main leads… I’m kinda fine with the ending, could have been better without the unnecessary scene from the previous episodes of course. but in overall a good watch id say.


  • The Summer Talk

    4. The Summer Talk

    Chinese TV Show - 2022, 4 episodes


    august 14

    when the first notification came from wavy, i freaked out. A WAYV CONTENT FINALYY??? It definitely was not funny as much as their other old videos but i enjoyed it a lot still. wayv has some different vibe from the other units by how chaotic they are and i love it. Anyways I’m hoping a comeback from them pleaseee


  • 7LLIN’ in Our Youth

    5. 7LLIN’ in Our Youth

    Korean TV Show - 2022, 6 episodes


    august 15

    oh god it took me forever to finish this, like i litteraly forgot the last episode everyday and today i came across it to watch FINALLY. This was definitely so so so cute and relaxing but I don’t think that it can pass the previous one(the content was kinda different) but i still LOVED IT. dreamies my babies


  • Run BTS! Season 3

    6. Run BTS! Season 3

    Korean TV Show - 2019, 99 episodes


    august 16

    what a long journey it has been. I remember watching the new episode every week after school. definitely was the best season. there were some really boring episodes (probably because of covid and the lack of ideas) but still i loved it. I do not love them as much as i did before but m love for run bts will never go away. 


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