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I truly believe these are masterpieces, don't come at me

axdxex Oct 4, 2023
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  • Love Scenery

    1. Love Scenery

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 31 episodes


    These two are so freaking heart fluttering. Like please watch this and come talk to me about it. I absolutely adore them. The chemistry, their visual, the way Lu Jing looked at Liang Cheng *heart eyes*

  • Bokura no Shokutaku

    2. Bokura no Shokutaku

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    I bought the manga because this was the best thing I've ever watched.  To be fair I'm a fan of the Japanese slice of life drama/anime style and this embodied it so perfectly. Talk to me about this show and I will love you.

  • Hotel del Luna

    3. Hotel del Luna

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    I have a fondness for Hotel del Luna that will not die. The cinematography, IU's outfits, the impossible romances (plural). It's just iconic.

  • The Eighth Sense

    4. The Eighth Sense

    Korean Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    Vibes. All vibes and heart. The directing, the coloration. This show just made me feel things. As someone who lives with anxiety, it just spoke to me.