Dramas I Would (or have) Rewatch

These are dramas I would watch again or have already watched because they are so good. Either its the story and/ or the actors who make me want more. This list is in no particular order >_<

ShotaSidePart Jul 7, 2022
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  • Quartet

    1. Quartet

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 10 episodes


    I've already watched this twice and would watch it again in a heartbeat. The story is chefs kiss.

  • Kenja no Ai

    2. Kenja no Ai

    Japanese Drama - 2016, 4 episodes


    Trashy story saved by amazing acting. Already watched twice and with it being so short, I could definitely watch again.

  • Innocent

    3. Innocent

    Taiwanese Drama - 2021, 4 episodes


    Another short one that I've seen... and seen again and would see it again lol. A lovely story that left me wanting more! GIVE US ANOTHER SEASON!!

  • Eternal Love

    4. Eternal Love

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 58 episodes


    I think about this drama all the time and I haven't rewatched it only because I have so many other dramas I want to watch and with the length, I don't have the time.

  • The Untamed

    5. The Untamed

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 50 episodes


    All I can say is, if you've seen this drama, you know why. IYKYK FRFR!!

  • Moonshine and Valentine

    6. Moonshine and Valentine

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 25 episodes


    I watched this drama early on in my drama watching "career" and it has left an impression on me. It was a slow burn, amazing and unique story-telling that I've yet to see often, and the cast did an amazing job- LOVED it.

  • He's Coming to Me

    7. He's Coming to Me

    Thai Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    One of the first Thai bls that gave a different premise that was more than just engineering students lol A totally new premise with a supernatural element, which I do not see often, this one is a gem. (This is the drama that made me fall in love with Singto.)

  • The Princess Wei Young

    8. The Princess Wei Young

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 54 episodes


    The chemistry with the leads is NEXT LEVEL!! And it makes sense because they were together at the time. It's unmatched and if you're a romance heavy person then I would recommend this drama on just that alone. The story get a bit repetitive but the acting from everyone and i mean EVERY SINGLE ONE is bar none.

  • Nirvana in Fire

    9. Nirvana in Fire

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 54 episodes


    One word: EPIC. BROMANCE. Yes that's two words but bear with me lol The ml is smart and makes nothing but good decisions throughout which is pretty much unheard of in drama-land. This was the first drama I watched where all the women were smart and didn't depend on the men- beautiful. This is another one that when I think back on, I want to watch it again but because of the length I haven't had the chance.

  • Flower of Evil

    10. Flower of Evil

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes


    Although this drama has predictable elements, the writer was very creative in adding twists and turns that threw me and I LOVED that. I don't even have to speak about the acting of the leads and the chemistry they had- HAWT! In the end I wanted more even though the story was clearly over.