Di Renjie (Novel)

Di Renjie (狄仁杰) appears as the main character in a number of gong'an crime novels and films. The first of these stories, Di Gong An or Dee Goong An (Chinese: 狄公案), is an 18th-century Chinese detective novel written by the pseudonymous author Butizhuanren (不题撰人), loosely based on Di Renjie.

Di Renjie (630 – November 11, 700), courtesy name Huaiying (懷英), formally Duke Wenhui of Liang (梁文惠公), was an official of Tang and Zhou dynasties, twice serving as chancellor during the reign of Wu Zetian. He was one of the most celebrated officials of Wu Zetian's reign. Di Renjie is depicted in the Wu Shuang Pu (無雙譜, Table of Peerless Heroes) by Jin Guliang.  

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