Who is your favourite character in Snowdrop?

All the characters in Snowdrop are unique and interesting, with a mysterious backstory that reveals the unknown sides of each character in every new episode. This keeps us guessing about their true identity and their next possible action. The writer has developed the characters at the right pace, intriguing the viewers and making us respond to them as though they were real people. Though we found some characters to be annoying to the point that we wanted them gone, it was definitely because of the excellent performance by the actors and their character development. The team did a good job of casting their artists. Every character has been well-executed till now, and I hope they don’t ruin them in the future. So who is your favourite character in Snowdrop? (You can vote for a maximum of 10 characters)

NOTE: When you vote, take into consideration that this list is to vote for your favourite character in the drama. Do not vote just because the actor is popular. If the character that you want to vote for is not on the list, feel free to add them.

OPTIONAL: In the comment section, mention which characters you love the most in this drama and what do you love about them?

Alice1441 Jan 23, 2022
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  • Jung Hae In

    1. Jung Hae In

    South Korean
    19,084 points by 192 voters
    Jung Hae In is a South Korean actor managed by FNC Entertainment. He graduated from Pyeongtaek University with a major in acting. Jung's first acting experience was through a musical in college. ...more
  • Kim Ji Soo

    2. Kim Ji Soo

    South Korean
    13,617 points by 138 voters
    Kim Ji Soo is a South Korean actor, model, singer and member of the girl group Blackpink (블랙핑크) managed by YG Entertainment (YG 엔터테인먼트) and her own company Blissoo. Prior to her ...more
  • Yoo In Na

    3. Yoo In Na

    South Korean
    10,367 points by 106 voters
    Yoo In Na is a South Korean actress and DJ. At the age of 16, Yoo joined an entertainment agency as an apprentice singer in 1998 and nearly became part of a ...more
  • Jang Seung Jo

    4. Jang Seung Jo

    South Korean
    8,163 points by 84 voters
    Jang Seung Jo is a South Korean actor currently managed by Ace Factory. He is known for his roles in "Money Flower" (2017), "Familiar Wife" (2018) and "Encounter" (2018). In recent years, ...more
  • Kim Min Gue

    5. Kim Min Gue

    South Korean
    7,944 points by 82 voters
    Kim Min Gue is a South Korean actor and model under Happy Tribe Entertainment (해피트라이브엔터테인먼트). He dreamed of becoming an actor when he was in elementary school after he watched The Lord ...more
  • Yoon Se Ah

    6. Yoon Se Ah

    South Korean
    7,775 points by 80 voters
    Yoon Se Ah is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her roles in the TV dramas City Hall, Wife Returns, and A Gentleman's Dignity. Yoon was paired with Korean-French-Canadian ...more
  • Jung Eugene

    7. Jung Eugene

    South Korean
    6,747 points by 70 voters
    Jung Yoo Jin, also known as Eugene Jung, is a South Korean model and actress. She modeled fashion for brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and DKNY. She was also ...more
  • Jang In Sub

    8. Jang In Sub

    South Korean
    6,038 points by 63 voters
    Jang In-sub is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his supporting roles in Special Affairs Team TEN Season 2, Secret Door and Mrs. Cop. Lee also appeared in the ...more
  • Kim Hye Yoon

    9. Kim Hye Yoon

    South Korean
    5,449 points by 56 voters
    Kim Hye Yoon is a South Korean actress under Artist Company. She made her acting debut with 2013 "Samsaengi" (TV소설 삼생이). After working on "Bad Guys" (나쁜 녀석들), Kim focused her attention ...more
  • Kim Mi Soo

    10. Kim Mi Soo

    South Korean
    4,298 points by 45 voters
    Kim Mi Soo was a South Korean actress and model managed by Landscape Entertainment. She graduated with a degree in acting from the Korea National University of Arts. She made her debut ...more
  • Park Sung Woong

    11. Park Sung Woong

    South Korean
    2,549 points by 27 voters
    Park Sung Woong is a South Korean actor. His acting debut was in the 1997 gangster comedy film "No. 3." Sung Woong married actress Shin Eun Jung on October 18th, 2008. They ...more
  • Jung Shin Hye

    12. Jung Shin Hye

    South Korean
    2,544 points by 27 voters
    Jung Shin Hye was born in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea and graduated from Korea National University of Arts (Department of Acting, Theater Academy / Art History). She is a South Korean actress ...more
  • Choi Hee Jin

    13. Choi Hee Jin

    South Korean
    1,784 points by 19 voters
    Choi Hee Jin is a South Korean actor under Ace Factory (에이스팩토리). She made her acting debut in the Webdrama "Flower Ever After" (이런 꽃 같은 엔딩). On April 2024, it was ...more
  • Song Geon Hee

    14. Song Geon Hee

    South Korean
    1,700 points by 18 voters
    Seon Geon Hee is a South Korean actor. He debuted in the drama series "Flat" in 2017. His breakthrough role was in the popular drama "SKY Castle."
  • Heo Joon Ho

    15. Heo Joon Ho

    South Korean
    1,512 points by 16 voters
    Heo Joon Ho is a South Korean actor born on April 14, 1964. He comes from a family of actors; his father was Heo Jang Kang, one of the best-known Korean actors ...more
  • Ahn Dong Goo

    16. Ahn Dong Goo

    South Korean
    1,216 points by 13 voters
    Ahn Dong Goo is a South Korean actor and model managed by Ace Factory. He graduated from Hanyang University with BA in theater and film chemistry. In 2019, he made his acting ...more
  • Heo Nam Jun

    17. Heo Nam Jun

    South Korean
    842 points by 9 voters
    Heo Nam Joon is a South Korean actor managed by Initial Entertainment. He attended the Department of Acting at Sungkyunkwan University. Heo made his acting debut in the 2019 film "The First ...more
  • Jeong E Suh

    18. Jeong E Suh

    South Korean
    731 points by 8 voters
    Jeong E Suh is a South Korean actress managed by J, Wide-Company. She made her acting debut in 2014.
  • Kim Jong Soo

    19. Kim Jong Soo

    South Korean
    367 points by 4 voters
    Kim Jong Soo is a South Korean actor. In 1984, Kim joined the Whales Theatre and began his career in 1985 directing plays such as Beautiful Autograph, Tropical Thief Story, and My ...more
  • Nam Mi Jung

    20. Nam Mi Jung

    South Korean
    348 points by 4 voters
    She is a South Korean actress.
  • Chae Won Bin

    21. Chae Won Bin

    South Korean
    260 points by 3 voters
    Chae Won Bin is a South Korean actress. She gained recognition for her role in the television series When My Love Blooms, Twenty-Twenty.
  • Choi Kyung Hoon

    22. Choi Kyung Hoon

    South Korean
    190 points by 2 voters
    Choi Kyung Hoon is a South Korean actor and part of Artist Company along with Go Ara, Park So Dam, Lee Jung Jae, Esom, Jung Woo Sung, etc. The actor debuted in ...more
  • Lee Joo Ahn

    23. Lee Joo Ahn

    South Korean
    177 points by 2 voters
    Lee made his debut with the hit drama [Sky Castle] in 2018. In [Save Me 2] (2019), he played a troubled high school student and played a clumsy, yet hard working secretary ...more
  • Lee Jung Hyun

    24. Lee Jung Hyun

    South Korean
    173 points by 2 voters
    Lee Jung Hyun is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in 2015.
  • Lee Hwa Ryong

    25. Lee Hwa Ryong

    South Korean
    173 points by 2 voters
    Lee Hwa Ryong is a korean actor.
  • Jung Ae Ri

    26. Jung Ae Ri

    South Korean
    169 points by 2 voters
    Jung Ae Ri made her acting debut after she was chosen at the KBS talent audition in 1978. In 1980, she moved to another network, MBC. She rose to stardom in the ...more
  • Kim Jung Hoon

    27. Kim Jung Hoon

    South Korean
    91 points by 1 voters
    Kim Jeong Hoon is a South Korean actor who made his acting debut in 2011.

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