Actors & Actresses I dislike

Actors and actresses that just rub me the wrong way.

The_Hermit 6 days ago
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  • Sung Joon

    South Korean

    For some reason I just really dislike him.

  • Kim Hye Ok

    South Korean

    When she turns into a screaming banshee I can't stand her.

  • Noh Min Woo

    South Korean

    He'll only be removed from this list after I see him die a few times for what he's done in the drama Sword and Flower.

  • Song Chang Eui

    South Korean

    His mouth reminds me of a butthole whenever he talks. Didn't know mouths could get so small. Only makes thing worse when he plays a douchebag character.

  • Kim Min Jae

    South Korean

    I hate him so so much! The characters he plays are all douchebags that need to die over and over again! I don't even think I could like him even if he played a good guy role now. Talented asshole!

  • Ma Qiu Zi


    Characters she plays makes my blood boil! 

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