Crushes :3

narea13 Aug 23, 2018

My Oppa my love <3

  • Lee Min Ho

    South Korean

    I can describe Lee Min Ho in one word “Perfect Guy” Such a brillant actor! I love his acting! And he is so handsome :)

  • Lee Joon Gi

    South Korean

    Lee Jun Ki is my dream guy! I love everything on him <3

  • Lee Dong Wook

    South Korean

    Hmm he is my first love K.Actor and still have a crushed on him until now! Handsome, brillant and sexyy creaute! :]

  • Jo In Sung

    South Korean

    My all time Opaa forever \^_^ /

  • Song Joong Ki

    South Korean

    Handsome and Awesome! He is still my Oppa even he is a married man now :3

  • Cha Eun Woo

    South Korean

    My Eye Candy! So cute ^*^

    I love him in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. 

  • Lee Jong Suk

    South Korean

    The most cutest creature I’ve ever seen! And super brilliant actor! Love all his drama! <3

  • Park Bo Gum

    South Korean

    Aahhhh this man is super overly cute! Can’t get enough of him! :3