Best Drama soundtrack/OST

Jurianne Sep 25, 2018

This listing is based purely on the music and OST factor. Not only the opening and ending songs are considered but also the soundtrack, music score and insert songs. 

  • The Romance Of The White-Hair Maiden
    The Romance Of The White-Hair Maiden

    Hong Kong Drama - 1995

    I loved the theme and ending song so much. the music score is pretty good as well. Work well-done on that aspect.

  • Twin of Brothers
    Twin of Brothers

    Hong Kong Drama - 2004

    A lengthy drama for its time, for the story which I grow to love and then hate. Costume, hairstyle and fighting scene are forgettable.  

    But I have to give credit where it is due, and the OST is awesome and cinematographically wise,  it was remarkable.

  • Against the Blade of Honour
    Against the Blade of Honour

    Hong Kong Drama - 1995

    I liked the music score very much.  The theme song has set the tone for this drama and it was lovely.

  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes
    The Legend of the Condor Heroes

    Hong Kong Drama - 1983

    The OST was a premium grade, memorable for years. 

  • The Blood Stained Intrigue
    The Blood Stained Intrigue

    Chinese Drama - 1986

    This drama might not be the best production done by TVB, but the soundtrack was on point and memorable.  The timing was great, it delivers to match with the scene, whether it is an emotional scene or a fighting scene. 

    Worth watching for the story and for the music score!

  • Heroes from Shaolin
    Heroes from Shaolin

    Hong Kong Drama - 1993

    I can never forget that scene with Amy's character dying on the steps in front of the monastery. Likewise, I truly loved the song by Gigi Lai as well along with the music score. 

  • The Good Old Days
    The Good Old Days

    Hong Kong Drama - 1996

    The music score for the good old days was great. Really fitting with scenes. Theme song is sweet too! 

  • The Snow is Red
    The Snow is Red

    Hong Kong Drama - 1996

    Haha I actually think that the OST was the best thing about this drama. I didn't like the opening song. But I really like the ending song... Sang by the male lead Andrew.