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What was your first K-Drama?

Vote/add the drama that started the K-drama journey for  you. 

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Most Well-Written Characters in a Drama

Lead character(s) in this drama may not undergo multiple time-span in their lives to show real growth, but specific events are thrown into the antagonists' lives and the way they deal with the events and the proper flesh out to their backstories is what makes the characters so satisfyingly written, relatable and incredibly memorable.This is a twin list to Best Developed Lead Characters in a Drama here. Please click/point your cursor to the word 'here'. 

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Overrated Dramas

Which popular dramas do you think are too overrated?

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if u can watch these and like it you can rule hell

Dramas that are such trainwrecks you wouldnt wish them even on the kid who sat beside u in 3rd grade and stole all of your mechanical pencils(Movies, Dramas and Variety shows all fair game. no limits on the hate. unleash the beast)

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Actors Who Really Shined at Comedic Roles

Please do not confuse this list with actors who have played male leads in a typical rom-com. This list is for actors who have played eccentric, over-the-top characters that are for comedic reliefs and have exceeded our expectations in their brilliant portrayal of the character.

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Actors That Look Hot With Long Hair

I'll try to add a link for each actor here. Click on the namesWoo Do Hwan / Jang Dong Yoon / Yang Se Jong / Song Jae Rim / Jang Hyuk / Lay / Park Bo Gum / Kim Woo Bin / Kim Jae Wook / Jang Geuk Suk / Lee Hyun Jae / Hyun Bin / Jung Kyung Ho / Lee Soo Hyuk / Lee Dong Wook /

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Actors That Excel At Dark Roles

actors that can act out dark, scary and complicated characters

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Forget Me Not!

Dramas that don't just entertain you while watching, but remain unforgettable, long after finishing the last episode. Sometimes, they even cultivate an obsession, that may last months, years... a lifetime?

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Actors/Actress with 5 or less credits

For the watch challenge Actors and actresses with 5 or less credits

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Underrated Gems That Deserve a Chance (Rating)

Please feel free to include dramas that are rated average well below 8.0 on MDL but has its own unique appeal in your opinion. I removed dramas that have a rating average above 8.0, do not add them back in. Twin list is provided here, Underrated Gems That Deserve a Chance (Viewership). Please point/click your cursor on the word 'here'.

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Dramas Most Rewatched

The dramas you watched multiple times but didn't get bored and love to watch them again

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