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most handsome male actor
218 people 721 voters 14 loves 15
most beautiful female actress
111 people 396 voters 9 loves 16
Should I keep watching?


30 titles 141 voters 1 love 3
Best Idol Actress
25 people 101 voters 2 loves 1
Name me dramas that everyone should watch at least once

From the Post: can be drama or movies!!

88 titles 91 voters 2 loves 5
Dramas that you can’t let go/ move on after binge watching

Did it ever occurred to you that you miss watching a drama, the leads, the acting, chemistry…..And then you just search about leads, script writer, their other works. Later defend them in the comments ? and suggesting the drama to your friends. Add/ vote those if it ever happened to you…..

83 titles 72 voters 4 loves 1
Best Asian Drama OST Album 2023

- China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philipines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and all other available Asian Dramas OST Album only on MDL! - The drama needs to be released and finished airing in 2023. It can also be added to this list if released in 2022 but finished airing in 2023.  - 10 votes per user (or less).- Remember this is for Best OST Album of the Drama, not for the Drama itself. So it does not matter if the Drama is to your liking or not, the OST album needs to be to your liking.- The average MDL rating does not matter as long as you like it.- For more 2023 Voting lists check this link:     More 2023 Voting Lists- Comment/reply with your opinions at the bottom.- Voting Ends on the 11th of April 2024.Thanks for Voting.

27 titles 66 voters 1 love

Vote your fav comfort drama that you watch whenever you are going through a rough time in life. It  can be any type of drama/movie (korean, japanese, chinese...)

38 titles 49 voters 2 loves
best kdrama of all time

vote tour favorite korean drama(s)

51 titles 39 voters
What's Next?

Vote for what we watch next.---Not options but MDL won't let me delete the following Twenty-five twenty one, My mister, Mr.Sunshine.

12 titles 23 voters 2 loves
Worst kdramas

Kdramas I hateeee

12 titles 20 voters 1 love 1

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