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The K2 korean drama review
The K2
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by EmmaHasan
15 days ago
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0

Don't know why people hate this drama so much but I enjoyed it a lot.

I like political-based dramas with twists & turns. I know many people may not like this kind of plot because they find it boring, but I enjoy it a lot.

Kim Je Ha is a mercenary soldier on the run. He has a lot of pride, doesn't care about rules & regulations. I love his attitude. His crying scene broke my heart. Ji Chang Wook wearing a tank top & showing his muscles uffff. Did he get injured during filming? Because his face has a scar which stayed for a few episodes.

Go An Na lost her mother at a very young age, which leads to her PTSD. Her father is a scumbag. She is afraid of her surroundings, looking for a way to escape. I can understand why she is so scared, innocent, foolish & trusts someone easily because of the way she grew up.

Choi Yoo Jin is someone who presents herself to the public as innocent & a saint, but she is the one in control, manipulating the scene, making decisions, draining behind everything. I loved Song Yoon Ah acting. She played the character so well.

Loved Kim Je Ha & Choi Yoo Jin first meet, the way he comes in front of her, her getting scared was about to be scored him but ended up praising Kim Je Ha for being handsome.

Love Master Song. His reaction after seeing Kim Je Ha's fighting skills & the defense he taught Go An Na were funny.

Uff the shower scene, I just loved it. It's a pity it were blurred ??

Love Kim Je Ha & Go An Na camera interaction. The happy & innocent dance she watched seeing the ramen & Kim Je Ha mesmerizingly watching her. His frustration with her for giving up. Love their catch me if can moment.

Kim Je Ha's help & care for Choi Yoo Jin is something nobody else has done.

Loved bodyguard sheet mask scene & the way they follow someone ??

The FL Go An Na wasn't shown much in the beginning episodes & most importantly, the story was centered around Choi Yoo Jin & Kim Je Ha. Most because people were drawn to them & also for their chemistry. If the story were centered around Go An Na & Kim Je Ha then maybe people would like it. Or if Go An Na was made a strong, brave, intelligent woman who wants to take revenge no matter what, then people may also like it.

But I liked the story because of the twists & turns.
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