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Jade, Chinese american

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Tumblr: @huaschengs
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  • Languages spoken: Mandarin Chinese & English (汉语中文/普通话和英文 )

Ratings: I start from 10/10 then I deduct/minus "points" as I watch (if there's a reason for me to). 

Variety and reality TV shows get an automatic 10 as I don't feel the need to rate it like TV series and movies.

Note: I put shows on hold a lot because things can get busy for me, so I don't have much time to watch longer-length shows. I would get back to them eventually (hopefully).

Updated 11/18/23

Genres (Not in order):
Likes/Most Favorite: Xianxia, Wuxia, Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Youth (university/college setting)
Dislikes/Least Favorite: Horror, Youth (middle & high school settings + younger), Crime, Miltary, Xuanhuan, Sports, Medical [picky with which ones I will choose to watch]
Tags + Tropes (Not in order):
Likes/Most Favorite: 

Healthy Mains' Relationship, Strong Leads, Hidden Identity, Happy Ending, Found Family, Sismance, Smart Leads, 魔  Leads, Fake/Contract Relationship or Marriage, Reincarnated Lovers, Bromance, Friends to Lovers, Soulmates, Nice Leads and supporting characters, Friendship, Vampire Leads, Love at First Sight, Reincarnation, Hidden Past, Caring Leads and supporting characters

Dislikes/Least Favorite:

Possessive Leads and supporting characters, Obsessive Leads and supporting characters, Unhealthy Mains' Relationship, Controlling Leads and supporting characters, [Prolonged] Misunderstandings, Jerk Leads, [Prolonged] Amnesia, Mean Leads,  Scatterbrain Leads and supporting characters, Pedophilia, Narcissistic Leads and supporting characters, Incest, and Fake Incest


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