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So I Married an Anti-Fan korean drama review
So I Married an Anti-Fan
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by Chantal_789
4 days ago
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Overall 6.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 4.0
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A Mixed Bag: Classic Romcom Vibes with Outdated Tropes

For those seeking an old-school romcom-style K-drama, this one has certain enjoyable elements with plenty of sweet moments. However, it's important to note that this drama was filmed in 2018/19 and only released in 2021, so some of its tropes feel a bit dated, more like 2008.

Typically, I'd start by highlighting the positive aspects, but in this drama, the flaws are hard to ignore. The main female character, Lee Geun Young, played by Choi Soo Young, is full of contradictions. Losing her job due to the incident was tough, but her behavior afterward is childish, unprofessional, and hard to root for. She often makes poor decisions and lets people walk all over her.

On the other side, the male lead, Hoo Joon, played by Choi Tae Joon, fits the classic K-drama mold. He starts off as an arrogant jerk, but as we learn more about him, we start to empathize with him. Over time, he slowly warms up to the female lead. Nothing groundbreaking here.

As for the second couple, their relationship is undeniably abusive, filled with constant arguments, disrespect, and manipulation. This toxic dynamic affects not only the characters' mental and emotional well-being but also the viewers'. Honestly, I find myself fast-forwarding through all their scenes.

The second female lead, Oh In Hyung, played by Han Ji An, comes off as incredibly selfish. She desires the male lead but refuses to break it off with the second lead due to her own ambitions, trapping herself in a harmful cycle. And Chansung, you did a great job portraying such a one-dimensional jerk, but you deserve roles with more depth and complexity.

It's unusual for a romcom to feature such unlikable and unrelatable characters at the beginning. However, the middle part of the drama proves quite enjoyable for those who appreciate classic romcom tropes. Overall, if this is the type of drama you are interested in, it is not a bad watch. Although the characters may take some time to grow on you, the engaging storyline and romantic elements make it a ok watch for those seeking a light-hearted drama.
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