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Pit Babe thai drama review
Pit Babe
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by Hully
11 days ago
13 of 13 episodes seen
Overall 5.0
Story 3.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 3.0
Rewatch Value 1.0

My opinion is very controversial i am well aware,

From the first episode, this show gave me NOTHING.

I may be frustrating for many to hear but i didn't. But that wasn't an issue, even though i watch everything from Cartoon Network to JimJam to Netflix, to Hulu to ...well...things like this...It is very rare that i genuinely like something from the get go. That's just how i am, i am just not easily impressed.

Because of this, i have learnt to ignore first impressions and march on. (LITA was the same, i spent months trying to get past the first episode and today its on my top ten better bls.)

I will put it out there that i genuinely wanted to like Pitbabe cause of the cast and all the work that was put into promoting it before it aired. Also hot guys in fast cars...(helllo!!) So even though i had an urge to skip through it and admit defeat, i held on for a while. I watched until episode 6 then i couldn' literally got worse and worse.

The worst thing for me is Pitbabe's character and how everyone and their grandma's world seems to revolve around him🙄.

I love a red flag character fact i tend to mostly like the condemned bls which people say they can't stand cause of the toxic characters etc...I'm very tolerant of that generally.
But Pibabe...gosh...his tantrums and his fragile ego which everyone has to stroke...urg.

Episode after episode everyone is wondering..."Why did Pitbabe storm off?" "What's wrong with Pitbabe why isn't he talking to us?" "Don't worry're so strong and capable and better than them." Like wtf. I just can't with that....i can't.

Literally he gives me the Ick and i see NOT 1 redeeming characteristic in him. Which is weird cause I'm the person who found a way to redeem Vegas, Type, Day and all the literal Devil Gods in Chinese series.

And to make it worse, no one is likeable for me in the series. Literally no one. I found myself lacking anyone to root for and it left me baffled. It's never happened before and i've watched Fahlanruk and....Euphoria🥲

Way is cute but I can't stand how pathetic in love with Pitbabe he is, that is one thing I've never been able to stomach.

I won't even mention Charlie cause i don't even....urghhh... When he says mummy...i literally want to kill him, me, babe, and like...everyone. Just to make sure it's never said again.

All in all....Pitbabe is a 5 for me...The five to be distributed equally among the hot cast members (even the villain guy) and the cool cars.

Feel free to sue me Pitbabe groupies.
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