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Under the Power chinese drama review
Under the Power
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by Kefalove
4 days ago
55 of 55 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Just finished the 55 episodes, currently 42 already subbed at Youtube, continue with no subbed in Chinese. This is one of historical C-dramas that have a low viewers for international fans but became a rave in mainland, so I wrote this review to ensure peoples that into romance, mystery and a bit of comedy genres to give it a try for this drama. I think you will love it like I do.

Main Story plot :

Lu Yi as the Head of the Brocade uniform Guard, assisted by his subordinate Jin Xia, together they solved a lot of mystery case, which leads to the main villain at the palace. The story followed Lu Yi's boldness and Jin Xia's wittiness and watching both of them fall in love and fighting for their difficulties together.

The strongest point in this drama is :

- the character of the main couple with perfect cast and the wonderful chemistry.
Allan Ren Jia Lun is a bomb at here, he is not those typical good looking guy that you fall at first sight. But along with the story goes, eventually you will fall in love with him as Lu Yi character. The tsundere type, from his fierce face as head of the guard to soft smile when he fall in love, wearing brocade guard's uniform, he really makes Lu Yi's character alive.
As for his soulmate he met later, Jin Xia played by Seven Tan Song Yun, is a happy, witty, sweet mouth and loyalty to the bones type. I need times to get used to Seven Tan, because in first episode she is not really outstanding (the same with Allen), but along with the story goes, she is blended well with the character, especially in the last few episodes.
I must give an applause to the writer for their romance developing, every moments counts from the first time they met until the last moments on finale. And boyyyy their chemistry is really wonderful!! I love how they portray their love, and honestly I don't even need kissing and skinship scenes to feel the romance in the air. And more to relieved is no headache triangle love, dragging scenes and stupid misunderstanding between them.

- the simpleness of the plot
The politics & mystery plot is not too complicated. The mystery is quite interesting and there is some big fight scenes. If you're into detail & serious politics plot like NIF, you will be disappointed.

- the villain
Han Dong is really great here, he plays Yan Shi Fan so well that you cannot 100% hate him even he's really arrogant & sadistic.

The downside :

- flaw cgi.
It's not a drama that throw a big budget on cgi. I'm a little bit disturbed with some of the scene, especially the water scenes, the horse ride scenes, etc.
- annoying SL
Too dragging love scene between the SL, Xie Xiao character is too stupid and annoying. Luckily they fix it in the last few episodes.
- few gaps of the plot here & there.

Overall : I'm highly recommended this drama!It's quite compact but light weight as well. The OST is okay too but maybe due to copyright there is a silence moments here & there (you won't find it on raw version). I love the actor and looking forward to Allan Ren Jia Lun's works after this. Enjoy!
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