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Somewhere cozy filled with books from floor to ceiling.


Somewhere cozy filled with books from floor to ceiling.
Clean With Passion For Now korean drama review
Ongoing 16/16
Clean With Passion For Now
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by Kannadin
Feb 5, 2019
16 of 16 episodes seen
Clean With Passion For Now korean drama review
Overall 6.5
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 3.0
I'm only commenting about the drama, never read the manhwa.

Story: 5

Nothing new under the sun. We get the usual tropes that I've seen in most K rom-com I've seen for the past 14 years but unfortunately it's very badly handled.
The pace is all over the place. Some characters are underused. The classic separation of the leads has absolutely no believable ground whatsoever and its resolution is basically this "it's the 16th episode, you've suffered enough so you can be together" without any explanation. It is very unsatisfactory especially since we have a classic 2 year gap in which the lead guy resolves his issues without us knowing HOW ... which is a wonder given how much time was given to show how much his life has been destroyed by his phobia.
As for our CEO's mysophobia, it would have been great to see him heal gradually such as in "Kill me, Heal me" instead of basically Oh Sol being his walking drug and him reverting back to his old self as soon as he can't be with her and him being healed out of our view.
Oh Sol's reasons for not being with Seon Gyeol are ridiculous... and ridiculously resolved... As for Choi Ha In's reasons to be in love with Oh Sol and sticking with her appear very very thin. It feels like a forced love triangle that has absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Song Jae Rim is cruelly underused to the point that I wondered why his character has been introduced in the first place.
The first half of the drama is pretty enjoyable but the second half is a drag and ultimately becomes boring.

Acting/Cast: 8

Good job from the whole cast particularly the leads who have great chemistry.

Music: 9.5

Great light hearted OST to listen to when you're feeling down.

Rewatch: 3

Frankly can't recommend this though if I really want to watch something predictable and cute without being too invested that would be the right choice.

Overall: 6.5

Watch it for the fluff if you're in the mood for a show solely focused on the leads and which is sweeter than honey. As long as your brain is turned off, it is actually a pretty enjoyable show in the first half in spite of the second half and its undeserved and useless angst being overly long. Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Gyung Sang are stellar and I hung onto the show for their cute chemistry though some scenes felt overacted.
I wouldn't recommend it though I'd argue that at least its way better than overly hyped "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim."
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