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Kill Bok Soon korean drama review
Kill Bok Soon
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by YellowToiletBrush
11 days ago
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.0

Great entertainment but not quite a Masterpiece

I love a strong female lead, and one that kicks ass is even better. One that kicks ass and has to play the role of a mother, pretty intriguing. While i thoroughly enjoyed the fight sequences, which were beautifully choreographed (fatal and feminine) and athletically executed, the movie lacked a sense of its own universe.

With the movie title, genre and timing of its release in contemporary times, it's inevitable that it gets compared with the likes of Kill Bill and John Wick, both cult faves. Although it narrowly manages to differentiate itself from the rest by focusing on the relationship between mother and daughter, and it was beautiful to witness how their relationship deepened and evolved within a very Asian context, the movie did not quite capture me as much as John Wick did. It was a waste that insufficient effort was spent building up an interesting universe around the characters as it had so much potential; i.e. developing the social structures of this world of assassins, and that could've captivated audiences more. Unfortunately, the characters stayed floating on the surface and didn't quite draw audiences in further.

That said, the casting was impeccable, right down to the choice actors for the younger characters of Minkyu and Boksoon. Jang Doyeon was and is a helluva femme fatale and Sol Kyunggu's voice just devours your soul. Some of my favorite moments include the last fight sequence (when Boksoon simulated the outcomes of the fight) and the moment Minkyu realised Boksoon was his soul mate. The ending was also subtle but appropriate, so people who enjoy embedded subtexts and symbolism in films would appreciate it.

Overall this was an entertaining watch, great actors, gorgeous fight sequences and great production, but I probably would pass if a sequel was made.
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