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I like gay stuff.

But not any kind of gay stuff.

I like it when the characters are represented in a truly, non-stereotypical way... 

My favorite kind of movie would be a mix between: gayness, action, darkness, intensity and drama. 

I don't necessarily need a happy ending as long as the characters had a minimum of 'happy moments' during the movie/drama.

If I had to get more personal here, I do not watch any straight romance. The reasons being:
not being able to relate to the female protagonist and having the same  damn pattern over and over again...
But then again, it's doesn't mean I would watch any BL/gay movie/drama only because it has BL in it. I mean, would watch it, but I wouldn't necessarily appreciate it. I don't just need skinship/kiss scenes etc... I need the 'whole package' as I like to say (a good story, good actors, and yeah, a kiss or two or more doesn't hurt lmao I don't even know why it's a problem. I don't know why we're always scared 'I hope there is a kiss scene!!', it shouldn't be like that, that kind of scene should be a given , unless there is really specific situation in the story....)

Oh and all that is for asian movies of course, I particularly like asian movies :)

Please, take a look at my list, I took forever to make it <3


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