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Hey random person ^^!

My name name is Mariana and I've decided to make an account on MDL as I am a poor lost soul in an ocean of "drama non-watchers?" (do poeple say that?...meh!) and entered this awesome community :D (got a pretty stupid username too but I have to thank the lady working at the bowling alley who misread my name and renamed me... not to mention I found it very funny so...yeah...So I guess I should also say how I discovered this lovely dramaland huh?
Well...I got lost. On Youtube (yeah I know -.-) and found "Playful Kiss"

Probably not THE best drama out there, I won't name any of those that's just mean *cough* Gaksital *cough*, BUT it is the drama that introduced me to Korea and for that I am thankful ( it also started an incurable illness of drama addiction but that's just a detail)

I am naturally a very sarcastic person, well you would be too if you had a crush on Spike from "Buffy the Vampire slayer" growing up, and very hyper so when I love a drama I looooooove it and when I hate it... let's just say I get really passionate about it... (though it rarely happens I usually enjoy my dramas ^^)


               Me when an episode of my favorite ongoing drama airs (or me being my fabulous self xD)


Another fun and totally useless fact about me is that one of my friends calls me Tako meaning octopus in japanese... honestly I have no idea when she started it but apparentlyit's because I have long legs that go everywhere xD and coincidently it's kinda her that introduced me to Asian culture as she is a big fan of mangas and animes, but I did discover dramaland on my own :P

As for the actors I love I guess you could say I'm all over the place, but if you asked me to choose I would have to say Ji Chang Wook this dork stole my heart in Worrior Baek Dong Soo and never left it since then...

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                                         Me:    6552e1c8d64925d9b033f8692a51ec71.gif

                                                            And I guess that's it for now :P

                    Feel free to add me if you're just passing by, I'm always happy to get a new chingu !




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