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My name is Joana and this is the best place for a person like me, I love to have a list of dramas/movies I've watched and that I want to watch! 

I rarely watch dramas ^_^; but on the other side I watch a lot of Asian Horror Movies ψ(`∇´)ψ They are the best!! Some are bloody, some left me totally confused, others made me jump scare, others......just made me laugh at how awkward they were....

What makes a good movie for me? Hmmm.. A good story, that keeps you hooked because you wanna know more about the characters, I love twists too. A good plot and a story with consistency is halfway to a enjoyable movie in general. There are genres that I like better than others so I'm not gonna go there, I love horror, thrillers some action too, but sometimes I like to see something like slice of life too so..


Now what makes a good horror movie for me? I like the typical Asian horror with the girls with black long hair doing jump scares! It's ok to have a story but nothing that takes a toll and the plot itself becomes death. I want to feel that suspense of "Ok, it's now, now NOOW" and you are tilting your head back from the screen! Japan tends do overdue with the fake blood and I don't appreciate it that much... but again I love some good Battle Royale and damn some deaths have so many bright red liquid hahah


I admit it. I'm a little biased towards Kang Dong Won...
OK! A lot! Haha but he is such a good actor in my opinion, he has this intensity on his face that without saying nothing, you can tell what he is trying to express. Yeah, and good looking too, not gonna lie pfff!


How do I rate movies?* 1 - 6 vs 7 - 10
1 to 3 - Hadn't experienced that yet but 1 seems harsh since people put effort to make the movie. Perhaps I would rate 3 movies that I gave up on...but until this day I've watched everything to the end. 

4 - I fell asleep several times while watching.

5 - It had the potential but failed to captivate me.
6 - Watchable, it had things that got me hooked but not enough to make me watch it again.
7 - The average ones. Doesn't necessarily mean that I liked OR understood the plot itself, but I enjoyed them.

8 - There's a story I like, memorable moments and probably don't land higher because of some key moment or ending that wasn't my cup of tea.  
9 - It has a great plot, a story that makes you use your brain to understand it. The uow factor starts to show.
10 - A good twist, an excellent plot, enjoyable story, you want to watch it all. I might had shed a tear here and there with few of them.


*in general, there are exceptions.


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