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East Coast, USA


East Coast, USA

First of all, just to clarify, this pic right here on the lower right is NOT a pic of me. LOL ;P    

On to the good stuff:  I am a Kdrama, Jdrama & Cdrama fan with a greater proportion of Korean shows. Occasionally I may watch a Taiwanese drama.  I am also a BIGBANG fan.    

My behavior (good & bad):  I live in USA on east coast. I watch stuff on a 24-hour basis so am often adding comments all hours of the day.  Sad but true, now that I've discovered K/J/C-dramas, I sleep less...I am always squeezing in the next drama or movie like everyone else!  I enter comments here on MDL the most, but also on  Disqus(JoanapolisSmith), Viki (joanapolissmith), KissAsian, Fastdrama,  Dramafever & sometimes on Twitter (@joanapolis2).

Genres I prefer:  I will watch stuff as far back at 2000, but prefer works in the last 5 years.  If it's a classic film/drama, I of course will watch those too.   If given a choice, I will choose a show that has romance in it over another show.  I like complex heavy dramas, alternating with some light rom-coms.  My fav tropes are revenge and forced co-hab/contract marriage.  I will  watch shows if they have some supernatural element to them, like Goblin, Hwayugi or a mythological CDrama/Wuxia.   

Genres I don't care for:  Crime dramas are ok, but I mostly only will watch them if it is someone on my favorite actors list, for example Jang Hyuk, Ji Sung, etc.  I don't watch horror, thriller, or doctor shows, although suspense is OK!  Zombie or vampire shows will never be on my radar.  (I let Hwayugi slide, but I dropped Train to Busan. #sorrynotsorry)

Dramas vs. Movies: I watch  dramas more than movies, but always like to watch a movie or two once i finish a drama clear my head..cleanse the palate. You know what I'm talkin' about!   I also watch movies when i am researching a new actor I've decided I like.  Before committing to a drama, if I don't know the lead(s), I often check them out in a movie.   And finally, for any of the actors in my favorite list, whenever there is a movie out with them, I will of course drop everything to watch it.  

I keep my MDL up to this site.  I do post FEED comments, so if we are friends, you will see me post one or two things daily. Hope to see you there!   

Thanks for checking out my profile!

If you are interested in Polishing Up Your MDL Profile, check out this video tutorial I made that may answer some of your Q's and give some new ideas:  <Click Here>

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remake of Hundred Millions Stars from the Sky

Returns from Military Dec 12, 2019

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Returns from Military  Dec 11, 2019
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"I'm preparing, scattering flowers on the road
On the road that you will walk on, coming back to me."  --
Flower Road, BIGBANG 2018

 1) Reply 1988 Kim Feel
 2) King2Hearts - Jo Jung Suk
 3) It's Ok It's Love Chen/Exo
 4) Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds- Gummy
5) Round & Round - Han Soo Ji/Heize
6) Eyes, Nose, Lips -  "Fantastic Duo"  - Taeyang
7) Attention, Love:GUESS - Joanne Tseng
8) Fated to love You:  A Yeon Baek
9) GDragon Lies Solo Acoustic (Shine A Light Concert)

Below: Reply 1988 Kim Feel  

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