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Human Realm; Panicking about everything !


Human Realm; Panicking about everything !
Blue Birthday
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by Enny
Sep 11, 2021
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 7
Overall 8.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0

I just want to live, with you around….

Time Travel Done Right !!

Ever happened, even when all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place feel that it still doesn't fit...that's the case with most time travel stories ...even when everything falls in place there's still this sense of perfect fit that I have always felt missing …
and after being disappointed so many times just want to give up on your expectations and start believing that you would never find a show that will give you a sense of perfect fit and maybe what you are looking for is something that doesn’t exist...
I wanted to give up too ...but I just can't, I still have my hopes up every time I start a time travel drama....but to my surprise this time I want to yell loudly …
"I am not disappointed .... !!”

what was all this not so necessary plot build for ...??
(just to make you realize how much I liked this drama ....)

The drama revolves around Oh Ha Rin and her best friend for 10 yrs or shall I call the love of her life Ji Seo Jun who died on her 18th birthday and even after 10 yrs, regret's still holding her tight. One day she comes into possession of some mysterious photos that her first love left behind...with painful memories relighted she decides to burn the pictures....and to much surprise (okay, not for us) finds herself in the past ...maybe now she has a chance to create a future she wished for....but you know in drama land and in reality too, things can never be that simple right.....

For every time you change the past, the future will change too ....she gets few attempts of traveling back in time ...and obviously, in all those, she tries to create a perfect future by saving her love and friendship...protecting the people she cares for...but you got to pay for what you get ...every action has a consequence...and so does trying to change the past …
What happens next is what you are supposed to see the show for

Similar in premise and tone to other stories that deal with time travel ...this drama holds it better than most hyped ones with a rookie cast that'll gradually adapt perfection (in their upcomming dramas in next few years-hopefully and a storyline that's "simply amazing".....(it doesn't mean every second was perfect, and trust me it need not be...)

The overall quality and technical aspects, including the visual effects, background music are unquestionably well-executed within a relatively shorter duration of 20 mins and 16 eps, the storytelling is compact with explanation for almost everything that happens and without the intrusion of unnecessary makes you involuntarily press the next ep button.

As for the characters ..they give off realistic vibes with their actions and decisions most of the time...and the overall friendship and all the happy moments they share make the whole show warming and beautiful as is ...a must-watch if you ask me …!!
I give a special mention to the photo studio owner ...I don’t know why but he made it so difficult for me to not appreciate his guest appearance.

As for re-watch value ...even when I know what happens ...I can still watch it (even tho I won't cuz I never rewatch) ...but yaa that’s how much I have come to like this show …!!

As always the column for my fav quotes and dialogues :
“We can draw lessons from the past but we can not live in it”
“I don't think about the past, the only thing that matters is the endless present.”
“All I want is nothing special ...talking to you, holding your hand, spending an ordinary day with you are all precious to me.”
“When you touch the past carelessly there will be big trouble and misfortune.”
"There aren't right answers. But what we confirm is that the least regretful choice ...would nearly be the most correct one."
“Finally your standstill time begins to flow, at last, it flows to me.”

In essence, if you are looking for a time travel with almost no plot holes, fast pacing, and well-written story ...then stop looking here and there ...go watch blue birthday!

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by Enny
Aug 23, 2021
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 7
Overall 7.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
This review may contain spoilers

There was so much more I wanted to see …!!

It’s been a while since I really wanted to talk about a show like mentioning all the complaints I have and really just wanting answers to the questions it left me with ….for this drama was really gonna get a 9/10( the highest I give ) if I hadn’t completed it (cuz it has really really amazing 1st half )... I share the same opinion with people who say the drama did not do well in the second half and I have my reasons ...and trust me I genuinely wanted to rate it higher “but” …

The first half was really amazing ....and the expectations I had were sky-high ...for how the things around ML were ...that was one of the most realistic portrayals I have ever seen
Even though the FL wasn’t really realistic as a psychology student throughout the show ...I could easily ignore it because I know certain things need to be a bit unrealistic for stories to progress.
As for the acting, it really was fab ..!! kudos to the cast ...for making me smile like an idiot I really enjoyed those little comedic moments ....
The major issues I have are only with the second half ...or you can say the sky-high expectations I had, hurt me. And that is the sole reason for the drop in ratings...

After they were finally together one of the major plot points according to me should have been about wu yan seeing Cheng Yin(her friend) ….They wrapped it so quick as if they were in a hurry to catch an express train ….okay even if you did not show how Nian Qin helped Wu Yan in dealing with her trauma ...makers could have at least given a proper goodbye conversation to them ….not to mention I felt like Wu Yan was done with and had stopped seeing Cheng Yin around ..long before we got to the last ep...there was no journey in her doing so ....which I really wanted to see …

(This one might just be my pure sentiments) when they said that ML helped FL land a job at the local radio station ...he helped them secure her dad’s chamber and other things...I really felt that the FL had no achievements of her own and she was okay with that not to mention she looked happy ...look romance and all is fine but if someday someone tells me that whatever I am doing and all the problems I felt I had dealt with on my own were actually resolved by someone else world is probably gonna rip apart ...even if I am thankful that things went the way I wanted them to ….even then I still wouldn’t want this to be true ...all the experiences all the struggle ...all those little achievements I own have made me who I am ….and I will really not be able to behave the way FL does if I hear what she heard....

Unnecessarily bringing the kid Xiao Jie ...again no sense of closure ...look I really liked how they brought the issue of Autism and how they gave us a small talk about music therapy ...but again ...they did not have to bring the issue back ( kid coming to visit them) if they did not have time to deal with it ...I really felt like the kid’s character had so much potential ….they really did injustice with the plot there.
And that call from ML’s stepmom ...visiting ML’s family(last eps) ...doesn’t it seem like a waste of time for I don’t think any of those events contributed to the story. Is it just me who felt like that ??
Maybe they explain more in the novel, but they will be counted as fillers when the drama is concerned.

The second couple - they could disappear from the show and I wouldn’t even realize they did.

Clicking pictures and prying into her personal life ...don’t even get me started even if the ML did not see those pictures the fact that he knew those pictures existed is enough ...makers need to know that there is something called privacy and you need to respect it...if I say more probably this review will never end …
ML’s childish behavior ...nowhere romantic ...okay let’s be honest no one in real life would want to date a stalker …just imagine someone who’s handsome, rich, and high key obsessed with you….the last quality alone is good enough to not date him. The show tries to explain his obsession and behavior....even when I know his story and am someone who can even justify villains I still couldn’t convince myself to justify his actions. At some point I was like - what’s wrong is wrong ....there is some basic respect you show towards the other person which is a must.
Maybe I was looking for some scenes of him struggling; it would have added to the depth of character. Makers could have worked it way better.

The last ep....if you look back the last few eps feel like a thriller’s first few eps ...things happening here and there with the audience just staring at the screen like ...makers you need to calm down ….breathe, drink some water...and let us breathe too....with ML’s identity revealed...FL having stomach ache ...them rushing to the hospital and show ending with them having a kid ...happily ever after ...please don’t tell me I am the only one interested in knowing how and who revealed his identity ...and am I the only one who can’t come to terms with that happily ever after cuz there was so much to explain and explore.

The OST’s and background music - just amazing. It adds so much to the drama ….if they had replaced the entire existence of second couple with more songs ...I’d probably rate the show 10/10

I still think that I have a lot to talk about but I’ll save it for the future...also no matter how many unanswered questions the show left me with and how many times I felt like things were going wrong…. I really want to say ….I am happy that I watched it ...and even if I knew they were going to crash I would still want to have those sky-high expectations again …

And here are some beautiful lines from the drama ….
“No matter how regretful one is there is no turning back ...there are no do-overs in life.”
“Using up all your might to bid goodbye and to forget, only to realize how helpless you are. Do you think this feeling is beautiful?”
“Everyone has their own life and happy moments. I just have to grasp my own.”
“I love you not because I need you, I need you because I love you.”

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Bo Ra! Deborah
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by Enny
May 26, 2023
14 of 14 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 8.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0

True To Love !

What after you break up ... all that fuss for nothing. Life is not all rosy and not always will the person next to you make you feel butterflies, life reaches you in various aspects some you imagine and some you dare not. And that's just what it's all about -living each day as if there's no tomorrow while planning a forever.
It's a combined package of hope and despair.

So a dating coach failing at love huh, to be honest, I did not really expect that I would love it this much but clearly, this show grows onto you. With each passing episode, you realize that this show doesn't promise an answer to how you should deal with your love life or as a matter of fact breakup it simply just promises a hope that it'll get better.

To me, there's no simple answer to whether you should watch it or not all I can say is you need to try it for yourself. To some the character of bo ra may seem shallow but it has layers to it. The ML and FL may not be the best for butterfly chemistry but they do top the charts for real stuff.

It's an achievement for a show to depict a fiction that seems real. Everyone knows things in real life don't work like they do in the show but even then it answers questions in a way that makes you feel content.

What I loved throughout the show was that it was lovable in little elements and the characters were true to themselves.

SPOILER STUFF AHEAD !!! .............
(So it's been long since I wrote a review and quite frankly I know I am writing a long one again this time. ) A LITTLE HEADS UP !

Let's begin with how ML offers rides to FL before even falling for her. Even though he doesn't agree to the ways she believes in and advertises, there's a certain respect that he offers. (manifesting friendships like these)

I love how Bo Ra even after hearing that she is suffocating to be around still hangs on to her personality of confessing first and being the hopeless romantic. At the same time I also appreciate that ML was true to his personality of being the closed one. I am the closed kind of person and know that even if we see things going wrong we just can't really admit to our emotions easily.

During the course of the show, I come to like Bo Ra because initially I just literally thought that she was a dumb kind of character for going back to someone who clearly ain't into her. But through the journey of these 14 eps, I realized that both things are okay since there's no right or wrong in matters of heart. Either you say it or you don't in the end all that matters is the feeling.
I love how she has her own journey of self-realization while writing that whole book ...

The free hugs, walk back home, listening to her blabber while drunk was all so much needed !


..the major and best part of the show ...get up, pick yourself up, find an identity that belongs to you, see the world with the new perspective you have found, order that special pizza, buy your birthstone jewelry and fucking live.
do whatever makes you happy if that's getting drunk on street it's absolutely okay. It's okay to have a hard time breaking up it's okay if you fall for someone who makes you feel special instead of someone who cannot provide you with the assurance you need. Everything is okay, not being able to get over that cheat or parting ways mutually, falling in love again , failing in love again ....fucking everything.

I love how the side characters try to make things work ( Bo Ra's friend and her husband) I know as a fact that marriage is not some child play and it's not that simple. The way they just exist next to each other is a treat in itself.
(But as they say too much sugar is bitter - at times they are just so annoying that I literally had to skip through)
I must admit that I liked how their marriage was an issue in itself and how they were trying to sort things through.

I also liked the trope of ML's bestie and her ex-wife they had a journey of their own. Of self-realization, blame games, hatred, longing, affection and so much more. They just made it so much better.

I liked the Farce comedy throughout the show and somehow it just makes it objectively better for me cuz afterall I need drama in a drama.

What could be avoided ....

Well the pregnancy trope was really a big turn-off for me.
The return of Bo Ra's ex clearly unnecessary.
The ceo falling (ML's bestie) for some coworker...I didn't need that

I certainly did appreciate the fact that the show covers every aspect like marriage, divorce, dating, cheating, breakups, and proposals everything.


"Even if someone will die tomorrow if you kill him today, it's murder." (The context in which it is used is just love)

"I can't leave this world with a tombstone that says - She was dumped, drunk and clingy."- (so rewrite who you want to be, rewrite so you can lie peacefully in your grave.)

"And then, I felt the ground. It had felt like a bottomless pit, but then I felt the ground. It was impossible to sink deeper. I hit rock bottom and it can't get any worse. Now I can only get back up."

"I don't need reassurance from someone for the choices I make."

" Whether it's a happy ending or a sad one I have to write my own ending."

and the last lines from the drama ....
"But our love is neither a perfect happy ending nor a sad ending, it's an open ending.
There's no such thing as a strategy for love, that never fails.
Promises will be broken, Love will change in the course of time....
some may say ...after making all that fuss you guys ended up splitting...when our relationship ends at some unknown point.
still, we will not regret that.
Like we live though we know we'll die someday.
Like we buy flowers though we know they'll wilt.
Like we sadly say goodbye though we know we'll see each other tomorrow.
likewise, we make promises we can't keep sometimes
like we buy stuff that is useless
we are true to love every possible moment
....from the bottom of our heart, we are true to love. !!! "


For me I really feel like this show does have a lot to offer but I do acknowledge that It's not the show that everyone would love.
I'd still suggest you that on case you try it out be patient let the story build and grow on to you you won't regret spending time on it.
I'll probably come for a rewatch in my next life ...for this one I plan on exploring a lot other gems. !
but once was a must !

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Once We Get Married
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by Enny
Nov 5, 2021
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 15
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 4.0

Cliche 1 check, Cliche 2 check ….Cliche 453271 check

So whatever you might look for in a typically cliche storyline ….you’ll be offered everything here ...from the very basic…. plot about contract marriage (ofc with a stupid reason) ... a melting iceberg ofc due to global warming (I mean cold ML becoming all sweet and kind …) a strict mother in law (who’ll eventually fall for our kind hearted cinderella) …. a sweet and cute grandma (who obviously adores FL from the very first interaction )...typical side characters….a bitchy SFL (who lives by the virtue- anything and everything for love) ….and a perfect secretary (free with cold ML's in dramaland ….it’s dramalands special combo) ….a bit sad childhood (why else would he be cold ...we need a reason ...ofc we do ...and they give a very obvious one... like always) ...a typical good for nothing FL’s bff (ahh ...or who else would support our hardworking, a bit too dumb and godess of goodness type FL through her very obvious hardships)…and well there’s no way we can forget our beloved SML(the never acknowledged saviour of our damsel in distress) ….after all we’re to suffer too ….

So yaa as I said if you were to ever have a checklist for cliche’s this drama definitely owns a top spot ...but then when we talk of cliches, we talk of execution ...I wouldn’t say it’s a fresh execution ...but I’ll say it’s a decent attempt ….
You know with those contract marriage to love tropes there’s not much scope for freshness ...but still the leads portray a decent chemistry ...with fun moments scattered all the way …you are in for a decent ride …

Have realistic hopes and the show delivers well …hope for misunderstandings ...hope for SLS (second lead syndrome) hope for a not so necessary leap...hope for typical gender role reversal through horror movies and roller coaster rides (that’s the typical way to describe things...I am not a discriminating fella ...both are allowed to be scared...) ….hope for a lot of cute scenes and laughs...hope for fillers ….hope for a cliched drama ...and there you are ...this drama will meet all your expectations ! (aren’t you wondering ….why am I stressing so much on cliches ….bec the drama wouldn’t exist without not even an ep)

The acting ...on point in most cases ...the third couple storyline was neither interesting nor fresh and I mostly skipped through them ….our main couple ...with a fairly high share of screen time deliver and ...our second leads ….yep they do fit their roles perfectly ….but sadly do feel a bit underdeveloped …!

The company/work setup ...well I won’t say unrealistic ….but too convenient !

For the ….no I am sorry it didn’t catch my attention rewatch value either….cuz the first watch also feels like rewatch

So well in short if you are looking for a cliched drama ...this one is a perfect bet ...with cute moments and every cliche you can possibly expect ….this just makes a proper time pass drama !
Hope you enjoy watching ...cuz I did too ...for I knew what to expect ….and this became a good watch !

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Death's Game Part 2
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by Enny Flower Award2
Jan 5, 2024
4 of 4 episodes seen
Completed 5
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 9.0


I still haven't processed this drama through and through and ig in the hope of being able to make the most out of it I am writing this review. To say that it's a MUST WATCH would be such an understatement because you'll sincerely be missing out so much.

I am not a webtoon reader so I didn't know what was in stock for me but to say that I am overwhelmed by the amount of emotions I felt in such a short span would be the most just way of saying I LOVED IT TO EVERY BIT!

I don't know what other people are feeling about it but to me most of it was unpredictable even tho I guessed the last episode correct it didn't really drag me away from the drama I give that to the acting because I don't really fan girl predictable stuff.

THE CAST - IS MAGIC ! to all the cameos, all the episodic narratives, to all the emotions that they bring out to the screen it just pure treat to every drama lover there is.

The perspective to every character was so beautifully done that it felt like I went through all the 12 lives and that I was just given a piece of their memory and told to live out the rest. I became an assailant, a victim, a survivor, a savior and most of it all I became a human!

I realized that meaning of life is not in being able to live as the wealthiest person or as anyone else but you. There's no one else like you and to think that you are the only one suffering and every other being seems to be having a fate that you would wish for, is the most useless thought to ever exist.

The narrative is so tightly packed that every death has a significant contribution to the story even the ones that seemingly exist in almost parallel worlds are connected to ease and perfection.

This drama does make you rethink about all you are and all you have, it makes you grateful and aware of the true miracles that god has given all of us!

I might have more to say about it later but for now I just hope whoever is reading this review does watch the drama and spares a minute to think about all the tiny miracles that surround.

my fav lines from the drama would be-

"A persons character is determined not by the belief they hold, but by the actions over the course of their lifetime ."

"As i disappeared from this world, my death remained behind with those who loved me . "

"Your sins will end up finding their way back to you so don't ever commit them ."

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Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte
22 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Oct 8, 2021
10 of 10 episodes seen
Completed 3
Overall 8.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0

A worth watch !!

My first venture to jdramas …..and I can’t explain how happy I am to have given this one a try ….
Even after seeing that it got almost all the reviews towards the very positive end of the rating spectrum ...I still was hesitant (maybe bec first dramas are always memorable wish to carefully pick the critically acclaimed ones so as to make sure you aren’t disappointed)...and I am really glad to say that this drama has me looking forward to my journey in dorama land …

This is way more than just a typical rom com’s an ordinary story that gives you hope and courage to fight for what you need ...tells you to cry,stand up and face the mess ….( I feel weird writing this ....cuz actually I am team it’s okay to run away as long as you are willing to come back and fight but yaa’s true that someday or the other gotta deal with all the shit that comes your way)
( I haven’t mentioned the story ...cuz synopsis provided by MDL is way too good ...pls check it )

The positives …

No annoying characters …( I don’t know if this is common for doramas to not have them ...and if it is then ...I am dancing already)

They don’t keep on dragging an issue like anything and just talk it out …(dare not ask for more in a rom drama …!! )

Amazing bonding between the characters ….I love the entire house arrangement ….housemates are so supportive of each other ….and every character individually is so likable ...and the dog’s so adorable ... …(even I wish to live in a share house like that …!!)

Life Lessons ...well some dramas teach you small and important things ….I feel it’s one of those dramas’s a happy happy stuff but yeah it doesn’t deviate from the fact that life got troubles too ...and just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that the path will be easy might be easier than others ...but no bed of roses for anyone here.

Also I like the fact that the ML makes FL feel that not everything needs to be captured and shared over the internet ...ofc she likes doing it ….but addiction is not good you can’t start living just to share your life on internet sometimes need to really snap out of it ...and live somethings just for yourself …(that’s probably the best part)

I enjoyed the side characters too ….as someone who skips scenes without much thought...I really didn’t touch that forward button you know it’s amazing

Negatives …
I don’t know why but I end up watching love triangles all the time (don't yell spoiler spoiler's there from the very first ep) ...I am a bit annoyed by that ...tho this one is like way better than others I have come across ..still
(guess I need to now start checking tags before I watch)
Also the show doesn't start off too well the initial eps do feel weird and difficult to keep up with !
and the main couple don't give couple vibes ....they'd be better as friends.

But all in all I loved the drama ...and am way too happy to have this as my first !!
I hope everyone who’s reading this does give it a try!

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My Man Is Cupid
31 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Jan 1, 2024
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.5

Love - CURSE or FATE ?

This review also contains the thoughts I had while watching since they were too precious to be removed !

Story revolves around cupid who gets shot by his own arrow and the question that follows is ....will there be a chance for him at love ? Is this finally the end of all the lonely wandering .?
Cha Sang Hyuk or we may call cupid burns his wings after a fateful encounter and ever since then opening up to someone meant death of the person. With a heavy burden to carry he somehow manages till the time of his last metamorphosis ....but "LOVE" has other plans.
Cupid crosses path with Baek Ryun who has never had a shot at love - no strings of fate attached, a girl who falls for cupid himself ....will these star crossed lovers have a happily ever after ?

-- You can pick this up if you are in the mood of a Typical Kdrama with cliches pretty faces , gorgeous scenes and a serial killer background story, this makes a good Fantasy tale ! - do not have high expectations from any segment development and you'll have a good time !

Acting -
I expected so much more from Nana - like she does the comedic relief well enough for me to say she's a good actor but the scenes with emotional depth ..girl lift up your game pls - she did not ,sorry but you are too good for this mediocre acting in the portrayal of someone with zero survival skills lol !
Cupid - Jang dong yoon - IDK why people are saying he's not doing a good job ...or that he has a straight face all the time ...he's not yet at the point of flexing his emotions ...he needs to have a cover ...IDK but I really enjoy myself seeing him on screen to me he's doing quite a good job imo...
SML - I like him - tbh more than the acting I like his perspective towards FL ...that she's cool more than just being attracted to her beauty !
He's doing a great job but I don't feel Second lead syndrome just yet it's cupid and nana ship ❤️ which I very much hope sails !

MY PERSPECTIVE - MILD SPOILERS (will avoid direct ones) --
To some FL's character seems desperate and childish - to me it's more like it's her very first shot at love, seeing the people you wished have the best of everything ,get hurt bec they are with you is really heartbreaking after that if she clings on to someone who doesn't , that's not very pathetic's more human to me ! wanting the person all for herself and getting a bit jealous it's okay to me ...reasonable but debatable at the same time! tho I do not find it annoying !

I love the fact that she was given choices and she chose to fall for ML and not really bec he was able to live bec at the back of mind she always knew that someone would pop up on the 1000th time and she wanted it to be ML she prayed for him means she knew she had a choice. I really like that point.

I don't know why the god of fate (I assume )- is being such a meanie come on lift that shot from ML if you can why just appear randomly and go - I won't set you up with anyone ...we already know that ...just leave cuz you annoying me ! or else atleast tell me what's the metamorphosis criteria ? when does it happen ? what are the rules ? and why are the other 3 being punished? why is that fairy converting into dog now and then ....tho it's kinda funny to me but yeah i have questions ...i can't just do with - I won't set you up ! (bec i know you will lol ) - and most annoyingly that's all we had to settle for !

Also I don't get why FL is being punished cupid shot the arrow what did she do ? - except for being drunk all the time !
also what's with her acting all so brave - to me it's like so so dumb ...just hand out a message there are 2 people literally running all around to protect you and you just go around being imma go alone wth ?

The surgery scene was so not done well don't they cut hairs or something before the surgery ? I am not a med student but I just thought that they do ...(ignore if I am dumb )

the second half has been a bit of disappointment with that dumb surgery, too much screen time for dumb side characters (yep i hate them ) and more than that I don't care what happens to them. EP 11 and still that side character fairy is making a fool outta himself and been given so much screen time ...aaahhhh !

My guesses - The other three fairies are allowed to date because they didn't shoot themselves like they did not have a cupid arrow. Now if the cupid's arrow was directed to himself bec of someone else it could be a punishment for maybe trying to set someone up who does not have a string of fate. - one of these was wrong and I seem to hate their explanation that it was just some random kid god fooling around for no reason. - I still don't know anything about metamorphosis and their past life memories are coming back without an explanation on top of everything is extremely annoying !
-- i feel sorry for myself for expecting so much from this show !

finally some development still they are hung up upon that dumb side character fairy but i liked this ep it had a scene where they show us not everyone can burn wings and they have finally mentioned metamorphosis tho I still don't know why he has to suffer that but okay atleast they talk about it it's more like I have started to look for positives and I am enjoying less than I previously did !
-0.5 to reach 7 ! lets hope for a good season finale !

The season finale was a good closure with a lot of character development for everyone !! - including the god of fate lol
The mystery definitely fell flat, but then this isn't a police procedural anyway. I wanted to have some endings for the other fairies too. In the end, they played it a bit too much to the FL's remembering about past lives.
And why the fu*k did they not bother explaining any fairy insights like metamorphosis, dog conversion - does the writer think all the viewers are fairies ...awww that's too cute to be REAL !

also for the people who are like ...there's a serial killer on the loose ....guys chill sit back it's not a thriller they won't be going around all the time finding the killer pls pls ...RELAX ! - also you must suffer from amnesia if you can't remember these things are common.!
PS. the crime part overstayed its welcome (by a lot).

Conclusion -
I am enjoying myself and I absolutely like to spend my time around dramas like this yeah I would suggest you pick this up if in the mood for a light watch ! Fantasy with adorable leads and amazing cinematography are a must watch aren't they !

will edit once i've completed the show - till then
Let me enjoy these cuties on my screen ! and you guy's breathe !

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My Dear Guardian
28 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Jun 30, 2021
40 of 40 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 7.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 5.0

Er Miao ❤❤

I am not sure how I feel about the drama ….there were times when I felt things could be done logically but the writers chose not to and at times I felt like I was enjoying too much to the point that everything could be ignored ….military medical combo has always been something I really look forward to and this drama kept me invested ….
Do I recommend you to watch it ….if you are looking for a military medical setup or if you have a soft spot for the leads you can give it a try ….but then for a 40 ep thing I really won’t say much cuz it’s a huge number …!!

Now moving to things I liked and disliked …..

Could have been shorter ….I always feel like long dramas have too much of not so necessary stuff …..
The show lacks logic at times, sometimes the FL outshines experienced doctors (I don’t mean to say that it isn’t possible but you know….. ) and at times she behaves too irrationally ….like I seriously wanted to tell her- go find the brain you were using a min ago ….
ML was most of the time likeable ….and no major issues with his character
Mi gu the most stupid character I have ever come across recently…. She was so damn annoying that I had to kick her out of my screen in order to keep my sanity ...( I entirely ignored her existence even then she managed to annoy me ....)
The cat Er Miao, officially my fav pet ......until I find someone I love more than her …. Too bad she did not get much screen time in the later half ….
The side stories of FL’s teacher ( sorry I am bad at remembering names ) and ML’s cousin were some of the things done right ….!! I enjoyed both the stories
The show started off well for me, the first few eps were really engaging….I liked the cohabitation part and some pinch of hate to love along with it, was really enjoyable ....
The ending, quite predictable ….no surprise element as such ….in fact I felt like some things were forced to fit and did not make too much sense ….(talking about zhao ran thing…..)

To sum up ….first half was really enjoyable and the second half could have been way better …..I would say that you should try it if you enjoy the genre …it might feel a bit draggy in the middle but I think if you can bear till the end’s a decent watch !!

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by Enny
Nov 15, 2021
4 of 4 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.5

I wouldn't want to change a thing about it ...

Ever saw a drama that makes you think of all the things you missed in life just because you hesitated , just because you weren't sure , just because you thought that there probably will be a better timing for the same....
well this drama pretty much made me reflect back on everything I ever missed ...just because I thought it wasn't the right time ....
it has always been about that perfect timing, right? but did someone tell you that the perfect timing you were waiting for, is now ....just do it ...whatever you want , whatever your heart tells you to ....don't hold back, for you might never have a second chance !

so now shall we move on to actual review ...the part above pretty much looks like a life lesson ....(and it wasn't just for you I wrote it for my self too)

the story I said I wouldn't change a thing about it ...(skipping the synopsis....pls read it on MDL page)

the story line doesn't sound so promising ...I know that well but the drama just really makes you feel a hell lot of emotions in such a short time that you can't really find faults here ....bec you just spend all the time enjoying ...

when someone who really loathes amnesia as a trope says that she wouldn't want to change a thing about the gotta believe them . I have disliked amnesia because the writers often use it to just drag the story to make it to a 16 ep stuff and here it was pretty much the main plot ....but ofc done so well ....
I am all in for friendship and actually don't really appreciate the friends to lovers trope either ....but well they did do a great job with it too ....I wasn't annoyed even a bit by anything
as a watcher when you enjoy everything you have disliked most of the time then ofc it's the biggest compliment you can give to drama ....a drama that makes you reconsider your liking ! well I really enjoy watching such dramas ....and this one too belongs to my top rated dramas ....8.5 from me is a way good rating !

from a 4 ep drama if you expect a hell good setup then ofc you are bound to be disappointed ...but the lower your expectations the more surprised you'd be ...they do manage a decent plot build but ofc somethings are bound to be left out ...after all it's not like they had time to do an ep just for plot build !

the acting was my first encounter with both the leads and they managed to make a mark with their skills ...I have checked other dramas too but I don't see many lead roles and they have mostly side roles in their account! I would really love to see them playing lead roles again cuz ofc I think they deserve it.

music I don't remember paying attention to it for rewatch value ...I don't rewatch so imma not say anthing !

my fav lines from the drama ....

"Time's so fast I'm scared
Why can't it just slow down so that we can feel and experience more?"

"when I was so close to dying, when I couldn't think of anything else, I only thought of you , all the time we spent together !"

"In my life, in my youth, on that tough and lonely road you were always there , always there like air, you helped me breathe"

"The human memory is like a film, you cut the pieces and stick them together however you want, and in my memory, in my life, he will always be there."

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14 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Oct 24, 2023
9 of 9 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 4.0


Before you read this I hope you are not a fan of the writing because I in the most certain way possible am not !

I guess the plot line is very clear. A shining star crosses path with a person who aspires to lead a normal life. Both of them belong to what we may call "Different Worlds" and most obviously pique each other's interest. Share some time and paint each other in a color we call "LOVE"!!!
This most basic explanation doesn't really give scope for you to fall for the characters but the characters end up being a part of you as the story unfolds. Then even their seemingly meaningless actions find meaning!

To be honest there was no apt ending to some happy ending would have done , to some sad, even tho I am a big - NO OPEN ENDINGS PLEASE kinda person I still believe some stories are better off incomplete because that's what completes them !

But there lie oceans of depth that the aesthetics unfold and the story doesn't stay true to !

To put it normal words ....this drama was made for a way darker story , way deeper emotions and was most certainly made for the depths that is couldn't touch ! There had to be more I feel that yearning ... that so much more was to be there that so much more should have been focused on .

Messy characters, unreasonable behavior, screaming, crying, everyday desperately fighting to hang on to life , clinging to that last string of hope, being abandoned, feeling neglect, treating other person unfairly in hope of healing yourself this had all it took for a drama to be in depth perfect !

TO MENTION - the actors did a great job !!!


--------------------------SPOLIERS AHEAD------------------
What went wrong ....I know how she felt when she was abandoned , I could see it in her actions in her behavior but not in her story . I do feel the story did injustice to the actor who beautifully held on to what she was given.
the person who abandoned doona ...what did he offer to the story ?
what role did he play...if he did not come back even then the impact would have been the same ...they what did that brilliant actor do on screen ? waste some screen time ?

what were the side character there for ...there was clearly no time to develop their story ...why waste screen time ? just let them out of the frame . I'll be good with one less couple meaninglessly falling in love.

they did not develop the last 2 eps ...they just rushed to end ...i'd rather see the main couple idle on my screen than see some random underdeveloped side characters ! thankyou !

also it would have been a treat if they introduced a therapy angle like imagine if the FL was getting professional help and still was a mess ....ofc people around have a role to play even after professional help ...I would have loved for the ML to be that's not a love interest's responsibility to heal you of your past trauma ...but ofc they can help and support !
ML doesn't have to be ....THE KNOW IT ALL THE ONLY SAVIOR !

Also I know the ML wanted to be with her desperately but was there anything the plotline offered him ? no it was just a 2 sec drinking scene a 3 sec work hard for your goal and a 5 min drama of why they shouldn't call out DOONA's name or he'll feel bad . LIKE FUCKING SERIOUSLY ? you made him in all fucking 8 eps to ruin all of that complex nature with jus a 5 min 5 sec clip ...?

I am not asking you to give me a reply when doona asked him what he was doing for them but atleast give me (viewer) a reply me fucking how desperate he is to be with her ....
--------------------------------- Done Ranting ! -------------------------------------

all in all ...THIS DRAMA IS SO AESTHETICALLY PLEASING , there is so much more than what meets the eye ....give it time ...time to get under your skin and you shall be a new person by the end ! let it grow on you ....spend a weekend with the main characters ...skip the side characters if you want not let the ending bother you ....and you have your treat !

will add my fav quotes in some time ....
till then pls do give it a shot !

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Cambrian Period
10 people found this review helpful
by Enny
May 6, 2021
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 3.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 4.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 1.0


to sum up in a few words ..this drama is a perfect example of how something that had potential of being a masterpiece could so easily be converted to trash ....even if you have nothing better to do still don't watch it ...just find something to do instead of watching this potential crap ....

okay we are done warning now it's time to tell you what's with my ratings ....
if i hated this show why did i put up with it till the end ? why didn't i drop it if it was so bad ...

it's not like i wanted to do social work by finishing it and telling you not to watch it i am not that good of a human , neither do want to be ...quite frankly i did not spend entire 40 mins on any episode's more like i couldn't ..i skipped through ...i watched it on higher speed ...just to figure out why anyone would rate it a 10/10 or even a 9/10
but then i couldn't find my answer ...if you are intrested go try yourself ....cuz if someone want's to jump in fire who am i to stop them , it's your choice !!!!

i am basically here to rant out if you are in join me ...if not no issues ...

the show started of well not to mention the FL was annoying since ep1 (but that's just my opinion on her other people don't agree and i get it ) i was in for the first 6-7 ep's after that everything started to go flat's still okay and then i don't really remember where this started to get on my nerves
the biggest reason for my disappointment is the logic ..oh well quite frankly it doesn't exist in the first place don't believe me ...i'll explain
but before that .....our ML from any angle what so ever doesn't look like a mafia boss me he looks more like someone kidnapped by mafia gang a victim to be precise when he should be looking like an assailant

the mafia gang members 20-30 of them can't even seem to get close to ML , if you are training them then dude get a new instructor ..and if you are hiring them then dude you need to change the company ...they are just of no use if they lose to a person who's already hurt how do they even call themselves mafia gang members , just think about your personal security as well ....okay you say that our male lead is well trained not anyone can fight against him ..fine then let's talk about the FL ...

the FL she's just dumb ...i don't get it why she uses her brain in useless situations and then at a time when she should use it actually she just turns it off okay brain cells take a nap now need to work the ML will work his ass off and come save us so just chill ...okay you wanna argue that she's a kind sole ...let me tell you being kind is one thing being stupid is another ...
and trust me she's stupid ....being brave and ending up in new trouble that's just what she does in whole 24 ep drama ...oh wait there's more

display of affection when bullets are flying across ...okay you can say that what if they die by being shot ..shouldn't they hug and bid goodbye ...oh well quite frankly it wouldn't be needed as long as they don't waste time hugging and displaying their affection and instead try dodging bullets ... okay i get that you love each other but isn't being alive more important

the second couple they were neither good nor bad ..just the typical ones found in every c -drama you can enjoy them somewhere else ...

the story as a whole was just a mess and the last 4 ep's just a bigger mess each one of them trying to create a new record by beating the previous i really wanted to ask the writer ... why to start with some new trope when you don't have time to finish it ..just creating useless trouble for yourselves ...and then they made the viewers suffer for 24 eps just to come up with that ending ...oh as if i am dying to know wheather the ML is alive or not buddy no ... you have already brought me to a point where i don't care as to who lives and who dies even if it is the ML , FL or the entire cast ....

there was nothing new or i'd say there was no suspense which you won't able to guess if you use a little bit of sense
so this show is just pure trash....nothing but the waste of a potential story involving a not so fitting cast , useless drama and ill-timed romance be true at times you might feel that it would get better but sorry to break it to you it doesn't ...
just don't bother investing your time in this and go watch literally anything else ....

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Fall in Love with a Scientist
32 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Oct 11, 2021
24 of 24 episodes seen
Completed 7
Overall 3.5
Story 4.0
Acting/Cast 5.5
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 1.0

Even Jasper's smile can't save this one.....

When you start a drama with zero expectations and even then end up disappointed then it has to be some out of the world mess ....I won’t be exaggerating…. it wasn’t actually supposed to be that bad, but it is.... There are serious issues with the storyline as a whole ….that drag it down to the point that no matter who’s a part of the cast it just doesn’t make a difference ...or maybe it does ...I count is a failure in selection of script by actors !!

The story line in itself is the main problem with the show ...okay I am not talking about cliches and all ...I know they are a part of every other drama I won’t bother complaining about that

But the whole storyline (I am hoping you’ve read the synopsis and I can safely skip the brief about story) it began well ...I was okay with the fact that ML hid his identity because of course you can’t just go and say I am that ass you were talking to...for like 6 years, after messing her thesis defense …(but man they just dragged it for like infinite time ...if there was something like a patience test then this would be the show they’d ask the applicants to watch as the test.)

And as if this wasn’t enough they even went like ...okay you got to control her life too ...from what job she does to what she’d eat ...freaking everything ..cuz Mr. Penpal knows her better than herself ...great !! Oh well let me not blame all of this on ML’s character when clearly FL is to be blamed equally ...if life decisions are that easily influenced then... I am sorry I have no words.

The first half (more like initial eps and not exactly 12 eps) was still a bit on the fun side and maybe actually likable but the second half ....

(For a show that tries to romanticize lying …I really don’t want to comment on how mediocre acting was ...or how bad things actually went ...but then you see I have to vent somewhere I decided to write a review ...and actually talk about all this)

Moving to other things second leads ...they are no better ….does the writer seriously think that controlling is love. No female character in this show has even the basic amount of self respect….like forget everything else they are just doing whatever their love says or for the sake of some imaginary "bs" that they, in their head, assume... is love …

A rant with a few scattered " SPOILERS" begins now (you’ll be fine if you know the general drama trend of c-romances …cuz there’s not a lot in the show... to actually spoil) ...but still read at your own risk !!

One that assistant in the lab ...a cheerful bubbly girl pretending to be a stone just because of her one sided crush ...oh wait to justify this ...of course he likes her back ...the question is does he even know that she’s a cheerful bubbly girl by nature ...oh heck
And the main point is…. Does she think she can pretend to be a stone for the rest of the time even if he does like her back for being a stone ...what about yourself ...aren’t you more important ?

Another one FL’s friend ...I guess she’s the best in the slot for viewers (more like best of the worst) ...of course even that won’t be tolerated ...they have to mess every character in every possible way yes they did it …

Being honest by the end of the show where everything dragged like anything I couldn’t really care about any experiment or any cliche trope (childhood connection and all) ...only one emotion throughout...anger ...sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself ..but maybe I enjoyed being angry..... enough, to actually finish this …

The only consistency in FL’s character is liking her online boyfriend other than that I really can’t find anything first she wanted to earn money ...all well till there ...suddenly she wants to become a better scientist ...okay still fine ….now she won’t even try to do that properly what the heck ….she’s really unlikable ...the way she is written is as if someone forced the writer to doll up a spineless character to make it look like a really good one ...well according to me it’s a failed attempt at that …(ML will be considered as an example of successful doll-up….but that too unfortunately or fortunately is still doll-up)

I know I already said she has no self respect ...but even I was shocked to see how easily she forgave him....
....hell, they even forgot that some sort of chemistry was supposed to be there me the moment they officially became a couple I was like ...finally ….but no ...from that point on they had absolutely no chemistry ...or at least I with my own 2 eyes (both working well) couldn’t see it.

Also who came up with that “Forever is for ever” ....that’s the level of creativity that I am gonna mark as my limit of expectation from drama land ...I don’t think anything can surpass this.

This show also marks the limit of fiction for me ...well she doesn’t even know his name and they’re dating ...well trust me even this can’t be surpassed !!

And before I end this review of course I need to mention the highlight of the show ….ouyang’s makeup me nothing stands out in the show more than his makeup ...okay I get he’s an idol and all, but seriously ...ain’t this too much.

…. I won’t call this a waste of time …(just for the sake of cast) ...cuz I guess it’s okay to lie that much, ain’t it …?

Have a good time if you watch this have my wholehearted best wishes, you’ll need it !!

And anyone who liked the show ...pls take no offence I am just expressing myself ...maybe in a bit harsh manner ..but can’t really help ...I just want to vent my anger ...and I believe this is a good place !

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The Worst of Evil
12 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Oct 26, 2023
12 of 12 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 7.0

Becoming normal , I've come too far for that !!! - JCW

To begin this review let's all raise and stand in praise of all the actors (JCW oppa especially )!!
The show belongs to it's actors and it's definitely one of the best career performance by everyone !

SYNOPSIS - JCW oppa sneaks undercover in a gang to trace the origins of a drug cartel and in the process becomes someone who he fails to recognize aswell.

Chaos unwind and soon everything is shattered to pieces. With a strong narrative

OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!! 200/100 performance ...
This by far is the best acting I have seen in any Kdrama and mind you even tho I haven't recieved my first time watcher badge I got a lot under my sleeve. JCW'S eyes speak for him his face is too expressive to be normal ...hence the headline lol".

I would just say that it was too realistic and way believable bec even when you feel like this can not be happening it actually works bec you just get so immersed in their expressions. Visuals ...umm JCW oppa looks smoking hot and I didn't bother about other visuals lol .

The story line has a soul of it's own even tho it's not a very new kinda story line but the plot is gripping enough and no useless side characters distract you all the time. Everything in the narrative serves a purpose which unfolds beautifully.
The show touches the darker side of human emotions and the ending brings a sense of satisfaction that is unmatched.
The most realistic ending the best of acting and a good narrative that maybe predictable but is definitely interesting and full of raw action sequences and swoon worthy JCW oppa is what this show offers.

As a critique I could easily say that the show is not new to drama world and stories like these are more often than not brought to the screen for spy dramas. Infiltrating in an gang is a very common drama-land phenomenon. But this show has a lot of emotions at stake. By the end you do not side with good or bad because the line that creates that distinction really just blurs out and that's what makes this an interesting watch !


For those who have already finished I got a few things to talk about.
I read a comment that said that "The biggest difference between ki chul & Eui Jung VS that of Joonmo & BIBi relation was that, in Joonmoo & Bibi relationship Joonomo never accepted her love but Eui Jung was somewhere looking for that love she did have a chance with." - To quote some examples Joonmo never said any affirmative words to Bibi and always had a wall up front every time they met. which even Bibi pointed out in the course of the show. While Eui Jung literally fell for him and tried to change him as a person through her love. By the end she became negligent of Joonmo's emotions and only cared about Ki Chul she did not do it to fulfil her husband's mission but rather wanted her love to walk the right path.

Ki Chul's character was a very fine written sketch where he constantly had this dilemma of who to trust and who to choose. He made decisions with his heart and brain and the way that the switch from heart to brain happened was so natural to me that I could easily see that things weren't his fault.

Joonmo's dilemma and pain that he went through was so evident in JCW's acting which I shall call shear brilliance. The way he felt when he couldn't be there for Eui Jung's mom's funeral the way he reacted to murder before him. the way he looked when he killed people trying to protect Eui Jung and the dialogue - "there's someone I want to protect in my heart". was a literal treat to eyes. !!!

I shall applaud Im Sae Mi for giving life to Eui Jung as she literally had us all in the process of falling for Ki chul ...bec even when we know she's not true to her husband and his cause she was true to herself and her love. Till date I have never liked a disloyal character but ig we have an exception now.

The side characters and BIBI have literally worked as good as the main cast ...Kudos to them !
but the Detective's role felt rather random and forced. His obsession with Ki chul was too much and he wasn't handled well by the writers but his story ended well ...

Music wasn't really the most memorable but it didn't become a bother so I'd give decent points to it !

ps . the name of the show didn't really fit tho !

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Lovers of the Red Sky
55 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Oct 26, 2021
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 30
Overall 6.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 6.0

At times I was interested, at times I pretended to be….

That being said, I don’t really know which one dominates ...but it surely wasn’t a bad drama ...even the times I felt things were dragging it never tested my patience. And some reveals were decently good ....

The storyline in a nutshell is about a fated pair sent by heaven to seal a demon who was once god of death and now has lost it, to greed. Our fated pair needs to create a magical vessel (in the form of painting) to trap the demon and save the entire human existence (so fresh
No but even if this sounds too cliched it’s actually an interesting one because of demons and the painting as a vessel thing ...

But being honest the cliches did get on my nerves at times (not because they are cliches)...but because they were done in that way one point I literally wanted to yell ...can we actually finish picking peaches’s been half an hour and you’re still not over that, dude come on we have many other things to do you gotta save the entire humanity and here you aren’t willing to get over peaches !

Also it’s somewhat frustrating at times, because we know everything our characters don't know yet, and we're pretty much just waiting for them to discover what's going on.(the first half especially ...wasted a lot of time with the setup ...and still the leads somewhat lack in terms of setup...)

The paintings were really pleasing to see if you expect some artistic stuff here ...then you won’t be disappointed ...the show in the later half doesn’t have many different paintings but the first half definitely had moments where you love the episode even if the story doesn’t progress much in that episode.

Certain times even the well off storyline (which I basically love and is the sole reason I finished this) lacks logic …some things never get explained and that basically drives you nuts …(later ...for people who have watched the drama)

The CGI and cinematography .... decently good ...adds to the supernatural element when required....

The cast do a good job ...even the side characters too ( no one’s annoying and thanks a ton to the writer for that)...I have no complaints ...but ofc I have a special mention to do …
The kid playing tiger goddess ...she’s one talented rookie I’d look forward to her future projects!
And of-course the other veteran actors ...just wow !

SPOILERS…(won’t disclose any major reveal ...just some observations made throughout the show)

Shall we now have a mini rant about how the ML even after being blind notices details better than everyone (I am not saying that’s impossible but it does make for a narrative that seems too convenient ). The FL was a typically emotion driven character with a one track mind; she seems to be unaware of everything when she’s supposedly the main character (not really likable). The typical villain motive ...power(throne) new, so fresh wow (later they do reveal that there’s a bit more ..but then when you have been tortured throughout the show with something like that don’t really care about what more is there you ? )…The SML ...the only character I am attached to ...he falls in love with (?) Guess who ?...and guess what, just because he’s not the destined one (ofc cuz the heaven’s favor ML) just because he did not meet FL in childhood ...just because he treats her well and they have great chemistry...he won’t get the girl ...suffer and die (oh wait, also be called a jerk while you are alive …) ...writer doesn’t care about you please just take all your good qualities and jump in an ocean …(no better not do that cuz no one would care even if you do that...) The king he’s supposed to be a sensible one (ofc bec he’s the king)...can’t really say he acted like one. Also half the time he was just crying over spilled milk instead of doing what he was supposed to. Pretty much nothing happened in 16 eps is what you realize after wasting you time ....

As for one of the most unrealistic things happening in the show is also how SML is better with art than the whole jury panel full of oldies who all their life just worked as painters damn believable, oh yeah !! (divine decryption power to see through FL’s paintings ...or is it the power of love ;) lol )

The one question I always had ,...why ML’s portrait isn’t to be used as a vessel if he’s the one possessed by the demon now ...when the grandpa king was possessed his portrait was the now shouldn’t it be ML?


But I must admit...I really like the idea of having a demon and painting as a vessel ...
And overall the show does make for a “decent mediocre drama” (that’s a sarcasm involved) ...and just because I was looking for a mediocre show in my watchlist …I think this one was a good bet ..!!
So if you are wondering whether to or not ,then maybe you should give it a chance. with a lot of inconsistencies the show lies in maybe you can try it to see if it fits your taste zone .

Happy watching ....(if you decide to...)

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31 people found this review helpful
by Enny
Jan 1, 2024
30 of 30 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.0

I love you in every universe - ft. rags to riches !

If you want something you have to make yourself worthy of it !

Same goes here - If you want to have a good rating you need to make yourself worthy of it me this wasn't up to the mark could have been so much more than just "ENGAGING"! - (cuz first half has great buildup)- yes I believe that's the most perfect word for it!

Synopsis -
Jiang Xiao Yuan finds herself struggling with her identity as she believes to have traveled across parallel universes. Once the owner of invincible wealth overnight becomes an ordinary working girl who has absolutely no idea about how the world works, but is determined to make it through.

All this fuss to cross paths with Qi Lian, who shall lend a hand in uncovering the mystery around her, and in journey of discovering her "real" identity.

To pick or not to pick ??
- well to be honest I am not a Lin yi fan and to me the very obvious reason is his expression that didn't make me feel anything and this goes for all of his projects till date. That does include this one too. But the FL does " make up" for what the ML seems to lack. She's vigilant , self reliant, caring, optimistic, hardworking, determined and everything nice !

So if you can bother tolerating lin yi for some time like me ....go for it ! Warning - ITS NOT THE SCI FIC YOU ARE EXPECTING !
and you'll be finishing it to know how it ends and not how it went !

this drama is very promising except for the fact that they cast lin yi and waste a lot of time in "make up and hair dressing" which apparently lead the story nowhere. The makers are so hell bent in showing us revolutionary make up (i don't know what is so revolutionary about it but yeah fuck it i mean skip it) that even if we have 2 eps to go or even if we are on the last ep ....the talk of the town shall be MAKE UP !
- yes I am so very annoyed !

The journey in the mid episodes is a bumpy ride - a lot of it went in circles and you may feel like quitting but the curiosity of how it shall end will keep you hooked !

the overall idea is so well built that it would be too difficult to actually believe that everything you believe is just a build up ! - you'll know what this means once you reach there ! (spoilers towards the end) - very convincingly done ! like commendable !

The music is nice so is the cinematography ! - the FL looks cute , The SML does look cute too !
Not a lot of time is spent around the mystery - which seems to be a down point to some( like me) - who signed up to see it after reading the synopsis !

But on the other hand ..the couple take time to develop - they are given space and you can see their dilemma - both have an awesome back story - like you feel that there's so much going on no one can be trusted no one knows who the villains are ....and there's just so much to the story. - but they be still crying over make up !

-- SPOILERS ------------------------------------------------------------------
The fact that it wasn't a time travel ....just took off all my excitement and thrill of watching. from then on the leads were nothing but lab rats to me. lab rats who were trying to get out and will probably do too ...but not that any of it was as enchanting to me as the time travel would have been.
that being sad ...even tho I was disappointed the build up was so well done convincing that yes it had to be time travel with some parallel universe !

Tho makes sense that in FL's imaginary world everything was as she would have wanted in the real world !

The ML's reveal of being a lab rat himself - great
but his friend not existing - mehh - You emotionally invested me so much to come up with that ...and then lin yi didn't act it well on top - he cried and I knew it was all fake - so unbelievable that I skipped through it! - yes what was supposed to be a scene I cry for ...was skipped without a thought ! - at last all of those memories are fake and the wrap us is so unbelievable ! - wasn't it a car accident ?
When did we decide it wasn't ? like wtf ? - explain ?

At some point I just started watching for the curiosity and nothing else - so this lacked fun !
The villain has no motive what so ever and has no story at all ! - she's just bad bec she is bad's 2024 bitches ...that shit ain't likable now !

I feel so bad for SML - like his story is the one I liked the most - less time consuming , well done, well portrayed ! - and they even turned him into a puppet ...any sort of redemption arc ? Like hello pls ? - he's also sick ...wth ?

Also the neck choke sucked WTF bruh !
Even in the end it's MAKE UP ! - wow ! they wasted ep 29 and ep 30 doesn't give good enough closures but they have time for Make up !

- The show is good but not worth the 30 eps it took ...more like if they just had more fluffy moments instead of make up or maybe more efforts towards unraveling the mystery I'd have liked it a lot more !

tho still hooked ....just so to say ...the makers did a good job making me curious enough !
Watch if you are good at skipping !

PS. I am not here to argue all of it is just my opinion ! - lin yi fans pls note !

My Fav part of the show
"People's memories determine who they are. Erasing their memories is equal to erasing them.
If one day you find out all your memories are fake, would you be willing to forget them ?
would you let yourself become someone you don't even know !? "

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