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Trivias about my shows preference:

  • I'm so so easily pleased as in I can watch any kind of genre as long as I find the drama fun and interesting.
  • But I'm a total sucker for family, friendship and slice-of-life stories, if it isn't obvious already from the shows I highly rated.
  • I do love romance genre but I tend to be especially selective about this genre. I prefer those with well-executed story, well-written and well-developed characters esp female lead.
  • I watch shows not only for pure entertainment value. Since I can't have too much shows on my plate due to real life commitment, I tend to pick drama for its quality, though I do prefer silly fluff and shallow stories once in a while. 
  • I'm a huge fan of dramas penned by writers : Noh Hee Kyung,  Jung Bo Hoon, Lee Woo Jung and Park Hye Ryun.


My top favourite Korean dramas which deserve all the acclaims:

No offense but if you failed to acknowledge/ appreciate any of these brilliant masterpieces, then we can't be friends ok jk but please spare some time to watch them if you haven't cause I promise no regret.

My top favourite Japanese dramas:

I love Japanese drama for its short episodes and compacted yet well-written story. I need to watch more so I can add more to this list, please send my way some good recommendations~

My top favourite Chinese dramas:

I don't watch a lot of cdramas to begin with just because I wasn't familiar with them, but I was lucky to meet a good one as my first introduction to cdramas. All of these are produced by Daylight Ent. aka the production company which we can trust their quality from the get-go

  • Love Me If You Dare - A lot of old cdrama folks find this flawed but this is my first ever cdrama, so it left me quite a deep impression and attachment, plus Wallace Huo  is so swoon-worthy here(!!) I had big phat crush on him for long time
  • Ode To Joy Season 1 | Season 2   (I like S1 better) - The sisterhood is so precious :(
  • Nirvana In Fire Season 1 | Season 2 (I like S2 better) - Changlin family is the heart of the show
  • Eagles and Youngsters - Wang Junkai and Wen Qi is the best thing about this drama

Dramas with either beautiful/ memorable/ well-written/well-developed romance:

Jo In-sung and Lee Jong-suk picked some of the best romance scripts with the most attractive and well-developed male lead characters out there, so how can you not fall for them excuseee

My top favourite drama OST (English):

My top favourite drama OST (Korean):

These soundtracks give me a lot of feels whenever I listen to them T_T

I have watched a lot more stuff than what is there on my watchlist, sometimes I'm just lazy to update them~


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