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When it comes to watching drama, I'm very easily pleased but I also can be picky. The ones that I rate 10 are the dramas that left me with deep impression which I think a really worthwhile ride. Some of shows I rate 10 might be flawed  to other people but those are the ones that I either can relate to or ones I'm so emotionally attached to. I will only update list or rate shows that I have finished watching, though my watchlist is not completely updated compared to what I have watched so far. Sometimes I just lazy to update my list.

Trivias about my shows preference:

  • I'm a total sucker for family, friendship and slice-of-life genre, if it isn't obvious already from the shows I highly rated.
  • I do love romance genre but only if it isn't too corny or overly done.
  • I watch shows not only for pure entertainment value. I prefer shows that can inspire me to become a better person, that have me reflect back on my life and benefit me in some ways. In short, something which I can learn from and truly worth my time
  • Since I can't have too much shows in my plate due to real life commitment, I tend to pick dramas for its quality, though I do prefer fluff and shallow stories once in a while.


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