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I first started reading manga and because of my health problems I wanted to have some place to escape. when life is hard and sad i can always find some comfort in dramas. also if you aren´t fluent in english it is a great help to watch dramas because you learn in a more fun way, at least I did. ;)

Even though I have only watched asian dramas a couple of years I have watched a lot of dramas and now it´s a bit hard to find new dramas. Right now I really enjoy Thai lakorns even though they can be a bit harsh and dark.

mydramalist has always helped me in the past when I wanted to find a new drama to watch or if I wanted to find out about a drama, now I decided to create an account. I have watched much more dramas then what is showed here and that´s just because I haven´t had the time to mark every drama that I have watched.

I would love to help others find new dramas and I am always curious if you have any drama to recommend. My favorite genres are romance, drama and sometimes comedy( anything with romance and a happy ending is good,hehe)


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