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my bed


my bed

Hey y'all! You can call me Pri /pɹi/.

My first Asian drama was Personal Taste which I watched when I was around 14. I really loved it, but I didn't know that there were other dramas that could feed my soul like that, so I didn't watch another until my junior year of high school when I picked up Noble, My Love. Thus began my adventure into the world of dramas!

I am currently... on an unprecedented drama hiatus.

I cannot explain it. I really don't know why.

Rating System:

I score dramas based on their (a) contribution to the field of storytelling and (b) effect on me as an audience member. Was I left speechless or did I skim through out of boredom?

10 - If there comes a day where I give a drama a 10, I'll be sure to give the fullest review of why it was so incredible to me. 

8-9 - Truly wonderful :) Exhibits elements of greatness. Could be amazing music, subtle but effective writing, or clever transitions. Could be complex characters, inviting color schemes, or creative uses of tropes.

6-8 - Good! Your standard good drama. Good acting, good writing, good directing. Always good, but never great.

4-6 - Fine, but nothing special. Covers all the bases, but doesn't do anything more than that.

2-4 - Cringe/laugh-worthy at inappropriate times.

0-2 - Unbearable.

Pri's Preferences:

Most Beloved TropesMost Despised Tropes

Groups I Stan:

Bias: RM
Bias: Taehyun

Nothing against other groups or companies. I'm just lazy and my friends aren't into it, so my investment in Korean music is pretty minimal compared to the average fan.

Missing Drama Letters:

E, J, V, X, Z


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