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my bed


my bed

Hey y'all! You can call me Pri /pɹi/. I am a college student majoring in Theatre, and as a storyteller myself, I get really excited about these kinds of things! However, I don't presume to know everything (because I don't), so please call me out if I come off as pretentious.

My first k-drama was Personal Taste, which I watched when I was around 14. I really loved it, but I didn't know that there were other dramas that could feed my soul like that, so I didn't watch another until my junior year of high school, when I picked up Noble, My Love. Thus began my adventure into the world of dramas!

I am currently... cooing "oh, sweetheart," anytime a character does something cute or pathetic.

Rating System:

10 - If there comes a day where I give a drama a 10, I'll be sure to give the fullest review of why it was so incredible to me. 

8-9 - Truly wonderful :) Exhibits elements of greatness. Could be amazing music, subtle but effective writing, or clever transitions. Could be complex characters, inviting color schemes, or creative uses of tropes.

6-8 - Good! Your standard good drama. Good acting, good writing, good directing. Always good, but never great.

4-6 - Fine, but nothing special. Covers all the bases, but doesn't do anything more than that.

2-4 - Cringe/laugh-worthy at inappropriate times.

0-2 - Truly awful; most likely due to very poor writing.

Dream OTP:

Jung So Min and Ahn Hyo Seop

Tell me you can't imagine them falling madly in love.

Pri's Preferences:

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