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⌜❀⌟ 雪花 ; snowflower | mostly a k-drama & c-drama fan | EXO-L 

» My fave genres:  ❣ Rom-com, Medical, Saeguk, Xianxia/Fantasy, Melodrama ❣

» My first: (k-drama) Princess Hours, (c-drama) Love O2O, (j-drama) from me to you, (lakorn) crazy little thing called love

» Only write reviews on dramas that makes me write them

» K-dramas that impressed me most: Dr. Romantic, It's Okay Not To Be Okay, Crash Landing On You, Vincenzo, Descendants Of The Sun, W,  Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Youth Of May, The Red Sleeve, Happiness, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?,  Healer, Snowdrop, Business Proposal, Flower of Evil, Alchemy Of Souls, My Demon, Queen of Tears, Lovely Runner

» C-dramas that impressed me most: Ashes of love, Love and Redemption, A River Runs Through It, You are My Glory, The Legends, Goodbye My Princess, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Love is Sweet, One & Only,  Forever & Ever,  Falling Into Your Smile, Skate Into Love, Who Rules The World, The Blue Whisper, Love Between Fairy and Devil, Immortal Samsara, Hidden Love, My Journey To You

» Currently in love with Baek Hyunwoo, Ryu Sunjae & Duan Jiaxu ♥♥♥

"Until we meet again, I will swim against the tide with all my might" - YOM

"And soon the moment became eternity" - TRS (best saeguk drama)

"You bloomed flowers inside me who was so cold" - SD

 “One day, when only one of us is left, the other one can come meet them. Then it won’t be scary at all. Because we’ll be together" - QOT

“It will rain tomorrow. Then as you wait until the rain stops, live another day. If you keep this up, there might come a day when life doesn’t seem so miserable.” – LR

“It means my heart remembered you even if my brain forgot you.” –LR


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