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आप यहाँ आये किस लिए?


आप यहाँ आये किस लिए?

I am often thought of as being remarkably bright, and yet my brains, more often than not, are busily devising new and interesting ways of bringing my foes who ignore my recommendations to sudden, gagging, writhing, agonizing torment.

The newer dramas must be shot on the moon because I sense no atmosphere, they took solace in empty space quite seriously, well it does help because I usually feel anxious!

It’s fascinating. You know all these words, and they’re all English, but when you string them together into sentences, they just don’t make any sense, Just like my reviews and posts, Anyways -

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“What tale do you like best to hear?' 'Oh, I have not much choice! They generally run on the same theme - courtship; and promise to end in the same catastrophe - marriage.” So I like watching two boys who court each other all the way to the end but can't marry, Tragic love stories! 

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I mostly listen to Indian & English songs!

Him: Since helping to take control of and destroy her life is what love means, I couldn’t help but fall madly in love with her. Yes, She is mine!
Her: Naturally, I'd love to be watched and controlled, but I think I may be washing my hair that day.” 

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