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Advance Bravely
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by tteokbokki

Jun 13, 2018
30 of 30 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Most likely each episode lost 10-15 minutes from cuts, resulting in half-assed Bromance story with lots of plot holes. However, transition between the scenes aren't hard to imagine. I'm guessing main couple's relationship was established somewhere in epi 19.

Yuan Zong is like a mama bird, and Xia Yao & Yuan Ru his chicks. He obviously has a soft spot for spoiled selfish bratty type. He has sis-complex for Yuan Ru who's much younger, spoiled and kinda clueless with worst taste in man. Approaches Xia Yao, another spoiled and narcissistic rich boy at his sister's request, and ends up taking him under his wings. Xia Yao has his moments, but he's a easily likable with full blown charms and so very pretty. ^^ Hard to imagine him as kickboxing champion. Some of the plot holes include Xia Yao's buddy Xuan Dayu with questionable mentality. One miniute he's desperately seeking Xia Yao's attention, jealous of everyone around him; next minute, he practically becomes a sugar daddy to an orphan thief with tragic story. Third coupling of an ass of another buddy and his androgynous 'friend' is even more uncertain. I even liked Xia Yao's mom, who has taste for good food, good looking man, and flattery from talking bird. Yuan Ru also has her charms: determination and easy going attitude. With interesting story, fair action, and charming characters, I bet this drama would've been a mega hit if they left it at BL. Why couldn't Taiwan produced this drama? ^^;
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