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Emergency Couple korean drama review
Emergency Couple
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by virgievirgie
11 days ago
21 of 21 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0

A Medical drama focuses on Romance, Relationships and Character Development - not medical cases

“Emergency Couple” holds up pretty well even after 10 years. Although most of the scenes are spent in the ER, I would say this is not a true medical drama as it focuses on romance, relationships and character development more than medical cases. The patients help with fostering the interns growth and maturity, which I quite like. But if you want a true medical drama, you might want to look elsewhere.

What I Like:

Choi Jin Hyuk - I always thought he’s a handsome guy but this is the first time I realized what a great actor he is. I hated his character in the first few episodes and couldn’t wait for his character development to happen soon. He was great in making me hate him, and made me laugh and smile when he’s acting adorable, petty and jealous. But I was most impressed with his emotional scenes towards the last quarter of the drama. His eyes can act and emote very well.

Oh Chang Min (ML) - How I hate him in the first few episodes. I wanted to punch him in the face during those early scenes before the divorce. I definitely enjoy his character development the most throughout the drama. He went from an asshole → doctor with a reputation → doctor who couldn’t live up to his reputation → maturing doctor → doctor who cares → a real doctor. He also went from an impulsive sweetheart → demeaning husband → sabotaging ex-husband → adorably-in-love but pushy loverboy → heartbroken but understanding ex → hopeful boyfriend. I actually think he should forget about his ex-wife and go find someone else. He’s too good for her.

Medical cases - They are not too complicated and don’t last too long. Their injuries and treatments seem realistic enough. The drama does not go into the background stories and nor try to make you feel a certain way. The patients do not take the spotlight away from the doctors. If you are watching this as a medical drama, you might be disappointed. But since I am a romance-junkie especially for second-chance romance, I think the amount of screen time for the medical cases and hospital politics are perfect for me.

No evil secondary characters - It’s so refreshing, especially for an older drama, to have a non-toxic love hexagon. No one is forcing their feelings on others. No one is doing or saying anything to drive the leads apart from each other. In fact, they are all too nice.

Acting - Acting is pretty good all around, including those in supporting and minor roles. I don’t really have any complaints.

What I have Mixed Feelings:

Main Romance - I really enjoy the first ¾ of the drama when it comes to romance. I like enemies-to-lovers and second-chance romances. I think both leads have great chemistry together, especially when they are fighting. Because of how much I disliked the ML in the beginning, I love seeing him try to chase FL back and grovel. I also like how FL is taking the more cautious approach to the relationship. However, when it comes to the last few episodes, I do not like how FL starts to change her mind and wants to get back together. Not that I don’t like them together, but I don't like the writing of the process and development. It feels off and not genuine for some reason.

Oh Jin Hee (FL) - I felt so bad for her in the early episodes and was rooting hard for her to be a successful doctor. Even after successfully starting her internship and obviously doing a pretty good job, she just keeps on apologizing. She’s also very wishy-washy with her feelings towards the Chief and her ex-husband. I do not like her character towards the end. I also don’t like how she acts when she’s trying to woo her ex back. I blame the writer for doing a poor job here.

(Non) Romance - As I mentioned above, I do not like FL’s wishy-washy unclear feelings, especially towards the Chief. She was giving out all these mixed signals, asking if the Chief would consider someone who makes his heart flutter or someone he’s comfortable with. Now you got his answer and then what? I know she could still be confused about her feelings or resisting certain feelings, it was still a frustrating watch. The Chief demonstrated in the earlier episodes that he might like FL, and nothing happened for the longest time until the last few episodes. He has no chemistry with FL. I started to question Lee Pil Mo’s (Chief) acting a little because he seemed so restrained, then emotionless and then acted his ass off in a conflicted/embarrassed/shy/heartbroken way in the last episode during that one-on-one conversation with FL. On another note, Chief has so much more chemistry with his ex, Dr. Shim, and seems to be giving her mixed signals as well. I kept on going back and forth whether he still has feelings for her or not, especially, when I am not feeling anything towards FL.

Pacing - I think the pace is pretty good for the first half of the drama. But 21 episodes is way too long. Even though I know older dramas tend to be about 16-20 episodes long and not the 8-16 format these days, 21 is way more than enough. Not a whole lot happened and the romances in this drama dragged on for too long. There’s a lot of talking but not a lot of doing/actions taken.

What I don’t Like/Don’t Care for:

ML’s Mother - OMG… I hated her so much. I really want to believe somewhere in there, all her actions and mean words, come from her love for her son. But it’s really hard to not want to strangle her. I fast-forwarded most of her scenes in the first ¾ of the drama. I have mixed feelings about her character redemption in the end.

FL’s sister - I really don’t care for the sister and her boyfriend. The kid is cute enough, but their story really didn’t add much to the main plot.

Overall, I had an enjoyable time, especially during the first half of the drama. I was going to give this an 8.5 up until the last few episodes when I start to dislike FL more and more. As I said, I do not like how the romance came around and started, and felt that the last episode is just a filler. But seeing that this is a 10-year old drama, I don’t find too many things cringey.

Other Random Observations:
1. Who knew CPR could be so sensual. LOL ?
2. FL was running around looking for ML, no wonder her heart was beating fast! It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because of ML (but of course, that’s what my brain says, not what the drama’s point).
3. I find it a little cringey when FL was trying to seduce ML in the last couple episodes.
4. Does anyone find Song Ji Hyo (FL), Han Ji Min (One Spring Night), Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me, Heal Me) look alike? OK, maybe just me then. ?

Completed: 2/11/2024 - Review #402
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