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Princess Jieyou Episode 5

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Apr 21, 2017

episode 5 spoilers ahead

1.We open to Wen who is again visiting the emperor. Here he presents initially as a somewhat lazy, laid back kind of fellow, even managing to order wine, but it is all part of an act designed to open up a more serious and delicate conversation: Wen acknowledges that Wusan is aware that Han has camps that are in favor of ignoring Wusan and dispensing with alliances and groups that favor Wusan. He points out that Wusan is the sameL there are factions that favor the Han and alliances that favor Xiognu. He explains that is precisely why he had trouble meeting him--the pro Xiognu alliance didn't want him to get here. but he explains that if he chooses to not enter an alliance then in 5 years he can guarantee Wusan and Han will meet in war, and that is something he hopes to avoid.

2.The emperor asks his ministers who should be the heqin (princess). Unsurprising, no one wants to volunteer since the last one met an unfortunate end. But somebody volunteers the daughter of Lord Chu, Princess Jin Jun. She's 28 (ancient in those days)--it isn't a bad idea since it would give them an opportunity to raise their family honor...but she is in love with General H.....the ministers bicker, some trying to suggest Wusan should not receive a Heqin....the emperor ultimately decides all the official daughters will be entered in for selection....

3.Meanwhile, a bored Jieyou appears to be languishing in her new role. A very funny scene follows, as she turns and like magic General H is there. She expresses her frustration at being made a bird in a cage and at him for following her. They have some fun interactions.....

4.OMG i hate it when female characters hate other women for petty reasons....so princess is going to scheme so she isn't selected....she views people like objects ugh

5.Fortunately, Jieyou can handle herself. She doesn't fall for Jin Jun's suicide act and even uses her own words to reassure her that she should be fine (her troup sister is trying no laugh in the background)

6.Later, she drops a piece of cloth wih a poem on it. her troup sister, Ah Cai, teases her so she calls General H over and says he wrote it--it is a funny scene....

7.Jieyou gets into an interesting talk with General H. She learns he was an orphan, how old he was (13) and that his relatives did not want him. He tells Jieyou that she is lucky to not only not experience that but be raised in a loving family. We also learn that he is the child of a traitor too. He assumes she is pitying him but she says he is wrong, that she now knows why he is cold and icy (she is teasing him)

8.She encourages him to be happy and suggest he write or sing to be happy if he can't (I hope he doesn't fall for her...)(the princess jin jin is watching all of this...and is so jealous)(I do feel kind of bad for her) That night Princes Jin Jun confesses to him and gets turned down twice (ouch--I feel like he has a motive for that)

9.Wen tries to find Jieyou but can't seem to locate her (he wants to bring her home as his wife)

10.General H and Jieyou briefly escape the manor together because General H is worried Princess Jin Jun is trying to kill her (he does not have a good opinion of her) they run into the emperor, he mistakes her for Jin Jun, and they do not correct him...

11.Later, Jin Jun tries to apologize...She is able to get her to agree to accompany to her the meeting. General H continues to show concern for Jieyou, it doesn't seem romantic; she points out his concern and it akes him uncomfortable. He describes Princess Jing Jun as someone who hasn't grown up and is jealous of a courageous person....

-I really like this show so far
-I want to see Wen and Jieyou reunited
-I want to see better development of the other characters

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