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I Am...

28yrs old and love epic dramas

Currently Watching: The Empress of China (Yes, I am Crazy)

My first drama was the Taiwanese version of It Started With a Kiss

My Favorite Drama is Journey of Flower or Eternal Love, depending on my state of mind.

I read some manga, some fan translated Cnovels, horror novels, and romance novels and I enjoy writing episode reviews

When I Am Not Watching Dramas, You Can Find Me:

1)Playing video games (he and I have a system where we share either the P.C. or the T.V)



4)Strolling ( I love taking walks) with my boyfriend

Other Than Miyazaki Films, I Don't Like Anime

Correction, I have since seen and can say I enjoyed the following anime:

1)Shin Sekai Yori

2)Kyoukai no Kanata

3)No Game No Life

I work as as a Social Worker and am a big proponent of harm reduction.

I usually dislike the following tropes:

1)Everyone Loves (or hates) the Male Lead

2)Everyone hates (or loves) the Female Lead

I Usually Like These Tropes:

1)Airhead/Adorable Girl who is Smarter than she Looks

2)Shallow Girl Who Is Actually Endearing

3)Misunderstood Mean Girl

4)A Male lead who struggles with Expressing Himself

I Don't Speak a Foreign Language (sadly)

My All Time Favorite Ship:


Bai Feng Jiu & Dong Hua Dijun, Eternal Love

My Favorite Antagonist:


Bai Zi Hua, Journey of Flower 

Coincidentally, He is Also the Male Lead

My Favorite Character of All Time:


Bones, Journey of Flower


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