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A lot About Me because this is not a short bio

I am 30 , a social worker, and am an extrovert introvert--I talk a a lot but don’t really go out a lot. Personality type is ENTP.  I divide my time between video games and dramas so I go through cycles where I dedicate myself to one or the other for any period of time. 

Although I started out watching Kdramas I almost exclusively watch Cdramas.  Why?  I enjoy historical dramas and mainland China has a great deal of material to work with (and that's before they make things up).  I also enjoy fantasy.  Many dramas seem to have the right balance of melodrama mixed in without going to the extreme (like telonovelas).  Over the years I have realized that predictability is not really an issue for me; how well a story executes its plot, no matter how cliche, might be the top priority for me.  

Favorite Dramas 

1)The Story of Ming Lan 

If all the dramas were going to be destroyed tomorrow, and I could only pick one to save, it would be this.

2)Eternal Love

Looking at the entire piece, this is the best fantasy romance I have seen.

3)Journey of Flower

The only drama where I can say that the final episode defines--and puts every thing you have seen--into perspective.


This is my favorite Kdrama.  It is incredibly well written, well acted, and beautifully filmed.

5)Boss & Me

This is my favorite modern drama.  The amount of character growth is phenomenal.

6)Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

I think this is often overlooked, and the story is at times campy, but the emotions are genuine.

7) Prince of Lan Ling

The plot and acting are very good (sometimes campy) but the ending is unexpected.

8)It Started With a Kiss

My first drama.  I think the acting and script are fantastic and witty.

9) You Who Came From the Stars

The script and female lead's character left a lasting impression.  Unique.

10)Ashes of Love

1/4 in-why am I watching this 2/4 in-should i drop? 3/4 in-BLOWN AWAY

11) Dong Yi

Solid palace drama with a strong female lead who isn’t perfect.  Also, not filled with people dropping like flies like in Empress of China.

12) Eternal Love of Dream

I adored the novel it is adapted from (Pillow Book) so I am biased here.

My Favorite Female  Character (tied):

Ming Lan (from the Story of Ming Lan)--Because  she is smart without being annoying, and VERY strong without being rude, forceful, or unkind

Feng Jiu (from Eternal Love)-because she  has the courage to pursue what she wants even though everyone tells her otherwise, and because she is adorable and has the kind of super directness you only see in children but for reasons unknown she does not annoy me this could be the acting

My Favorite  Male Character:

Dong Hua  (Eternal Love) (Eternal Love of Dream)I don't know why--I just like him a lot--I can't communicate it properly--mainly because  he has an internal struggle with desire and duty and though this has been done before, it is executed really well here

My Favorite Male Villain:

Bai Zu Hua (Journey of Flower, also the male lead)-Because he is the most selfish person, the most skilled liar, and the  best example of 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'

My Favorite Female Villain

Lady Qin (step mom, Ming Lan)

I think she is a very well written villain because she's someone you could actually meet in real life--just super smart and manipulative and VERY good at appearing innocent.  In fact I can say I have met one person like her and it is scary how good they are at what they do.  

Not That It Matters But.....

I don't really follow actors beyond reading their bio on this website because it comes together with their acting history although i will admit I was curious when I learned that the actress from Emperor of China was missing.  I don't like Kpop  very much but sometimes I like a few OST's (I just learned that means opening theme song).  But don't get me wrong I do like to read up on some celebrities.  Like the royal family.  No shame at all.  And I think once I investigated rumors to see if Dilriba and Veng Gao were dating because they had such great chemistry.  Yes I am nosy.  I read shoujo and josei and supernatural horror novels and that's about it.  If you are still reading my info page at this point I can only guess that you are either really bored or I am  a very gifted writer who succeeded in charming you. If he former, then thank you.  If the latter, then please let me know so I can pat myself on the back.  Well done Jordan is what I would say.


1: So Awful I Would Rather Destroy All Records of It if I could

2: Awful, but at least it had at least one descent scene

3:Bad, but it was ok to fill the time when there was nothing better/I was too lazy to find something better

4:So Close: It had potential but the good part never came

5:Meh: I don't feel like the time was wasted , would not rewatch, if I had a copy I would give it away

6:Not Bad: Some parts were good, but the parts that were bad were bad.  Would only rewatch  after a long time passed and I watched everything else I rated 7 and up.

7:Good: I would re-watch it spontaneously but wouldn't tell my friends they were missing out if they didn't watch it.  The acting was good with a few uninteresting parts, sub-par acting at times, and predictable plot

8:Very Good: I could rewatch several times, I would reccomend it to friends if it was there cup of tea, and the plus parts make you forget/outweigh any negatives.  

9: Excellent: Near Perfect. I would recommend it to friends even if it was not their cup of tea and would even pay extra to see it.  Each time I watch it I learn/see something new and it continues to impress with more viewings.

10: Perfect: I would watch this into eternity without getting bored of it.  Would recommend to total strangers.  I wouldn't just get the regular edition, I would get the ultra expensive special edition  and pay top dollar.  Is a treasure.

p.s. this was basically copied from IMDB rating system


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