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A bounty hunter named Shen Lang (Wanderer) saves the richest man's daughter, Zhu Qi Qi (77) from a ruffian. They quarrel but he gets to know her family and learns that Wulin's most powerful and sinister man, Kuai Huo Wang (Happy King) is out to bring them trouble soon. He befriends Xiong Mao Er (Panda) and Wang Lian Hua (Pitiful Flower), and the three men do their best to protect Zhu Qi Qi and her family from Kuai Huo Wang. In the process, Shen Lang makes a promise to Zhu Qi Qi's father that he will look after her. At the same time, Shen Lang gets embroiled in a deep relationship with a beautiful woman named Bai Fei Fei who is weak in appearance, but actually cruel-hearted. Bai Fei Fei is a princess from the Ghost Palace. Her half-brother is Wang Lian Hua, and they have the same goal together, which is to destroy Kuai Huo Wang for ditching their mothers and abandoning them at a young age. Will Shen Lang and Bai Fei Fei be together when he finds out her identity? Will Shen Lang, Bai Fei Fei, and Wang Lian Hua succeed in defeating Kuai Huo Wang? Will Zhu Qi Qi escape from the wrath of Kuai Huo Wang? ~~ Adapted from the novel "Mission of the Warriors" (武林外史) by Gu Long (古龍). Edit Translation

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  • Country: China
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 40
  • Aired: 2001 - ?
  • Duration: 47 min.
  • Score: 9.5 (scored by 2 users)
  • Ranked: #99999
  • Popularity: #99999
  • Content Rating: G - All Ages

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Jul 22, 2019
40 of 40 episodes seen
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Overall 10
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Music 10
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The great OST brought me back to watch this drama:

Realized Zhu Qi Qi is not Li Bing Bing but Zhang Yan Yan, those who watched Ashes of Love, Zhu Qi Qi is Jinmie's mother with she was young!

Gosh, the OST reminded me so much of Fei Fei!

My favorite character in here is Bai Fei Fei, even though she is the villain. I'd never watched any drama like this before where I like the villain girl. I always hate villain girls, always always! No excuses! Villain girls are jealousy and scheming, mean and insecure, and yep, and...that's totally Bai Fei Fei... but in this drama, I like her. That's because, her feelings for Shen Lang is actually true. And although she is a jealousy (Zhu Qi Qi and everyone is), Fei Fei actually focuses on her own goal (kill Kuai Huo Wang). It's not like she's doing evil things all because of 1 guy only.
She is forever irreplaceable and a classic.

Rewatching this my heart still breaks for Fei Fei. Wang Yan's acting is really too good. She is so cruel, pretentious, 2-face liar, lonely, quiet, etc. All the descriptions about her are almost bad, it is not attractive like the fun Zhu Qi Qi who is funny and always happy. But Wang Yan has this one beautiful and elegant glow in her that makes Fei Fei irresistible despite how mean she is. Her crying acting is so convincing, her tears are always beautiful and heart breaking. She can make angry, mean and scary evil faces that are very convincing too.


I find Zhu Qi Qi endearing and cute, many people hate her and can find her annoying. Especially that she came in between Shen Lang and Bai Fei Fei's ship. But I actually like Zhu Qi Qi a lot. I still like Fei Fei way more though. The distinction between Fei Fei and Qi Qi are really huge, and easily detected even within just a glance. They are likeable in their own different ways.


I like Shen Lang very much, he is so dashing and hot. I love that one time he was fighting Ah Yin without turning his back, soo cool! XD It's no surprise why both ladies fall for him. His interactions with both women are so great that people are still not over who he loves the most.

I just watched his interviews, it is super duper funny. I'll try my best to translate a little. It made me laugh so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeM4sSzQXdU

Huang Haibing: "There are still so many people asking, Qi Qi... Fei Fei... Shen Lang, say it. Do you love Qi Qi or Fei Fei?"
(roll eyes).
Interviewer: "Who do you like?"
Huang Haibing: "I say, I like both"
Huang Haibing explains that Shen Lang definitely loved Fei Fei, but they couldn't be together because of too many complicated things and she couldn't get over her hatred. She's a bit too poisonous (I agree). For his personal preferences, he chooses Qi Qi's skill-lessness and pure heart, so funny how he raises his eyebrows when saying it (Qi Qi was compassionate, sure, but quite lousy at it too though). The host sounds like she still prefers Fei Fei more (LOL She is so me!).
Interviewer: "So overall you choose Qi Qi lah?"
Huang Haibing: "You still want Fei Fei?"
Interviewer: "Isn't she prettier" (not sure if I hear correctly)
Huang Haibing: "I want those pretty kind?..."
They laugh at it

This is another interview that is older. They asked the same thing! XD. Do you like Fei Fei or Qi Qi? In this one he still chose Qi Qi over Fei Fei. Many years passed his opinion wavered a little but did not change. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV4-QwmfhWI

Here's a MV of him as Shen Lang, with the Dream Sword song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xwrWWZKp74

Xiong Mao'er is funny and cute, I like him very much too. Unlike his nice and smart role as Xiao Jian from HZGG II, sometimes he sounds mean in this show. But I actually like the way he yells at people. It's cute in a way but mean in a way, he yells at his followers and Bai Ling a lot. I really Bai Ling as well, she is useful and smart, very pretty too.
Funny how Xiao Jian fell in love with Qing'er at the end of HZGG II, and now they are back together in this drama but their characters didn't fall in love with each other. Zhu Hongjia is still single all these years, he was really close with Liu Dan (Princess fragrance, Han Xiang) and must have not gotten over her yet, we all missed her very much.

I used to find the character Ah Yin a.k.a. Lust scary. He played as Kuai Huo Wang's subordinate. Rewatching this, Lust is actually really fun and nice! He's a really great actor too, one of my faves in the show.

Max Zhang and Li Qian played support roles in here, they're also funny and cute too.


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Somebody translated the original book here, it is written by Gu Long, another famous Wuxia writer besides Jin Yong:


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  • Drama: Mission of the Warriors
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Aired: 2001 - ?
  • Duration: 47 min.
  • Content Rating: G - All Ages


  • Score: 9.5 (scored by 2 users)
  • Ranked: #99999
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