High quality dramas, both beautifully written and give a healing vibe, like a warm cozy hug. Hope both of end are the start of an era where male characters are all green flags.
Recommended by Cha Jong Hyeop
Persuade dream for years of painfully waiting for opportunity, disappointment, desperation etc. Talented but competition is high. Persuade dream.
Recommended by Chia6
Want a new drama to watch and searching for a good plot that makes you feel happy and healed? these two are good choices. Second chances are real and it's never too late.

SPOILER ahead:

Want happy endings but still get a beautifully written drama? These are the ones for you!
Recommended by sweetspice
The best offers Netflix had this year, both beautifully written and they focus on second chances with a fantasy theme.
Recommended by Potato boy
30 but 17 is a romantic comedy about a 17 year old girl who gets into a car accident and spends 13 years in a coma. When she wakes up, she has to relearn how to live life as an older woman. Diva of the deserted island is about a woman who spends years on an uninhabited island and has to relearn how to participate in society.
Recommended by Duckk
"Missing 9" and "Castaway Diva" have different plots and genres, but they have similar concept about people being stuck in a deserted island. Both dramas shows the survival of the characters and how they went back to adjust in the society. It also focuses on the entertainment industry with celebrities.
Recommended by uchuudrop
These two dramas have the same vibes. It's centered around youth and music, and how they make those dreams become a reality.
-Both have a singing FL
- Both have a love triangle
Recommended by asian drama lover
Both are amazing and fun. They are both very lighthearted and amazing. The plot in both is well thought out and the charters all feel real
Recommended by Euopik
Both Korean story about somehow somewhat ended at a deserted island, and survived and feeling odd back to modern society. Fun watch. Recommended
Recommended by Chia6
A modern person ended up on a deserted island. How they survived. Some comedy. Surviving skill, resilient, hope vs fate. Fun watch
Recommended by Chia6
The screenwriter's other series.
Looks like Castaway Diva. This drama is also about youth and dreams of becoming a singer. If you liked Castaway Diva, you might like this drama.
Recommended by Aiishi
Both Hometown chachacha and Castaway diva are amazing shows.
Healing like a warm cozy hug paired with excellent acting. Enjoy!!!
Recommended by Castaway Diva enthusiast
Both have:

1. A ML and FL who bonded through a past traumatic incident and were separated. ML searches for FL for years to protect and repay her.
2. Super sweet slice of life cohabitation where the leads learn from and heal each other.
3. A complicated sismance between FL and SFL.
4. A thriller plot with a shady figure from the past who has it out for the leads.
5. A fantasy feel but mostly realistic.

And written by the same writer! The romances feel similar since they're based on the deep trust and understanding between ML and FL. Both also have inspirational career journeys, a large cast of characters and some tragic situations, but are heartwarming stories about people overcoming adversity and failures in the system through helping and supporting each other.
Recommended by SongofSixpence
Beautiful scenery, soundtrack and an acting masterclass. A lovely war cup of team for the colder months or a fresh ice tea for the summer.
Recommended by Castaway Diva enthusiast
I was healed with both shows. Friends to lover but with different endings, no spoilers!!!!
+ beautiful shots, great soundtracks and amazing cast
Recommended by Castaway Diva enthusiast
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