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Jul 9, 2023
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I just finished watching and... I'm obsessed!! OOO did amazing job. This is right to slap the haters for calling them out to queerbait. As someone who stanned them since debut, I'm extremely proud of them. Hopefully with the drama more people will be able to recognize this amazing group. Special mention to LOML Taeyeob, you did great bby xo. I haven't read the manga yet however I'm considering it now after watching it!! It seems genuinely so good so I am looking forward to it. Please support our boys on this journey, fellow LyOns and people who are watching drama because they really deserve the recognization and appreciation for the stuff they do. They are extremely talented artist so please.. Support them.

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Oct 30, 2023
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I hardly write any reviews but I felt I needed to say something about this series.
The whole 8 episodes I felt like watching an ad or some kind of promotional video. It did not feel like a real story, more like an extended summary.
This being said I have to credit the actors (whom I understand to be members of a k-pop group), who did a good job. I would not have guessed that they are no professional actors apart from the make up that looked rather overdone at times.
For fans of the k-pop group’s members or huge BL fans this series might be thrilling, but I am afraid for everybody else it might be rather a waste of time.

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Nov 6, 2023
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There were some choices made.

Let’s be honest. This mini series left me quite disappointed. As someone who is a big fan of OnlyOneOf and specifically Nine and Mill well…
What I liked: obviously I was super excited about Nine and Mill. They have always caught my attention. They have such natural chemistry and they always have me on the edge of my seat. The soundtrack was obviously 10/10.
What I didn’t like: Not a huge fan on the writing. I’ve seen many people say they didn’t like the acting when tbh it wasn’t even that bad. I’ve seen worse acting trust and believe. I liked how they incorporated the band mates but my god could the writing not have been just a little better?
Honestly we could've scrapped the angst storyline they wanted to give and just gave us more bonding moments and scenes between our two male leads.
I really hope this mini series won’t deter people away from this amazing group and for the future projects they will give us. There was a kiss scene and I wished it was placed differently with different circumstances revolved around the kiss but I’ll take what I can get. I’m not sure what budget they were running on but the main few issues I had with this mini is for the exact fact that it was a mini series and not long enough episode. If it was longer than most of the problems could’ve been fully fleshed and I’m sure the show would’ve had a better outcome with the watchers.
Overall, it’s a very short mini series with an amazing cast so it won’t kill you if you do or don’t watch the show. Anyways regardless stream OnlyOneOf music!

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Nov 2, 2023
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Cute short series

We mustn’t compare this with a 16 hours long series, it’s just 2 hours long. I liked it, I think it’s cute. The story is simple.

I think the theme is important (in a country that’s just starting) to be open for LGBTQ+. The music and other media industry can play a big role in acceptance.

I never in my live heard about OnceOneOf (OOO) before. I like the main song, I have it on Spotify now.

I like the acting too, especially from Nine (JiHoon) and Mill (Eden). The characters suit them.

About the end: it’s a 15+ age series, for teens. It doesn’t need kissing. It gave us a promise. That’s enough for a series like this I think. It also has a good counter role in the new vibe of throwing in more and more nudity etc. in BL series.

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