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Golden Rainbow Episode 15

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Mar 29, 2015


It was iffy getting into the first few episodes. Over dramatized dramas are hard for me to get into. But as a drama fan I've grown and Golden Rainbow had a lot of promise. Don't get me wrong it's all kinds of crazy insane yeah-that-would-happen moments that I hope no corrupt society could let go. Justice! After I sunk into the drama and I knew everyone I was hooked. The cast of children was awesome and I was dying to figure out how all this would end. Especially Baek Won! She was the female lead that I was waiting for to shake up my drama viewing. She's super woman taking care of an entire family through all kinds of crazy hardship. Smart, hardworking, and tough. Sure she cried, but it was called for. When Baek Won cries it is for a reason.

Then the time jump happened and it all became painful. I still wanted to know how everything would end. Needed to. Which is why I clunk on desperately for as long as I could! What happened? Well Baek Won became an unbearable character. The writer rewrote her to be one of the MOST ANNOYING female leads I've had the displeasure of watching. Why? Why would they take an amazing character and do a 180 like that?

Point is the drama died, and I no longer care to find out if Baek Won develops back to her old self. Watching this episode has been like watching the past episodes, Baek Won is dead. She's not coming back.

Plus, having Kim Han Joon rejoin his family was horrible. The man's "kindness" is killing them. His kids pulled themselves together and watching him setup their destruction was too much. In fact, most of the character became unbearable with the time jump. Ones that were annoying became painful to watch.

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