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It's so crazy to think that I've been watching dramas since 2011! In a lot of ways I'm still a newbie, but I feel like a seasoned veteran of dramaland. Before dramas I was (and am) a HUGE K-pop fan! My Goodreads friends who introduced me to K-pop gave me the push to try out dramas after a failed attempt.

Cinderella's Sister was my very first one, and sadly I've never made it through even though I occasionally try. (Mainly because it was my very first.) My Goodreads friends pushed me to watch You're Beautiful and the rest is history! Not to mention the start of my Gender Bender addiction.

As of now I've mainly watch Korean dramas, but now I'm trying to branch out more. For some reason I haven't found Taiwanese or Japanese dramas that I've clicked with. Though I'm definitely clicking with Chinese dramas! So far very little filler, great female characters, solid stories, and I hope my luck keeps going!

If you can't tell I am a massive bookworm and if you can't find me on MDL you'll find me over on my Goodreads account. I also blog about books on my Book Whispers blog, where I discovered my addiction to writing reviews!

Warning I'm a rambler. So you'll find me endlessly reviewing each episode I watch and doing a full series review when done! I am a picky viewer, just like with books! Do Not Finish powers are something I strongly believe in--because no one has time for a drama they don't like.

Feel free to friend me! I love having friends to chat with even if we do or don't have the same tastes. It's what makes it fun. ^_-


If above wasn't enough here's some more things to get to know me!

~ Okay, big bookworm. If I'm not junking out on dramas, I'm reading.
~ Love anime, though in recent years I don't watch as much.
~ Gender benders are one of my fave weird drama tropes. Hey, if Shakespeare liked it, so can I!
~ Love paranormal themed dramas. Ghost, vampires, time travel, magic users, ext, give me!
~ Though I will admit there is something about ghost stories that I can't get enough of! I'm obsessed.  
~ Huge K-pop fan. This year has been a bit of a miss (2016), but I can't get enough of it.
~ Currently obsessed with Chinese dramas.
~ My birthday on my profile here is incorrect. Normally don't put it on my profile, but MDL assigned me one and I can't change it.
~ I do not have every drama I've ever watched or dropped on here. It was too much work--and I can't remember the names of some of them--so I only started adding after if I tried them again after I joined.
~ A lot of my older ratings probably should be lower, especially now that I've ironed out my rating system. However, I don't think I should take the time to change them all. Because I'm lazy (there's a lot of them!) and because at the time that's what I felt.

Find me at these other places: Google+, Youtube


Here's my "Does" list with a  few (more than a few) things that endear me to dramas!

~ Well developed characters. Whether they're leads or side characters.

~ Strong female leads or unique ones. A lead who steps out of the drama stereotypes. Whether it's because they have a job that's "not for women" or just the way they act. When I say strong I mean she knows herself, and knows when to stand up for herself. Especially a lead that knows when to tell the male in her life no when he asks her to do something. It only makes it sweeter when she does do it, because you know she wants to do it for him.

~ Warm male leads. Ones who treat the girl right. He isn't afraid to say she's beautiful. He likes her maybe because she isn't beautiful on the outside, but inside. Sadly this lead is usually on the losing side of a love triangle.


~ Romantic build up. Nothing sets my drama heart a flame like romantic build up. Ah, the suspense. To see the leads fall in love. When moments where they just look at each other hold so much emotion. Where they don't need to touch for us to feel that power! It makes it all the sweeter when they finally kiss or--gasp--the allusiveness of skinship in a drama. Also, I am not a fan of insta-love. I want to see them developing emotions.

~ Real kisses. All that freeze kiss with the fish eyes freaks me out. Don't get me wrong, I still go "Ahhhh, finally." You know warm and fuzzies. When a the actors actually get to really bring the passion, hesitancy, budding romance, and whatever into that first REAL kiss it makes my heart so happy.


~ Plot and writing. A well written drama can save bad acting. Sadly bad writing can not be saved by great acting. Even if the drama is typical I am a firm believer that it can still be great by having a wonderful dialogue, well written characters, and a decent plot. Though I like it when they plot and story is ambitious.

~ Clever, unique, and organic humor. I love it when the humor is cleverly written and feels natural.

~ Sister and girlfriends that are actually nice and like the female lead.

~ Great side characters and side stories. Come on, do I need to go on why?

~ Unique genres and plots. Which mainly means I love fantasy elements. Ghosts, time travel, shamans, vampires, psyches, and more!? Bring it. I do love the "regular" stuff too. ^_-

~ Dealing with real life material well and realistically. Such as domestic abuse, cheating, drugs, murder, sexism, and so on.

~ World building. Not just for fantasy and sci-fi, it's important to any story.

There are more, true! And I won't claim that every drama has have these things. I just appreciate it more when they are present.


This is not law, and I'll admit to enjoying some of these things. However, most of the time it just doesn't mesh well with me.

~ The clumsy and stupid lead. It's a trope that I loath, and if they're not given any depth beyond that I can't stand it! They may be clumsy and stupid, but they have hopes, dreams, and personalities too!

~ Cold (AKA jerk) male lead. So what if they're "smart", then they should be smart enough to decent to the female lead. Especially if they treat everyone better than her. Or run like the wind if they treat everyone poorly. Now this does not mean every cold male is bad. Again it depends all on the writing and how the character is developed.

~ Let the female lead be good at her job! If the female lead has studied for this, and in some cases is supposed to be absolutely brilliant at it, don't let the male lead just waltz in and be better. I'm not talking about where they're both in the same profession and the girl can never beat him. I'm talking about where the male lead just magically tries it and is better than her. Or they make the lead be stupid and incompetent so she can be saved. Which brings me to—

~ Making the female lead incompetent so she can be saved.


~ Accidental kissing. Sometimes it can be humorous and I have enjoyed many of those moments. Most of the time it's annoying and takes away from the romantic build up I mentioned in me "Dos" list. However, it is nice when a show makes up for it later with a real kiss.  Just stop with the trip kissing and the likes.

~ Casual acceptance of verbal and mental abuse to characters. Sadly it happens more to the female leads.

~ Child abuse, rape, and various other abuses used as casual plot tropes.

~ Bad writing and plots. I've said above why this is important. Not to mention that bad writing and stupid plots can make my "Don'ts" list worse!

~ Not caring about family members, side characters, friend, and lack of world building outside of the two leads. Part of fleshing any good story out.

~ Flashbacks. If you're going to use them don't flashback to things that have just happened. Especially if it's within that episode. Utilize them well.

~ Wasting episodes. Where the story is dragged out to simple fill the episode quota. Either from bad plot pacing, flashbacks, endless crying, and dramatic scenes. You know what I mean.

These are just my top ones.


As said picky viewer, but I love to review! I firmly believe in reviewing every episode I watch until the final series review.

However, as a picky viewer I do believe fully in "Do Not Finish" powers! Since MDL doesn't like you to post a series review unless you've watched the whole thing I do a final review on the last episode I got to.

How I review out of 10:

- 10 Masterful storytelling.
- 9 Pretty fabulous.
- 8 Awesome.
- 7 Very good.
- 6 Promising.
- 5 Average.
- 4 Not very good.
- 3 Really poor quality.
- 2 This is painful.
- 1 Truly atrocious.

Dropped Series Reviews:

I have not given a final review for every series I've dropped. So I've only posted to the ones I have. If you want to see others check out my dropped list, though that doesn't have all the ones I dropped as I've forgotten. ! 

Oh, and if you want to see the review just scroll down to the bottom of the pages linked. MDL does not have any kind of direct link to episode reviews. Sorry!

- Cinderella and the Four Knights (Episode 8)
- Cinderell's Sister (Episode16)
- Golden Rainbow (Episode12)
- Kiss Me (Episode4)
- It Started With a Kiss (Episode10, but I have since then watched the entire thing here's my series review.)
- Love in the Moonlight (Episode 5)
- Shut Up Family (Episode11)

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