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by hvnlyslayerangel on January 28, 2013
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Currently Watching: Queen of Ambition

To say that I have been in a melodrama hangover lately would be an understatement. After watching such dramas as Innocent Man and I Miss You over the last few months, and crying what could easily equate to several buckets of tears, I just wasn't sure if I could emotionally handle another dramatic series. Then, into my life walked Queen of Ambition.

“If you want revenge, you should prepare two graves.”

Right from the opening line, this drama grabbed me differently than previous melodramas. Some cannot help but to compare it to the  popular shows filmed earlier this year, but to lump it in with those dramas would be unfair, to say the least. I mean, does it have some of the basic story line as its predecessors? Yes. Is this a story of revenge? Certainly. Is it a story about a woman’s betrayal? Obviously. But I think what is refreshing about it is that you’re seeing the treachery unfold starting from the first episode, not in a sequence of flashbacks lined throughout the series,  leaving you guessing as to what happened in the past that has made things turn out the way they have for the parties involved. 

You’ll start Queen of Ambition off by meeting Joo Da Hae (Park Soo Ae) as the leading lady. She is an ambitious woman who has worked her way to the top of society using incorrigible means. Being an orphan and coming from poverty, Da Hae decides that she does not want to return to that kind of life. To achieve this goal she sets her sights on the charismatic Baek Do Hoon (Jung Yunho), the son of the president of the company she is interning for. Baek Do Hoon truly cares for Da Hae and wishes to get married, but their happiness isn't all rainbows and butterflies; there’s a problem. Joo Da Hae already has a husband – Ha Ryu (Kwon Sang Woo). Ryu is Da Hae’s childhood sweetheart and so blindly in love with Da Hae that he does unimaginable things, including shaming himself, to try to get her where she wants to be in life. Yet this still does't make Da Hae happy.
In her quest to be a part of high society, I think that Da Hae will learn that even if a person like Ryu loves you endlessly, they are still probably capable of seeking vengeance when wronged.

I do have to say that the chemistry and acting between the cast is great! They are really bringing their characters to life in this drama. There is no forced acting and everyone seems to play off of each other fairly well, making your like or dislike each character, as are the writers’ intentions. I think this drama will be a wild ride, but will flow easily from one episode to the next.
I should also mention that so far, the kissing in this drama is ACTUAL KISSING, not the conservative cold fish kiss we see in most dramas! :D

Episode 5 of Queen of Ambition (also known as Yawang) airs Monday, January 28 in Korea.

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