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by Laugarza on April 19, 2013
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Episode 7 Recap
Hello everyone, this is laugarza with a recap of episode 7 for the amazingly awesome drama Nine: Nine Times Time Travel.

It’s 10:30 pm on December 30th. Dr. Park is working late in his office when a staff member comes to ask him about going home. She lets him know everyone else is already gone because it's a holiday, and he tells her that she can go ahead and leave too. He says he will lock up when he leaves, so she goes ahead and takes off after making sure she locks the main hospital door behind her.
In the present Sun Woo has been waiting for the right time to light the incense stick. At 10:40 pm he sets his timer and lights the incense. It has already started burning when he hears the doorbell ring. He is glancing at the door when he disappears into the past.
In 2012, Min Young believes Sun Woo is in his room and tries to open the door after she repeatedly knocks and get no answer.
In 1993 Sun Woo sees his teenage self asleep in bed and wakes him up. The teenage Sun Woo is surprised to see someone there. He is going to call for help, but future Sun Woo covers his mouth to stop him. He explains that he is the future Sun Woo and even shows his ID to get the truth across. Min Young is in 2012 still trying to get into Sun Woo’s room.
Future Sun Woo explains that he will only be there for 30 minutes. While they are talking, the phone rings. Future Sun Woo says it will be Young Hoon calling to say he can’t go on the train trip with him tomorrow because he had to pay his sister back. He tells teenage Sun Woo to say he that will lend Young Hoon the money as he was going to say that anyway and hang up. Asking for money is the reason why Sun Woo had originally gone to his father’s hospital the night he was killed, because he was the only one Sun Woo could think of to get the money from at that time.
He has the teenage Sun Woo call his father and lie that he has to come home because his mother is sick. The teenage Sun Woo is pretending to go along with the plan and is telling his father to come when he suddenly shouts out to his father that someone is there with him and tries to run away.
The two Sun Woos struggle and the teenage Sun Woo gets knocked out when he hits his head on some furniture. Dr. Park is worried over what he heard and races out of the hospital. He gets in a taxi and heads home.
Since the teenage Sun Woo did what the future Sun Woo wanted, he leaves the bedroom and heads downstairs to find the car keys.  After struggling to get the car moving since he forgot it was shift, he heads to the hospital and passes by the taxi that is taking Dr. Park home.
At the hospital Sun Woo sets up 4 cameras he brought from the future around his father’s office.
Once they are all set he has 11 minutes left to see what happens. He goes to a nearby room and sets up his laptop to view the video feed.
Nothing is happening yet so he calls the teenage Sun Woo on the phone. The phone call wakes up the teenage Sun Woo who was still knocked out on the floor. Future Sun Woo complains to him that they could have had a serious talk if he hadn’t panicked.  After they hang up Sun Woo’s father finally arrives frantic with worry to know what happened.
With only about a minute left he sees someone finally enter the room at last. It is Jung Woo. Sun Woo stares in shock as Jung Woo stands in the room calling out to his father to tell him he is there.
In 2012 Young Hoon has been staring anxiously at a news article on the death of Dr. Park. When the 30 minutes are up Young Hoon is shocked as he literally sees the news article change to show a different time of death.  Dr. Park’s death date plaque also changes to now say Dec. 31, 1992 at around 2 am.
Sun Woo has returned to the future. (For some reason this is the first time I realize notice that he returns to the location where he lit the incense stick even if he is at another place). He is sitting in shock when he hears a commotion outside his bedroom door. Min Young has called in a locksmith to open the door and just as she opens it so does Sun Woo. She asks what is going on and he says he was sleeping.  While she complains on how it is impossible he didn’t hear her, Sun Woo fires back asking who gave her permission to come in and open his door.
The locksmith is upset about the whole issue and as he and Min Young both leave, he tells her not call a locksmith to try to hit on people. She tries to get him to believe that isn’t the case but he take off.
As Min Young starts to head back inside, Sun Woo comes out of the house to leave as well. She tries to get a ride from him but he says he is late to work and leaves without her.
In 1992, Sun Woo is staring at the ID the future Sun Woo left behind while pressing a bandage to the cut he got on his head. The 2012 Sun Woo now has a new scar there too.
Sun Woo is driving to when he gets a call from Young Hoon asking what happened that only the date of death changed. Sun Woo tells him of his new memory of being in his room when he suddenly remembers the warning his father is in danger. He looks for his dad at home but he had left after getting a phone call so he rushes to the hospital on his bike. It is too late as his father’s office is already on fire and he gets injured trying to go in and find his dad just like it originally was supposed to happen. Sun Woo is looking on the bright side though as he still has 3 hours to try again. He doesn’t tell Young Hoon that he saw Jung Woo at his father’s office as he isn’t sure what it means.
At this time Jung Woo is having dinner with his wife and friends. Sun Woo calls to ask him where Jung Woo was at the night their father was killed. Jung Woo claims he was with his wife the whole time. Sun Woo asks if he went to the hospital at all. Jung Woo still denies it and so Sun Woo says he was just curious and hangs up.
Sun Woo arrives at the news station. He gets ready for the newscast and remembers his conversations with Chairman Choi (who denied killing his father) and Jung Woo. Things are starting to add up in Sun Woo’s mind and it looks like the real reason why Jung Woo wanted to change the past is much more complicated. He calls Jung Woo again.  Jung Woo gets and walks to another part of the restaurant to answer. Sun Woo demands to know why he is lying about going to the hospital that night. Jung Woo continues to deny it and Sun Woo begs him to tell him right then as that would be best time to tell him so he can understand, but he won’t. Sun Woo gets told he is needed at the news desk. As he returns to his call, Jung Woo asks if he heard something from Choi.  This question increases Sun Woo’s certainty that Choi knows what happened and that his brother was involved.
Woo hangs up and goes to the news desk to prepare for the news. Min Young arrives and demands to know what is wrong with him.  He denies anything is wrong, but finally admits he is nervous that he might do something by accident like making Jo Min Young into Park Min Young. Min Young doesn’t know what he means and so Sun Woo tells her that she is not that great at investigating leads.
Sun Woo is giving the news when he starts getting text messages from Chairman Choi. Choi writes a message telling him that Sun Woo’s father was already dead when he arrived at the hospital. The fire was at 2 am but the death occurred at around 12:30 am. Sun Woo looks at a clock to see that he has little time left as it is about 12:10 am.
He does one more intro to a news story and then he motions for Min Young who has been watching his strange behavior to come up to the desk. He tells her to take off the news cast for him before he races out. The news staff frantically prepares Min Young to take over as Sun Woo drives like a maniac to reach a place he can jump to the past from. It is 12:20 am.
In 1992, Jung Woo is waiting in his father’s office for him to return after he called him to come. His father arrives and Jung Woo asks what happened to Sun Woo, who he says just had a dream about a robber. Dr. Park asks why he is there and whether it is about the girl. Sun Woo is driving through red lights in 2012 trying to make it in time.
Jung Woo offers to give up his right as heir to the hospital if he can marry the girl. This angers his father who demands to know who Jung Woo thinks he is. He yells Sun Woo is the heir and asks who Jung Woo is trying to call father. Mrs. Park arrives and tries to calm things down, but Dr. Park claims it is all her fault as she came to him with someone else’s baby.  She asks him to stop making such claims while Jung Woo looks on in shock.
Sun Woo parks his car as he finally reaches a spot close to hospital; it is 12:25 am. He lights incense and disappears to future. He walks into hospital at about 12:27 am.
He heads to his father’s office and as he is coming down the hallway he stops when he hears his mother shout asking begging Jung Woo not to do something.
He reaches his father’s office and opens the door to find Jung Woo kneeling over the dead body of their father. His mother demands to know who he is as Jung Woo races out of the office. Sun Woo doesn’t say anything as he checks his father’s pulse and his mother says it was an accident. She heads to the phone to call 911 and Sun Woo gets up to chase after Jung Woo.
Jung Woo runs down the hospital corridors and Sun Woo takes a different route to try to catch him. As Jung Woo runs outside Chairman Choi almost hits him with his car as arrives at the hospital.  Jung Woo races down the street and Choi goes inside to find Mrs. Park about to call police.
Choi closes the door, checks Dr. Park's pulse, and asks if Jung Woo did it. As Mrs. Park denies this saying it was an accident, Choi has an idea. He stops Mrs. Park from making the phone call.
Jung Woo races down the streets trying to get away from Sun Woo. Sun Woo finally catches up to him and just as he grabs Jung Woo he is sent back to future.

Wow. I never expected both Jung Woo and his mother to be involved in the death of Sun Woo’s father. How will Sun Woo handle the truth now that he knows he lost Min Young because he brought back his brother from the dead when he is the one that killed their father? Interesting turn of events.

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