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by lola_suju on November 17, 2013
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There are a handful of female actresses on whom I have a sort of girl! crush.Yoon Eun Hye is one of them, she's really cute... but as I watched her dramas it really struck me how well she could emote - I'd be cheering madly for her character or tears would be leaking out of my eyes during a painful scene. Every time I see her in something no matter what, I feel happy and proud as if she were my own big sis. She is a South Korean actress, singer, entertainer, model, fashion Pioneer, commercial queen and is said to be a success guarantee. She debuted as a member of girl group Baby V.O.X, then she moved on to acting.
No matter what she puts her hands on it's a hit. She knows how to portray her role well and how to bring the character alive so I truly respect her <3 She proved her acting skills with different roles from poor girl turned to princess to a tomboyish girl to a bratty princess that’s so full of herself to a traumatic dark Lee See Yeon to her new role, a cheerful young lady. Seriously WOW! She amazes me with her greatly delightful talent and her looks are so versatile .
 She’s the true CF Queen. Not by the quantity of many CFs, but by quality. 

She was also a regular member on the variety show X-Man and she was known as the young warrior because she was really strong

do you acknowledge her strength now?  xD

But she still charms the men with her sexiness

and she had a scandal with the singer Kim Jong Kook , the last one she danced with in the video above.Honestly I think she’s really a GOOD kisser with whomever she pairs with. She just normally have great chemistry with everyone.
Even though her height is 168 cm but she wears a killer heels.

Enough of the background now it’s time for the stalker’s guide to start.


Shin Chae Gyung (main role)- playful childish princess
It was funny and made me LOL numerous times. It also had me getting angry at the characters and falling in love with them. That’s how I know it was awesome! Yoon Eun Hye was beautiful as always but Shin Chae Gyung childish acting sometimes got to my nerves.

I mean she was 19 years old! Though the drama is your typical modern day Cinderella story, Yoon Eun Hye’s acting and portraying the pure innocent teenage high school student which she got her life upside down by the arranged marriage with the crowned prince
made the whole show a pleasure to watch.

The OST, the clothes, the scenery was all like a new World for me.

The Vineyard Man (2006)
Lee Ji Hyeon (main role) - striving sweet city girl

Ji-hyun, an extraordinary girl who will show the world her great achievements someday, left home to work in a small village. It's surprisingly entertaining because it creates a fun environment from start to finish. The high dose of humour helps a lot, as does the strong chemistry between the actors. The characters are nicely developed. Fun stuff that's worth seeking out. Eun Hye is EXTREMELY GORGEOUS.

 She’s both believable and admirable in her role and love her marvelous acting about how she learns to releases her inner beauty and her arrogance added humour in the drama in a sweet, warm way.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)
Go Eun Chan (main role) - Tomboyish but adorable
Coffee Prince is one of those drama you can’t do other than loving and rewatching all the time. My Chan, a 24-year-old tomboy, is the “head” of her household. When her family was entangled into more debts, she seeks employment at “Coffee Prince”, which only hires handsome guys, and disguises herself as a boy to get the job. Eun Chan is very mature and logical and tries to keep an optimistic personality. She‘s very lovable character, making her almost impossible for people to hate. She bonds with her male co-workers. In my opinion, no girl has been able to act as a guy better than Eun-hye. She didn’t only cut her hair, but also adapted the mannerisms of a male. She did such good job that sometimes I forgot that she was actually female. Moreover, her chemistry with Gong Yoo was indescribable. They portrayed a love between a man and a woman so realistically. The writers & actors did a wonderful job with their characters, and their acting was SUPERB.
 The conversations, the reactions seemed so realistic, which added a layer of believability.

Take Care of the Young Lady (2009)
Kang Hye Na(main role) - spoiled & bratty but good hearted

Hye Na is a horrible spoiled brat, but has a definite innocent child-like aura to her that makes it forgiving. Life is easy for her and she gets what she wants.  Although she was at first self-centered, she matured throughout the whole drama not just at the end, so that’s the best thing that happened is the character development Yoon Eun Hye as usual impressed me with her magnificent acting, she really can pull off any role and I really loved how the main leads truly fell in love and their relationship.

Personal Taste (2010)
Yun Eun Su (guest role)- pretty ex-girlfriend eun hye/20100419_yooneunhye4_zpse38489a8.jpg
Yun Eun Su was as Jin Ho’s ex-girlfriend but she wasn't noisy nor she treated the main girl badly rather than she was incredibly sweet. I think she appeared at episode 8. She was so pretty even though it was only, I think, 6 minutes.

Road for hope (2010)
Charity program
In 2010, Yoon kicked off her first charity project by working with children to create a unique line of hand painted bags. She did the program with Kim Hyun Joong of the kpop band SS501, that was called “road for hope”.I was really touched when I watched it , and I'm happy that they made this program as it makes people more aware of how other people lives are.
It really made me appreciate Yoon Eun Hye & Kim Hyun Joong and  respect them more. Eun Hye’s really sweet and warm hearted.

Lie to Me (2011)
Gong Ah Jung (main role) - workaholic and strong-willed Eun Hye

Ah Jung gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager. Ah Jung considers herself a servant of the people. She has plenty of energy and has a tomboyish charm.
 Eun Hye makes for a very convincing every day woman. You have to appreciate that kind of freedom. You just can’t help kind of relate to her.Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon looked fabulous together with a lot of humour potential in the pairing. Their combination doesn't just look like it should work but explode with fireworks. They had amazing senses. And for me the coca cola scene was the best ;D .

Missing You (2012)
Lee Soo Yeon (main role)- feared but still cheerful romantic Eun Hye
Seeing YEH previous drama we see that most her drama are on the rom-com side, but this one is a melodrama. So prepare your tissues. 
It was BEYOND WORDS !! I was amazed & stunned by her great acting and impersonates her character as if she was real, she proved that she's a talented actress that can pull off such a complex sad agonist character like Su Yeon, I praise her for that. It wasn't all tragedy though: She had great chemistry between both  Yoo Seung Ho and Park Yoochun
 They had intense passionate kisses, and  good chemistry together that progressively developed throughout the drama and made their characters much more rich, as well as their interactions. She seriously never disappointed me, I hope she keeps improving like that in the future. Her acting was flawless

She strongly portrayed her role, and it was worth the tears.

Marry Him If You Dare  (2013)
Na Mi Rae (main role) – ordinary lady wants to reach her dream
Mi Rae is a bright and lovable 32-year-old with a frizzly crimped hair who spends her days scraping her job. But one day her future self appears in front of her to persuade her to believe in herself and reach for her dream. It’s still an ongoing drama; it’s really entertaining. Even though I always wanted Yong Hwa to get any main girl (except heartstrings well he didn’t get the teacher he loved :D) but honestly Se Joo only have a “second lead” aura around him *sorry yong hwa*
plus I am enjoying the love between Lee Dong Gun  and Eun Hye , they really have great chemistry.
 Kim Shin character is so appealing as well as Mi-Rae. I really love Eun Hye’s acting, she just always surprises me in her superb acting and her attraction for Kim Shin feels so real.


The Legend of Seven Cutter (2006)
Han Min Joo (main role)- tough cookie
It’s romantic, cheesy movie but it’s still entertaining. Han Min Joo is the school's resident tomboy who's not only an ace boxer but also a physical knockout to boot but she’s good-hearted.  Eun Hye is intensely likable thanks to her “My Sassy Girl” inspirational deception, and the unexpected intimacy.

Little Black Dress (2011)
Yoo Min (main role) - hardworking romantic writer

It’s a cool movie in revealing the sensibility of women in their 20's. Yoo Min's dreams of shopping luxuriously and eating glamorously. However, to escape from her jobless situation, she becomes a writer. Her character was portrayed honestly but in a fun and humorous way and you’ll even find yourself nodding once in agreement to her concerns.
Eun Hye put in her everyday charm of easy going and next-door girl imperfect image, into Yoo Min.
Her friendship with Hye Ji (Park Han Byul) stood out and produced much charms.


You can also get to see her stalker side in 2pm’s music video Tic Toc
(she’s in the mv and also singing)

She also appeared in music video of the singer :
Kim Jong Kook - Saying i love you

She sang in a lot of songs and here’s some examples

Yoon Eun Hye ft Lee Dong Gun - Salad Song
(they sang long time ago then now they’re in love in the drama :D what a fate )

She also did a cover to the known kpop girl group 2ne1 - lonely
*well because she’s their fan but she’s really talented even in singing*

And that's all chingus ^_^ I hope you enjoyed reading My Stalker's Guide
I hope you're all interested in checking out her dramas & movies listed above
 I hope you come to love Eun Hye just as much as I do 
I will leave you with her beautiful smile 

or Call her maybe

If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of a Stalker's Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact Elisabetta about it.