by SeRose, May 11, 2014

The Best of Asian Drama Moms

So let me say something before we even begin:  

Happy Mother’s Day!

This a gentle reminder to all of you kiddos on this site with moms to give her an extra special hug today, and for those of you lovely lady residents of Mydramalist who are moms, well… as I said before, Happy Mother’s Day! What am I doing for Mother’s Day? I’m leaving the state and going on vacation without my mom (aiigoo.. eoma mianhamnida!) But because I knew this was happening, I decided to make this special tribute to her and great moms like her, who just so happen to be from the dramas. No evil conniving women in this post - this is dedicated to the best moms of Asian drama (that I have had the fortune to meet with). Please share your favorite moms in the comments below, and maybe with your own moms too?

In no particular order we have,

Atashinchi no Danshi - Mineta Chisato
Played by: Horikita Maki


Well if she didn’t take on the task of motherhood all in one fell swoop! One day she’s nobody (relatively speaking), the next she’s married and widowed and has a house load of boys! Raising children may never look the same to some people after you’ve watched this drama, but hey - she did more than her duty! And she did it with style.

Heirs - Eun Chan’s and Kim Tan’s Mothers
Played by: Kim Mi Kyung and Kim Sung Ryung respectively


The mothers that turned the tide of Kdrama motherhood. Who doesn’t love these two? Sure there may have been some reservations at first over them accepting their children’s love, but I think they were too busy falling in love with each other to really bother - Kidding! But they were fabulous each; practically made to be written about in this article.

In Time With You - You Qing’s Mother
Played by: Lin Mei Xiu


The best mother figure by far (as far as comic value goes), but the best part of her role was that while yes, she served her lines for humor’s sake, she could also turn around and give some sound, very logical, and very motherly advice to not just her daughter, but to her daughter’s love interest as well. Besides, genuine bonding time. How rare is that in Asian drama?

Itazura na Kiss - Irie Naoki’s Mother
Played by: Nishimura Tomomi


Over the top she may well be - okay she’s way over the top - and if she didn’t happen to be dedicating her entire life to making a match of our lead characters, she wouldn’t be funny at all. But for the sake of her love and complete adoration of Kotoko at first sight, I am hereby guaranteed to love her for life (and giggle for eternity).

Jewel in the Palace - Court Lady Han (Jang Geum’s surrogate mother)
Played by: Yang Mi Kyung


This lady played one of the most pivitol roles in Jang Geum’s life, basically raising her as a child and gave more than her fair share of mentoring, nurturing, and love. I’m certain that in spite of all the women in Jang Geum’s life this was the lady she was most closest too on such a personal level, and it warrants motherhood status in my books.

Reply 1997 - Shi Won’s Mother
Played by: Lee Il Hwa


Isn’t this a great woman? Can anyone disagree? Sure she’s funny and hilarious, and along with her husband, she’s one half of an iconic Kdrama parent duo, but just think of all the things she did for her daughter, and her pseudo-kids, and for her family.

School 2013 - Teacher Jung
Played by: Jang Na Ra


Don’t try to tell me she wasn’t a mother-figure to each and everyone of her students. She whipped their butts into shape, got them to school, fed them, played their guardian when they were arrested by the police, and the worst part is they don’t even belong to her and she’s eventually going to lose them anyways. Now that’s a hard life worthy of our respect. Teacher Jung, I will forever respect you.

Back me up here! Not every Asian drama ‘mom’ is a despicable human being, despite the stereotypes! Some are actually beautifully drawn women with real cares and concerns who love their kids and their families and should be loved by us more as a collective audience. Let's set aside for a day those wretched mothers and mothers-in-law and look on the brighter side!

So has anyone been able to introduce and share drama watching time with your moms? Or did your mom get you into dramas? Or you moms, have you converted your kids yet? You know this is a very special task assigned to all of us… to share the love. I know I try to <3