by Taylorgg12, March 18, 2015

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The New World


The Story:

The story revolves around the reporter Miao Miao and her quest to find her childhood friends Qing Ting, Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao(nicknames) in order to reconnect with them. In her search Miao Miao finds Qing Ting who now goes by Shen Zi Hong together with the help of Li Jia Yuan they discover that the car accident that left them orphans might not have been an accident at all. 

At the same time Miao Miao's best friend Luo Yong Mei who is the daughter of a newly appointed governor becomed the target of a team of criminals. To help protect her, the police put together a special team of elites to investigate the case. Lin Zi Yan and Liu Dong Han are part of the special investigation team.

The Characters:

Rabbit Yang as Miao Miao


A local newspaper editor who begins a search for her childhood friends from her old village. She finds out that they were all involved in a car crash that left them orphans and were later adopted. She later becomes determined to learn the truth behind the car accident and why it happened.

Mini Tsai as Lin Zi Yan


A Police Woman who is part of the elites brought in for the investigation team protecting Luo Yong Mei. She's determined and smart, she's also the only female in the team of elites. At first being the only female brings her some prejudice but she over comes and slowly wins them over.

Angela Li as Luo Yong Mei


Miao Miao's best friend and the daughter of the newly appointed governor. She is currently being targeted by a group of criminals. She works with Miao Miao at the Newspaper.

Zhang Ting Hu as Shen Zi Hong


Childhood friend of Miao Miao, his father was killed in the car crash and his mother was left with brain damage. He was later adopted and changed his name to Shen Zi Hong. He's very protective of Li Jia Yuan who he works with at the factory. He is also a volunteer teacher where her brother goes to school.

Pan Penber as Liu Dong Han


Another Detective brought in for the team of Elites. He believes strongly in equality and isn't afraid to question authority.

Lee Jean as Li Jia Yuan


She works with Shen Zi Hong at the factory and later becomes the artistic designer for Miao Maio's newspaper. Her family is in debt to loan sharks and she will do anything for money. Her only wish is to see her brother be able to go to college.

Why Watch?

The mystery surrounding Miao Miao's native village and why the car accident happened keeps me on the edge of my seat every episode. It makes you WANT to watch more to find out the truth. Plus Lin Zi Yan is one of the strongest female characters I've seen in a Taiwanese drama in a long time. The developing romances are adorable and actually seem quite natural in some cases. If anything you should watch for the OST alone! The music is to die for!

Here's some examples so you can see what I mean!

A couple trailers for you all to enjoy!

The next episode airs March 20th, I hope to see your comments in the feeds as you all enjoy the drama that is quickly becoming my favorite of 2015!