by TurkishRose, October 21, 2015


Hello everyone. This is my first time writing an article, and I chose to write it on this amazing actor from Thailand, Puttichai Put, or as his English name, Push =) 

One of the reasons why I fell in love with him, was because he so closely resembles the handsome South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook. More importantly, he's able to play different roles so well, and he is very expressive in all the roles that he plays. Just through his eyes alone, you can feel the love, hate or anger radiating from him. All that makes him a fantastic actor, but he also has a smile that can melt the heart =) 

Leh Nangfah

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I first discovered him in the drama Leh Nangfah [Angel Magic]. Leh Nangfah is a light drama about a spoiled, rich girl, who gets cursed for being mean to others. Eventually, through the guiding touch of others (and Push!), she becomes a better person. What really surprised me about him, was the fact that even though this was his first breakout role, he was already an incredible actor. He was so great that I had to search and try to watch everything he was in.

Roy Leh Sanae RaiRoyLehSanaeRai2014.jpg

After I finished his first drama, I ventured on to the next. This time his role was very dark, cunning, and vengeful. That is the opposite of his previous role. The fact that he could play the romantic type, as well as, the angry villain role, made me appreciate him more. In Roy Leh Sanae Rai, Push is an only heir to a very rich empire. Upon his father's death, he is shocked to find out that half of his 'rightful' inheritance is given to an unknown young woman. He goes on a revenge streak to take back what is his. And in the process he falls in love...

Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match


tumblr_nqg49vVQCE1thgasso1_500.gif  tumblr_ns1hs3asIj1rizykro1_400.gif

This drama is part of a series titled the Ugly Duckling, and each one contains a different story. In this one, Push plays the role of a popular, poor student who wins the heart of a rich girl who becomes "ugly" after using a bad cosmetic product. It's a very light romcom, which became immensely popular when it aired. It even trended globally on twitter, and was seen millions of times on youtube...

Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar


This is his most recent drama, and it is still airing right now. In it, Push is playing a superstar [himself], who ends up living in the same house as the previous owner [who happens to be an aspiring actress]. It's the same story as Full House, with a few changes here and there.

I hope I did Push justice in representing how amazing of an actor he is. I hope that you guys enjoyed this mini preview on this great actor =)

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