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by Subi on February 21, 2017
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My personal top five! 

5. Just You (Qi Yi & Cheng Liang Liang)

What happens when you start living in the same house as your boss? Well, in many cases that would result in you running far far away, but in Cheng Liang Liang's case, it ends in a very adorable romance! 


4. Goblin (Goblin & Grim Reaper)

The drama was awesome for many reasons, but the relationship between these two stole the show! A quirky Goblin and a timid Grim Reaper who hate having to do anything with each other and then without even realizing it, they eventually create a life-long friendship (literally).


3. Master's Sun (Joo Jong Won & Tae Gong Shil) 

This was one of the dramas that taught me the saying 'don't judge a drama by its poster'. I was very reluctant to watch it thinking that it would be gloomy and depressing and thank goodness I didn't stick to my prejudices and gave Master's Sun a shot! Ended up in my best dramas of all time, thanks to these two! 


2. Full House Thai (Aom & Mike)  

The chemistry between the two stars was the reason this remake of Korean full house shot through the roof! The very imminent chemistry between the stars has caused many of their fans to ship them even till now.


1. Coffee Prince (Choi Han Kyul & Go Eun Chan)

This was one of the most popular dramas of the gender bender genre. The reason why it was so popular despite the obvious eye candy is probably because of the natural and casual interactions between the two characters.


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